An Enchanting Tale for the Kid in all of Us

An Enchanting Tale for the Kid in all of Us

Brianna Genteman - The Sheepish Pirate2


The Sheepish Pirate

by Brianna Genteman


The story starts off with a young lamb who is bullied and unhappy where he is. Ryeland is often lost in daydreaming and one day they come true. He and his young sister get swept up in this nautical adventure with a band of animal pirates where he learns about courage and determination. In the end he is molded by this phenomenal journey into a young ram with strong character and knowing he is greater than any obstacle.

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Meet the Author: Brianna Genteman

Brianna Genteman“For the first nine years of my life my family lived in a log cabin and I learned how to ride a horse before I learned how to ride a bike. I once believed the show “Little House on the Prairie” to be relevant, but soon learned when I started going to school, that I was indeed the odd one out.  When our family did move away from the cabin, we moved to an even more rural town and to yet another farm.  I am the youngest of three sisters and the other half of a twin set. I have always been inspired by the farm where I grew up and all of our parent’s animals that lived there with us.  The personality that our pets and livestock had been so varied and entertaining, it was hard not to write about them.”

Brianna Genteman grew up on a farm in the country side of Missouri, the barn yard being the place where she got the inspiration for many of her characters. Genteman received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Stephens College, with study abroad at the Paris America Academy and her masters from Vancouver Film School, In British Columbia, Canada. The art of storytelling has always been Genteman’s passion in life, be it through her own words or that of others, she always wanted to reach the heart of an audience. Animals have also been an important part of her life, which she carries with her today in her novel.

Brianna Genteman currently resides in Los Angeles, California and is working on her next novel.


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Swords & Sails – A Pirate Themed Adventure
by David McAvoy II

 Swords & Sails

The Legacy of the Red Lion

 by David McAvoy II


Tired of Zombies & Vampires? Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Get Swords & Sails: Legacy of the Red Lion, the new book by Author David McAvoy. Sea monsters, daring rescues, and spectacular sword fights. If you love pirates and love adventure, then you will love Swords & Sails: Legacy of the Red Lion.

Edward Reynolds hates his life in the seaside village of Danscum and spends his time trying to figure out a way to see the world on the high seas. Then, one night, Edward finds himself taken aboard the pirate ship the Cerberus, captained by the feared Captain Wolfang. Edward soon finds himself sailing the world searching for a mysterious treasure his father left behind, a treasure Edward is determined to find if he can survive long enough to do so.

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Meet the Author – David McAvoy II

David has a Master Degree in Political Science from Arkansas State University and was a former Law student.


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Michael Hawk Adventures: Curse of the Last Moondragon

Michael Hawk Adventures:
Curse of the Last Moondragon

YA Fantasy Adventure
by Robert Clark Selby

Literary Escapade for All Ages

Fusing the magic of Harry Potter with the heart-stopping adventure of Indiana Jones, writer Robert Clark Selby provides a foray into the unexpected, with his new series of young adult fantasy adventure books.

Aimed at young adults, the ‘Michael Hawk Adventure’ series lifts readers into a world very different to their own. The first installment, ‘Curse of the Last Moondragon’, is the perfect introduction to the life of Michael Hawk and his family of circus friends.


Suddenly alone and hunted by shadowy henchmen he never knew existed, Michael Hawk has no choice but to run. But where? Why? He’s only twelve. His only worthy possession is an autographed baseball cap. He’s never even been in a town populated by more than 500 people. But somebody wants him, and they’re willing to leave a trail of dead bodies to capture him.

After eluding the dark hunters for months, Michael unwittingly plunges into a daring rescue of a magical, flying circus from a ravenous monster. For the first time in his life, Michael has a real home and a family. But can he keep them? Danger and disaster seem to follow him wherever he lands.

Hailed as a hero and then cast out as a traitor, Michael begins a quest to prove his honor and save the circus owner, Lotus Moondragon, from an insidious curse and an ancient witch named Grimcoven bent on revenge. From an orphanage that would make Charles Dickens squirm to the badlands of South Dakota to a shrouded island in the South China Sea, Michael must battle a mysterious cult, a maniacal zombie pirate, mystical creatures, and his own unknown past to free Lotus from her horrific fate.

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Meet the Author:  Robert Clark Selby

Robert Clark Selby was born in Iowa City, Iowa on a reasonably nice December day in 1971. Sometime in the afternoon so as not to be too big of an annoyance to his parents. He was a considerate infant and the second of two only children.

Robert and his wife currently live in Fayetteville, Arkansas in a lovely two-story home that is transformed in the fall to a totally awesome Halloween House because his wife really loves Halloween and Robert really loves his wife.

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