The Last Governor Diaries – Inside the Prison System

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The Last Governor Diaries

by John W Heffernan


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The Last Governor Diaries is a virtual record of the author’s 30 year journey through the NSW Department of Corrective Services and the many remarkable characters he meets along the way. Frightening yet, at times, humorous The Last Governor Diaries provides a unique insight into the closed and unseen world that exists behind the imposing high walls of the state’s prisons. This is a story of some very dangerous prisoners and a few very ordinary correctional officers. In many respects, this a reminder that not all those charged with law enforcement are necessarily saints while not all those who break the law are complete sinners.


About the Author: John W Heffernan

John Heffernan served for 30 years in the New South Wales Department of Corrective Services attaining the rank of Superintendent. For the last 10 years of his service he was a prison governor and appointed to manage a number of NSW correctional centres. During his period of service he worked in all areas of the department including Prison Industries and Prison Operations. He has an Associate Diploma in Criminal Justice (Charles Sturt University) and was awarded the National Medal for Service, the 20 Year Service Medal and the 25 Year and 30 Year Service Clasps. He has previously written The Last Governor (2012) BookPal Publishing.