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The Discipline Manifesto:

Conquering Procrastination and
Harnessing Willpower in 5 Steps!

By Julio Lara


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The Discipline Manifesto and take control of your actions TODAY!

Beat procrastination for good and achieve the results of a productive but enjoyable life! (Yes, that is possible!) Learn to harness willpower to your advantage!

The key is not working harder, but working smarter

Mastery self-discipline is one of the most powerful skills we can acquire, yet so many people struggle with discipline every day, and for years.

A different approach to achieve different [and better] results

Most authors that have written about self-discipline will tell you that you should take action despite the negative emotions associated with a particular goal; that you should force yourself to go to the gym even when you don’t really enjoy it.

Even while this approach might yield results for a limited period of time, the results do not last and we end up back at square one; or even worse, completely demotivated about our goals or our ability to make our dreams come true.

The path to self-discipline as a habit is not by forcing ourselves to do what displeases us, but by understanding the reasons behind our emotions and modifying our beliefs in order to feel differently about the actions that need to be taken to achieve our goals.

The Five Principles of Discipline
The first step to master self-discipline is understanding what discipline really is, and we can do so by learning the five principles of discipline.

Allow Yourself to be Guided
The Discipline Manifesto will become a guide for introspection and challenging the negative beliefs you might unconsciously hold, allowing you to become the master of your will!

Stop procrastinating and take control of your life!

Nathan Taylor-procrastination-1
Overcoming Procrastination:

Life Changing Habits to Cure Procrastination Forever
by Nathan Taylor


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Overcoming Procrastination: Life Changing Habits to Cure Procrastination Forever

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Procrastination is a slippery slope that can quickly take over your life. Diagnose what type of procrastinator you are and learn how to effectively stop procrastinating forever.

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The loss of productivity can hinder you from being the happy successful person you want to be. Anxiety, depression, sleep problems, missed opportunities are all side effects of procrastinating too much. This book will give you the tools to overcome procrastination. Be a happier more productive person, get the life you deserve.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

How to identify the cause of your procrastination.
Why making todo lists won’t help.
Learn what type of procrastinator you are and how to combat it.
Proven methods to beat your procrastination.
How to strengthen your self-control.
How procrastination is taking a toll on your well being.
Tackle procrastination once and for all!
The procrastination cure!
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cary richards_Procrast_Cover_REVISED_Final
Clobbering the
Procrastination Monster:

The New Procrastination Cure


by Cary David Richards


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Tips and techniques to resist procrastination and improve productivity.
Learn how to get rid of bad habits, stop being lazy and improve productivity.

How Would it Feel to Master Extreme Productivity?

You are most likely a procrastinator. It’s Okay, so are 99.8% of the rest of the humans on the planet. The question is what to do about your procrastination habits.

Getting more productivity out of a day and getting things done with more efficiency and on time is a problem that has plagued mankind since Ogg the caveman threw another log on the campfire, rolled over, scratched underneath his buckskins and told Mrs. Ogg that tomorrow would be a much better time to go out into the snow and hunt for Wholly Mammoths.

Back then, unlike today, there was no effective procrastination cure.

What you’ll learn by Downloading “Clobbering the Procrastination Monster”

  • How organization can turn you into a productivity Ninja!
  • 6 Killer resources for creating the power habit of motivation and burning desire.
  • 5 accountability mistakes that allow the little green beastie to wrap his tentacles around you.
  • How to stave off that overwhelmed feeling and turn it into extreme productivity.
  • Plus you’ll learn about additional productivity books and resources.





Freebie to Overcome PROCRASTINATION


7 Powerful Techniques
to Beat Procrastination


By Ashley Sullivan


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If you struggle with procrastination, 7 Powerful Techniques to Beat Procrastination will help you to overcome your struggles.

Based on the case study of the author’s experience, discover how she implemented these seven techniques and how they changed her life.

With the help of this easy to follow guide, you can take action today—it’s time to accomplish your goals!






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chaiwat -procrastination

The Inner Game of Productivity:

The Ultimate Guide To Overcoming Procrastination And Getting Things Done While Working From Home by Chaiwat Theerasong

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Here are examples of what you’re going to discover inside the book:

  • Three REAL reasons that make you procrastinate.
  • An effective method to make any change happen.
  • Identification of the fears that are controlling you, so you can interrupt the pattern.
  • A new way to structuring your day that helps you get twice as much done.
  • Why your brain affects your procrastination, and how to improve it.
  • A quick fix to overcoming block to start working, no matter how hard your “lazy side” resists.
  • How one distracting thought can ruin your entire day, and a simple tip to prevent this.
  • Why perfectionists have a hard time getting things done, and what you can do to avoid falling into this trap.
  • How to increase your energy level.
  • And much more!