Melpomene – Poetry/Prose/Short Fiction Anthology

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Poetry/Prose/Short Fiction Anthology in the style of the French Decadent Symbolist School (Baudelaire/Rimbaud)

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Melpomene is a collection of poetry, prose and short fiction named after the Greek Muse of Tragedy. The central theme of the anthology is the beauty found in sorrow and the darker sides of human nature, drawing on literary traditions such as the ‘Damned Poets’, the Decadent Movement, Symbolism/Surrealism and the Fin de siècle. Melpomene is broken into four sections: Liber Veneficium (Book of Magic), Liber Maeroris (Book of Sorrow), Liber Fatum (Book of Fate), and Liber Mortuorum (Book of Death). Each section contains both new and classic literature dealing with these themes.


About the Editor:
Gwendolyn Taunton 

gwen tauntonGwendolyn Taunton is a previous recipient of the Ashton Wylie Award for Literary Excellence. She has edited a number of works, including Melpomene,an anthology of poetry and prose, and Mimir: The Journal of North European Tradition.

Gwendolyn Taunton also holds a BA (Hons) in Religious Studies and has a strong interest in all spiritual matters and philosophy. Gwendolyn is also a graphic designer and she has a interest in the arts and the humanities. Gwendolyn Taunton is devoted to restoring the cultural values which should be at the core of our civilization and upholds the right for all indigenous peoples to preserve their cultural heritage. She is also firmly committed to the preservation of the natural environment and animal welfare.

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Dishonesty Tangles: The Words of a Murdered Poet

Ruben fematt Dishonesty

Dishonesty Tangles:

God’s Soldier
Caught in The Devil’s War

by Ruben Michael Fematt


There is no explaining or defining Ruben Michael Fematt. The peace he sought in this life eluded him. He was raised to be a smart baseball player from his hometown California neighborhood of Wilmington, also known as ‘The Heart of The Harbor’. Despite attending grade school at nearby Holy Family Catholic Church, Ruben went the way of foolish & dangerous behaviors towards the end of his teens. ruben fematt -dishonestytanglesThis looked to others as though his life had slowly spiraled into an abyss. As he grew older, Ruben began to write poetry for his family, friends & cellmates; and his poems were found to have documented an explicitly honest account of a journey thru dishonesty……

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Genres:  Poetry / American / Hispanic American

More about: Ruben Michael Fematt – A Murdered Poet
“Dishonesty Tangles: God’s Soldier Caught in The Devil’s War” is a new poetry book with poems and poetry for anyone who has a family member facing drug addiction or who may be on other paths of self-destruction.

The words of murdered poet Ruben Michael Fematt are simply human, explaining an experience that was painfully dishonest thru a completely honest collection of poems that were left behind when he died.

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Showcase Author Interview – V. A. Jeffrey – Fantasy Fiction

Victoria Jeffrey Schisms


(Book 1 of the Red World trilogy)

 by V. A. Jeffrey

 An Epic/adventure fantasy


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Schisms is set on Mars millions of years ago, the setting is related to antiquity cultures on earth – Ancient Babylon, Assyria, Israel or Egypt. It’s about an old prophecy that promises the reunification of the land of Hybron and a future king who will bring peace to the land. Hybron is in ruin and the kingdom is corrupt and there are powerful priests and courtiers who do not want to see this foretold king change anything and they work to destroy anything or anyone who poses a threat to their power.




A Message from The Author:  Victoria Jeffrey (V. A. Jeffrey)


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(at the 64 minute mark)
VA Jeffrey

I’m Victoria and I love writing and reading. I’ve written stories ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I’ve also written content work for various websites in between writing fiction. My favorite kinds of stories are fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales and folk tales. You can add historical fiction to the list too. There are many writers that I love and admire but the ones who have been the most influential in my life and formation as a writer are J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert and William Shakespeare. All dead, I know but there it is. Also, there are the Brothers’ Grimm. . .

This writing gig is a strange and wonderful thing and I love it. I hope that you can see that love shine through in my stories. Take a look around and feel free to drop me a line by email or on my blog. Blessings to you.

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Author Spotlight: Thomas L. Vaultonburg
and Zombie Logic Press

Welcome to the world of Author

Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Poetry for Zombies, Outlaws, Outsiders and Lovers

Thomas L. Vaultonburg founded Zombie Logic Press in 1997. He has published four volumes of poetry, Concave Buddha (1991), Detached Retinas (1997), Flesh Wounds (2011), and Submerged Structure (2012). His poems have appeared in over 200 publications and anthologies, including Exquisite Corpse, Caliban, and The Paris Review. His latest project is a children’s book titled The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company, co-created with artist Jenny Mathews. His books can all be purchased at Zombie Logic Press. His Zombie Logic web portal is also the host of Poetry, web comics, movie reviews, artwork, and commentary on politics, football, and modern culture by poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg.

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The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company is available now! This beautiful hard bound 32 page full color children’s book from Two Planet Press will ship immediately. “Jack is the world’s smallest rhinoceros wrangler. Wherever rhinos are on the loose, rhino Jack will be there.”

Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg is from Rockford, IL this is his first children’s book. Houston artist & illustrator, Jenny Mathews, grew up in Rockford, IL where she plans to return this summer with her two children. Daniella Mathews is eight years old and enjoys riding her bike and learning about animals.




Aint No Grits – Living Poetry by Cambridge Jenkins IV

Aint No Grits
By Cambridge Jenkins IV


…..the ethos embraces you. And you will remove your shoes and move gently
beyond the first poem in Ain’t No Grits, whet for the meal.

Ain’t No Grits captures my favorite aesthetic: a petite chorus of
poems seeking to move, breathe, and shift you in your seat. It is not
a large collection bound by glossy covers and gilded-edge text.
Highfalutin metaphor and lines scattered about the white space do not
reside here. It is a handful of poems like winding river ebbing
against the approaching frost.

These poems are Bukowski’s Americana–sinewy hands like rope and
whiskey spittle. A pretty girl in a cheap dress folding origami to
leave on the brick wall behind your house. They are gentle and dirty
and pierced with teeth marks.

Ain’t No Grits is poet undressing for his most passionate lover –
words; we are staring through the window to his room……


About the Author: Cambridge Jenkins IV

Cambridge writes, edits, and self-publishes. He has shared at many Atlanta venues, including The Apache Cafe, Java Monkey Speaks, and the National Black Arts Festival. Revenge of the Pink Pony (2008) and Aint No Grits (2010)are his most recent completed works.

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Interview with Author David Nelson

Serious Novelist/Cowboy Comedian


Meet The Author: David Nelson

David Nelson is the author of a dramatic novel called
THE SHADE TREE CHOIR. His book has been described as: “a compelling tale of personal triumph as told through the eyes of a young boy.”

However, in addition to being a novelist David is also a performer and a public speaker. He is the official Cowboy Poet Laureate of Tennessee—an honor bestowed upon him by the Governor and General Assembly. He performs his poetry nationwide! He performs his show ‘Cowboy Comedy Hour‘ across the country ….As David “Buffalo Bill’ Nelson,
and is Known as ‘The Biggest Liar in East Tennessee
To book a speaking program, visit


Meet eight-year-old Krame. His friends call him the “Thinker,” and he’s leader of their gang since he’s always the one to plot their pranks so they won’t get caught. At home, though, there’s no getting away with anything. Krame’s father is an alcoholic, who beats him mercilessly, forces him to stand in the corner for hours on end, and locks him in an unlit stairwell without food or water. His mentally ill mother is also an alcoholic, and fails to give her son any scrap of emotional support. Things go on like this… until tragedy strikes.

The grim truth of Krame’s childhood stays hidden for forty years until he opens up to one of his old friends when he returns home to bury his father. In the process of recollecting his past, Krame discovers his father was not who he thought he was.




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Author Spotlight: David McDonald – A Soldiers Poems

David McDonald


David McDonald

David’s poetry brings a new hard unyielding honesty to work of this kind, the reader is consumed by the barbarity and then lifted by the softness of the outcomes. His poems bring a myriad of situations under the microscope, all of them events not fantasy and though gritty there is a softness to the outcomes that portray a man who has been at war with himself….



Author David McDonald’s Books reveal the reality of the emotions of war. He is an honest voice explaining the pain and consequences experienced by soldiers and their families.



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