Edie’s First Time Home Buyer’s Manual

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Edie’s First Time
Home Buyer’s Manual

by Edie Phillips


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This home buyer’s manual emerges as a handy guidebook for all those who are buying or planning to buy their dream home. From pros and cons of buying/renting to tracking housing markets to dealing with realtors and sellers, the book talks about all the comprehensive aspects related to buying a home so that everyone is able to make a well-informed choice during this important decision of their life.

Each one of us needs a shelter to live our life, although expectations may vary. Some want to own a luxurious house, while some look for a house that can best fit in their budget. Despite the difference in everyone’s expectations, one cannot deny the truth that when it comes to purchasing a house, a large number of factors remain the same.

However, either in hurry or due to a lack of complete information, most of the factors are overlooked or ignored. But, with this home buyer’s manual by one’s side, it is now difficult to make any hasty or uninformed decisions in this regard. In this book, the author guides readers on even minute details to help them make their purchase a smart experience.

The content emphasizes on analyzing buying ability, realtors, sellers, housing market, buying and renting options, neighborhood value, house condition, property value and many other reasonable and logical factors from close quarters. It is indeed a beacon light for first time home buyers and to many experienced buyers as well. The book follows a very crisp and to-the-point approach with absolute fluidity in language without sounding dull or abstruse anywhere.


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Real estate investing is a venture of diligence and foresight, and investors with a good sense of where property rents and values are headed can be very successful. Within this context, the book focuses on the foresight aspect of the real estate market, as it relates to a property’s prospects for value gains. In particular, it first uncovers broader circumstances that create opportunities for substantial profits in real estate, and identifies four general categories of properties with significant profit potential. Subsequently, the book examines how such circumstances can be created in the case of residential, office, and retail real estate. Finally, the book describes specific sub-categories of properties with significant profit potential and examines the implications of the material presented in structuring high-return portfolios. The book should be of great interest to property owners, investors, and real estate professionals residing in any free economy around the globe.



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More About the Author: Sunil Tulsiani

He’s fast becoming a familiar face on TV, newspapers and magazines, gaining fame for the success of his real estate investment company and his work as an investment coach. But Sunil Tulsiani didn’t start out as a real estate mogul. In fact, he once lived a very different life – as a Police Officer.

Born in India and raised in the Toronto area, Sunil dreamed of being just like the cops he admired on TV, in movies and in real life. He worked hard to make that dream a reality by finally earning a spot as an officer with the Ontario Provincial Police. There, he expanded his crime-fighting skills by taking criminal, auto theft and drug investigation courses and working his way up the ladder.

Sunil remained on the force for over 15 years, serving as a uniformed officer, a police detective, a police negotiator and finally as a platoon commander. But while he was living out his childhood dream, his family was not exactly sharing the joy. The long hours, involving rotating shifts, meant his wife was basically on her own raising their two young children. When she finally told him, “It’s me or the badge,” Sunil knew it was time for a change.

That’s when this ordinary police officer began the transition to real estate mogul. Within that first year, Sunil invested in 77 properties – and while he didn’t make his million-dollar target, he made close to $980,000. Today, he is the first cop in the Toronto area to become a real estate millionaire. And he’s using his knowledge of how he – an ordinary person with no real estate background – did it to help others change their own lives and build their own successful careers.

To that end, Sunil has created the elite Real Estate Investment Club, a private investment club in the Toronto area (www.privateinvestmentclub.ca), and serves as a mentor and coach to other aspiring real estate investors, offering them an inside entry to this lucrative world. He is also a public speaker and author of “The Wealthy Cop,” as well as numerous other eBooks and informational products.
Sunil’s personal philosophy is, “Money doesn’t buy happiness – but it sure does help.” His new life has allowed him to work less and spend more time with his family, and also allowed him a completely different perspective of the world, one that comes from the point of view of abundance and positivity. He gives back to people he meets in India that are in need, and enjoys, in his spare time, watching movies, playing squash, traveling and visiting family whenever possible.

He continues to be dedicated to his own personal development by learning from the most successful people in their fields, and his passion continues to grow for coaching, public speaking and creating incredible real estate deals for himself and his students, including property transactions that are discounted, generate great cash flow and no money down.