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Michael Nir - Marketing Impossible

Personal Marketing:

Marketing the Impossible

Personal and Professional Five-Step Success Model, Entrepreneurs motivational books

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Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible – an Amazon Best Seller

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Learn how to use the Five Step model for personal and business success
I have been living the dream of doing whatever I want for nine years!
Can you?
No, actually you can’t. Only gifted people like me can.
I am just teasing you. Of course, you can do it. This is what Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible is all about.
How to be your own boss, rich and successful? How do make the bold move ahead?

*** You don’t need to have lots of money to start
*** You need to believe in yourself
*** Learn the Powerful, Magical secret of the Five Steps
How to use the Five step model to get AMAZING results in your business and personal life?

*** You can CHANGE the stories you tell yourself
*** People tell you not to follow through on your dreams, learn how to ignore them. How do you learn to listen to the right people?
*** In Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible I have given a step by step model, based on an extensive COACHING AND CONSULTING experience
Want to know how to market the impossible TWICE EFFECTIVELY

*** Stephen Covey (7 habit of highly effective people) communicates with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE model to change how people operate. I have revealed this POWERFUL secret of the process and where the model fits.

Michael Nir - Effective_Teams_Six_Secrets_Project_Management

Six Secrets of Powerful Teams

A practical guide to the magic of motivating and influencing teams

by Michael Nir

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** A Breakthrough Practical Guide to Creating More Powerful Teams! Updated advanced edition **

This amazing practical book uncovers the science of high performance teams. Creating a strong bond between team members can be elusive, whether in small or large endeavors, at work or in your personal life. But in Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams , team leadership expert Michael Nir will strip away the mystery and teaches you concrete methods that make team leadership easier for you and more rewarding for everyone concerned.

Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams explores:

*Specific behaviors that are found in teams and advice about how to handle them as they occur – not later when they have already produced problems
*Two core team scenarios that will help you understand your particular team’s dynamics
* Valuable proven team management guidelines and practical tips for how to implement them
*Simple Gestalt psychological concepts and their practical application in teams
*Powerful yet fundamental Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts and their relevance to team interactions

The information in Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams will:

* Help your team perform better as a unit
* Teach you how to effectively manage and motivate your team
* Guide you to be an effective leader and manager in a variety of diverse situations
* Provide team conflict resolution tools



Michael Nir- Business_D-side2
D – Side
Practical Decision Making Business Guide


by Expert Michael Nir




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Business decisions: Practical and thought provoking, Business Guide- Amazon – NEW on the shelf

** Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide

We think that we fail in decisions because of our own faults.
In Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide – Amazon we see this is not the case

Many recent popular science books have gleefully shown how irrational we are in making decisions.

However that is not the main reason why we fail in our decisions.
The real challenge is our failure to grasp the complexity in most everyday life problems.

In Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide – Amazon we discover what happens when:

* An airline pilot has food poisoning from Sushi in Bangkok,

* Why flying is such a hassle,

* Will we get kidnapped by the NSA?

* We also visit ancient Egypt and learn what the meek engineer does to prevent a flood in the capital, and how it relates to selecting which items you’re packing on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Overview of:
Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide

Business decisions: Complexity is under-rated

Business decisions: The sushi was poisoned

Business decisions: Building pyramids

Business decisions: Fusion, packing nothing to Moscow

Business decisions: D siding, the road not taken


 Meet the Author: Michael Nir

Michael_Nir_IFMichael Nir – President of Sapir Consulting – (M.Sc. Engineering) has been providing operational, organizational and management consulting and training for over 15 years. He is passionate about Gestalt theory and practice, which complements his engineering background and contributes to his understanding of individual and team dynamics in business. Michael authored 8 Bestsellers in the fields of Influencing, Agile, Teams, Leadership and others.
Michael’s experience includes significant expertise in the telecoms, hi-tech, software development, R&D environments and petrochemical & infrastructure industries. He develops creative and innovative solutions in project and product management, process improvement, leadership, and team building programs.


Michael’s professional background is analytical and technical; however, he has a keen interest in human interactions and behaviors.



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Conqueror Revolution –

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How to overcome obstacles against all odds and reach your goals.

Do you ever feel like you’re anchored down, like something is holding you back from success? Have you ever felt like your dreams were just within your reach, but then they slipped between your fingertips?

Good news – all of that is about to change, starting right now…
In this startling new book, you’ll discover how to uncover your purpose in life and start turning your dreams into a reality. You’ll find out why success has eluded you before, and what you can do – beginning right now – to live a meaningful, fulfilling and successful life.

Maybe you’ll write that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe you’ll build a successful business that changes your life. Perhaps you’ll go back to college to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Whatever your dreams, you’ll discover how to lead a more rewarding, happy life… and this book shows you how!

Here’s what you’re about to learn:
– How to identify your value system – and how to change it in a way that empowers you and propels you towards your goals!

– How to discover your true purpose in life. (Hint: this is the meaning of life that so many are seeking, but so few ever discover!)

– How to conquer all the obstacles that stand in your way, including limited beliefs, negative thinking and emotion, and even physical obstacles such as lack of time or money.

– How to brainstorm solutions to all the problems that stand in your way – you’ll feel absolutely empowered!

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“The Big Picture: The Seven Step Guide For Creative Success in Business” by Randy Riccoboni


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