The Secret of Positive Thinking by Kingsley C. Njoku


The Secret of Positive Thinking

by Kingsley C. Njoku

‘If You Can Think It, You Can Do It!’


In the eye-opening new book The Secret of Positive Thinking, author Kingsley C. Njoku shares his insights on the website and home business opportunity he discovered that changed his life forever. This inspiring book will help you find your own successful path.

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About The Author: Kingsley C. Njoku

Upon completing a degree in law at the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, Njoku, a Nigerian, found himself far from home and facing a crossroads. Looking to boost his confidence and gain the rewards that go along with a strong sense of self, he stumbled upon a centuries-old secret that brought him courage. He discovered the power of positive thinking and faith. He says, “Life is not what other people think it is for you, but what you think it is for you. You cannot determine your future based on your past because the past does not exist anymore, while your future is right there with you, in your hands. With the help of the secret of positive thinking, you will discover that your future holds treasures yet undiscovered.” He advises all to  “follow your heart and lead your life.”

Kingsley is also the author of:
My Wife and iPhone: Anything Can Be an Addiction in Life Till…
The Day I Will Never Forget


Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? – A guide to help you
live with purpose and make a difference

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?

A guide to help you live with purpose and make a difference
by Sam Glenn


What started out as a practical joke turned into valuable life lessons that Sam Glenn now shares with hundreds of audiences in his speeches. Sam Glenn was once down on his luck, depressed, sleeping on the floor and working odd jobs at night to get by.

Sam’s life changed in a big way when be applied these simple life lessons like using the best of who you are to achieve the best of what you want.

This easy read will make you laugh, think and discover how to use all that you have to achieve all that you want. (80 pages)

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Meet The Author: Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is known at The Attitude Guy and has become one of the most recognized Authorities on the subject of Attitude today. Sam knows success and failure. At one time, Sam was negative, broke, depressed, homeless and got by working odd jobs at night as a janitor and delivering newspapers. Sam’s attitude was in the dumps until a dear friend gave him what he calls a “Kick in the Attitude,” a gift that changed his attitude for the better. Sam began to work on his attitude and made some life changing discoveries. With a new attitude in play, Sam went from sleeping on the floor and working as a janitor, to achieving dreams he once thought were impossible. Today, Sam is the author of several success books and energizes audiences as large as 75,000 at stadium events with his inspiration and humor. For the past 15 years Sam Glenn has worked with hundreds of organizations on Training and Development, Peak Performance, Employee Motivation, Staff development, Leadership Training, Fundraisers or simply kicking off an event with the purpose to create a positive tone. Great things happen when you adopt a great attitude and apply it daily. In 2011 he was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting and Events Magazine. In 2010, Sam was awarded a Telly Award for Most Outstanding Motivational Video. In 2009, Sam was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting Professionals International. Sam currently resides in Indianapolis, fishes in his spare time and spends as much time with family when he is not traveling and motivating groups for success.

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Parenting Secrets From The Dojo: Simple Tips for Building Confidence, Dealing with Bullies & Raising Your Child to Be The Best They Can

Parenting Secrets From The Dojo:
Simple Tips for Building Confidence, Dealing with Bullies &
Raising Your Child to Be The Best They Can

by Christopher Doyle

This short but effective book reveals numerous powerful, yet easy-to-adapt strategies that you can use right away to be a more successful and influential parent.
Inside You’ll Find Out…

•How To Help Your Child Set Goals
•Secrets for Improved Communication
•Ideas to Help Your Child Be a Better Listener
•The Magic of Self-Discipline & How to Develop It
•Keys to Teaching Responsibility
•How to Practice True Positive Thinking
•Strategies for Dealing With Bullies & Resisting Peer Pressure

Chapter Titles
Chapter 1 It All Begins With You
Chapter 2 To Discourage or to Encourage: That is the question!
Chapter 3 Keys to Raising Your Child for Success
Chapter 4 The Predictor of Their Future?
Chapter 5 Parent Leaders are Good Communicators
Chapter 6 Always Be Ready to Talk to Your Child
Chapter 7 Teach Your Child How to Set Goals
Chapter 8 Self-Discipline for Children
Chapter 9 What are We Thinking?
Chapter 10 The Listening Posture
Chapter 11 Dealing with Bullies
Chapter 12 Dealing with Bullies…continued
Chapter 13 How to Overcome “Shyness” and Build Confidence
Chapter 14 I Hope My Ship Comes in Before the Dock Rots
Chapter 15 Teaching Good Sportsmanship
Chapter 16 Learning to Listen and Communicate
Chapter 17 Persuasive Skills for Parents
Chapter 18 Five Keys to Raising a Happy, Healthy and Successful Child
Chapter 19 Imprints in our Mind
Chapter 20 The Bamboo Farmer
Chapter 21 Yappie, Dabble, Do…
Chapter 22 You Now Have a Winning Combination


Meet The Author Christopher Doyle

Christopher Doyle is a Martial Arts Educator, Author, Speaker, and Business Owner. He started his professional martial arts academy at age 23 and with the help of his wife, Lesa, has grown to be known as the “Best Club in the City.”

He speaks to corporations, schools, organizations and associations on a wide variety of topics including Achievement, Personal Protection, Conflict Management, Leadership and Teamwork. Chris’ realistic, compelling and entertaining ideas and suggestions are based on his years of genuine experience and constantly striving for personal improvement and growth.

Through his efforts as a personal safety expert and child safety instructor, Chris has been featured in or on Canada AM, Breakfast Television, AM 640, AM 1010, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life magazine, and The National Post.








New Books from Personal Mind Power Coach:
Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler


Meet Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

I am a doctor of psychology and pioneer mind power trainer..

I was one of the first to study how the brains of meditators are different, created one of California’s first mind power clinics, and was among the handful of pioneers who first took mind power training to the corporate world.

I am also the co-developer of the Self Growth Planet™ and the Quantum Mind multi-media training programs, and have served for years as a personal mind power coach to world-class leaders, performers, entrepreneurs and athletes from around the world.

In addition to over 40 years as a professional mentor, I have taught my unique personal power techniques at numerous universities, seminars and corporations. I was invited to consult with both the Pentagon and President Jimmy Carter’s Special Presidential Commission on Women in Business.

I have authored 20 books, a novel, and hundreds of published articles. I am also the developer of the “BrainSmart Set-Point”™ system and the the SNAP™ (Substitute Neural Association Programming program), the Quantum Brain Gym™, The Self Growth Planet™, and The Quantum Mind™ training programs.

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(4) Sharon Donovan – Author of 7 Books – Romantic
Suspense, Inspirationals, and Psychological Thrillers

Sharon Donovan

Sharon Donovan is the author of 7 books. Her work includes: Inspiration, Romantic Suspense and Psychological thrillers. Sharon also has written a narrative non-fiction book about the progression of blindness related to diabetes. This book is especially significant because Sharon’s writing career began 10 years ago after losing her vision to a long battle with diabetic retinopathy.

Prior to the loss of her vision, she was a legal secretary for the Court of Common Pleas where she prepared cases for judges in Domestic Relations. Painting was her passion. When she could no longer paint, she began attending creative writing classes and memoir workshops. After a long and winding road, a new dream emerged.

Today, instead of painting her pictures on canvas, Sharon paints her pictures with words. Sharon writes stories of inspiration and suspense. She is a published author with The Wild Rose Press, White Rose Publishing, Whimsical Publications and Chicken Soup for the Soul.

To learn more about Sharon’s work, go to:

In April of 2012, Sharon passed away. I am grateful for having the opportunity to speak with her. She was a remarkable and inspiring woman that accomplished so much despite the challenges she faced. I am certain that all who knew her felt blessed to have had the opportunity.

(3) Jacent Mpalyenkana – Author of:
Do Not Force It, TAP THE GOOD

Jacent Mpalyenkana

Jacent Mpalyenkana is the author of: Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD. Jacent is an African woman, currently residing in Southern California. She is an expert in Commerce, Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Supply Management, Conflict Resolution, Personal development and Decision Sciences. She has diverse experience in Marketing, Public service (having worked with the United Nations for over 7 years) and a passion for philosophy and spirituality. She is also a successful Therapist with a profound desire to use her mind and hands to heal others.

Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD is a contemporary inspirational book that embraces mystery, humor, philosophy and metaphysics to inspire. This book comes at a time when many in the world are experiencing personal, emotional and economic challenges. Jacent introduces readers to a “road map” to help us find and recognize the abundant and inexhaustible amount of good that is within our reach, regardless of our perceived challenges.

To find out more about Jacent Mpalyenkana‘s book,
go to: