The Peace of Gaza – An Alternate History

“The Peace of Gaza”

An Alternate History

by Stephen Paul West

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The Peace of Gaza is a journey for the intellectually brave. Three souls pour out their hearts in first person narrative. Who will live? Who will die?

How deep is the thread that binds together a young nineteen year old girl, a retirement age American soldier, and an old Jihadist who has returned to find his paradise?

Peace in Gaza. Shocking. Stunning and Beautiful. This is the most powerful story of our time. Prepare to be touched to your core. Three souls wander the very place where twenty years earlier the world was ending.

A nineteen year old girl searches Gaza City for the very place where her father was killed twenty years earlier. An old American soldier wanders the plaza in guard detail. His mind is filled with the war he fought at this very place twenty years earlier. A lone Jihadist returns from exile to seek martyrdom on the very spot where the sword of Allah promised him his wildest dreams.

Three souls are fated to collide upon a single point of time. An alternate history twenty-years from today. Peace dwells in Gaza City. In this history, three participants of the Gaza Strip discover that peace comes only with sacrifice.

Sometimes the world must do something new and powerful to change constant and protracted war. Sometimes the world must do something to prevent nuclear holocaust. Alternate history. Twenty years from today. A history that is free of war in the Middle East. A history with Peace in the City of Gaza ”


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About the Author:

Stephen Paul West is an American novelist who is active in the film, fashion and fine arts industries in Austin Texas.

He has a broad spectrum of best selling books that include such divergent areas as self-help for depression, global politics, and paranormal Victorian thrillers.

Genres/subjects include: Depression Diagnosis/self-help, Paranormal Thrillers, Science Fiction, Femme Fatales, Biographical Fiction, Alternate Histories, Political Satire and Spiritual Fantasy.

In addition to his writing, he has a wonderful, esoteric adventure in photojournalism that you can view at his website.

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