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Bug Out Bag:

What You Need In Your B.O.B.

by Casey Watkins


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The recent weather phenomenon of Hurricane Sandy, a super-storm that left tens of millions of people along the East Coast without power, food, or water revealed the readiness (or lack thereof) of the average person.  In a society that increasingly depends on other people’s actions for its daily needs, self-sufficiency in a survival situation has become somewhat of an antiquated notion. The example of Sandy, however, proved that disasters do not care where you live or how much money you make. Mother Nature’s disasters, ranging from a hurricane to an earthquake to tornado’s or even a volcanic eruption, have the ability to disrupt civilized society at any second. Do you have a plan for disaster readiness?

Build A Better Bag

The Bug out Bag eBook by Casey Watkins offers a wealth of information on giving yourself and your family the necessary tools and advantages in a survival situation. This text details the building process of a “bug out bag” (so named for soldiers who had to ‘bug out’ of combat situations quickly), a temporary set of supplies, clothes, and foodstuffs that can be the difference between life and death in the event of extreme emergencies. Whether you live on your own or whether you would have to protect your family and even pets during a serious disaster, you can prepare well ahead of time with a bug out bag that can last for just a single day as you get to higher ground or a relief shelter, or an entire week in the event that civilization in your area has come to a grinding halt.

What’s In A Bag?

If you had only a minute to come up with the items you need for quick survival, what would make the cut?  Would you throw in your family heirlooms, books, or your laptop? The Bug Out Bag eBook gives practical tips on how best to plan out the space of a backpack or duffel bag for short- and long-term survival.  One of the key factors is maximizing space and weight. If you have to carry your bag long distances, you cannot afford to bring unnecessary items. A day bag can be nothing more than warm clothing, a few meals, shelter to keep the elements out, and a good supply of fresh water – less than twenty pounds of weight. For longer-term survival, on the other hand, the book lays out the process of packing for circumstances that can arise ranging from starting a fire to hunting for food.

Keep Your Priorities In Order

No matter what the duration of your survival may look like, the author lays out the necessities that should be foremost on anyone’s mind. Any bag, no matter the size, needs water and water filtration units that can provide at least one gallon per day. Any bag needs shelter and warm clothing that can protect all extremities. Any bag needs a way to communicate with other survivors, but the author reminds you of things such as the fact that your cell phone may likely be defunct and a two-way radio will be a better tool. For more great tips, you have to read this ebook.


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