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S&H Public Relations Gives Aspiring Artists, Entrepreneurs a Blueprint for PR Success


Carey Harris, co founder of S&H Public Relations, is ready to share his advise with a new generation of publicity seekers.  The PR industry has been rewarding to Harris who established S&H PR in early 2011 as a medium to provide aspiring Hip Hop artists with cost effective publicity.  During that time, Harris realized that young artists were completely oblivious to the power of PR and decided to release “The Guide to Financial Success Using P.R.”, an easily accessible e-book containing the basics of independent publicity.


With an ever growing independent music scene, artists are solely depending on social media to promote themselves but know very little about what a legitimate PR campaign can do for them.  To this point, Harris says, “Young artists who have grown up with social media can’t see beyond Face Book, Twitter, Instagram and the likes to promote themselves.  Sure, these platforms are great and necessary but should only be one small part of a full scale publicity campaign, not their only means of exposure.”


The Guide to Financial Success Using P.R. was written with aspiring artists in mind but can be used by anyone interested in learning about self promotion.  Harris concluded, “You can pay someone thousands to do publicity for you or you can spend a little time learning the game yourself and reap the rewards.  The ball is in your court.”


The Guide to Financial Success Using P.R Can be downloaded as an e-book at S&H Public Relations, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


About S&H Public Relations

S&H Public Relations is a Los Angeles – based company dedicated to promoting Hip Hop artists and culture. We pride ourselves on working with artists who aim to push Hip Hop music forward. We believe that many talented Hip Hop artists, usually referred to as “underground”, are often overlooked due to lack of resources. S&H’s goal is to provide affordable services to quality artists who are looking to receive greater exposure.

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S&H Public Relations



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Pitch Perfect by Joy Donnell

 Pitch Perfect

by Joy Donnell

Communicate yourself to peers,
press, and decision-makers

Pitch Perfect is a fun, insightful e-book that will help every reader pitch themselves to peers, decision-makers and the media with confidence and power. Techniques on formulating a consistent brand message are also included.


1. What it is to pitch the press and what a pitch letter is.
2. How to formulate their message.
3. How to communicate their core message to others.
4. Best practices and methods to avoid.

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About the Author: Joy Donnell

Joy Donnell is a Beverly Hills-based and internationally recognized publicity consultant who knows first hand that you can either blend in or stand out.

She’s successfully pitched over 1,000 media outlets including but not limited to Oprah, USA Today, E!, Reader’s Digest, The Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America, Variety, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and The Tonight Show. Now, you can learn how she does it.

As a publicity consultant, Donnell’s helped hundreds of entertainers, performers, and business people learn to promote themselves and leap over communication obstacles such as self-doubt and utter confusion.

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The Bizi Bella Chronicles –
Featuring “Public Relations In a Box”

‘The Bizi Bella Chronicles’
Featuring “Public Relations In a Box”

The Bizi Bella Chronicles‘ Featuring “Public Relations In a Box” is a No BS Manual that gives the reader the Nuts & Bolts of Public Relations core functions without all the fillers and fluff!

It aims at helping those who are wanting to have the benefits of having a PR firm work for them but cannot afford it. The book offers the exact steps Kimberly Jessy took that helped her Celebritize her brand, and become a well-known “Celebritypeneur.”

Public Relations in Box has all the steps to become a Celebrity in any Niche. As a Hollywood Reporter, Celebrity Journalist and Stand Out Expert, Kimberly Jessy knows how important it is for Entrepreneurs & Small unknown companies to do the exact same thing bigger companies do to become the Giants and Well-known name brands they are! Kimberly understood a lot of Entrepreneurs & Small businesses did not have big company budgets to launch consistent campaigns all the time on their company happenings. Kimberly Jessy created this NO BS Approach, Nuts & Bolts guide to give everyday people access to a Public Relations Firm In a Box!

A few of the inclusions in the books comprise the forms, sample contracts, templates, pitch letters, press releases and more that provides a head start and saves a lot of precious time as well. Other aspects that are necessary such as marketing and branding are also covered.

The series also contains an additional bonus of more than 100 major media contacts from Major Magazine Publications including Glamour Magazine, Vogue and Forbes Magazine to name a few. The book has a list of press distribution sites as well.

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About the Author: Kimberly Jessy

Kimberly Jessy, Online Celebrity News Journalist, Hollywood Red Carpet Reporter, Stand Out Expert & Celebritypreneur to Release Book Series “The Bizi Bella Chronicles” Meant To Help Women With Low Cost Sure-Fire Celebrity Public Relations Strategies that work.

Kimberly Jessy is releasing a series of four books titled – The Bizi – Bella Chronicles Featuring The first Installment “Public Relations In a Box” that provides detailed guidance for helping Business Owners and Every- day people become Stars in their Life & Business. All the desired formats and techniques related to Public Relations. Marketing & Branding are also included; Bonuses include hundreds of Major Media Contacts emails & Phone numbers. The journey of Kimberley and the steps she took to Celebritize herself are also a part of the series.

In addition, there is always an option of consulting Kimberly herself at any time. The series also includes the details related to the Kimberly’s journey to stardom from a full time teaching job.