Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

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Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now:
Converting your Child’s Unruly Energy into Potential


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Have you ever felt desperate and helpless as you tried to get your strong-willed child to behave? Do you often feel like a failure because he just won’t listen to you? Does parenting without power-struggles sound like a far-fetched dream?

Rachel Rubin knows how you feel. She tried and tried to force her spirited son to follow the rules. Then she found something that worked and it’s simpler than you’ve ever imagined.
Having reformed her relationship with her defiant child, in Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now: Converting Your Child’s Unruly Energy Into Potential, Rubin shares her research, experience, and insights so you can do the same. Using a practical, straightforward, no-resistance system that anyone can follow, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now translates the complexities of parenting into nine fundamental tools that will enable you to develop the best in your child.
Whatever your child’s specific circumstances, Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now can help. Each parenting strategy is designed to be adaptable to your needs.


You’ll learn how to:

• Set effective, long-term parenting goals
• Leverage oxytocin, a naturally produced chemical that fosters cooperation
• Solve underlying causes of misbehavior
• Connect deeply with your child through empathy and understanding
• Stop yelling, maintain self-control, and preserve your sense of authority
• Set productive boundaries and select appropriate consequences for misbehavior
• Harness the power of habit and routines
• Develop and enhance your child’s self-belief, self-image, and self-control
• Empower your child to make high-level choices

And much, much more!

You CAN raise the mature, kind, productive adult you know your child is capable of becoming. Start using Parenting the Strong-Willed Child Now today, and watch your child blossom!

For a limited time, this book includes a free link to the author’s 15-page ebook: Story-Time Magic: How a Simple Story Can Transform your Child. Claim your free copy NOW!


Questions & Answers:

Q: What type of child does this parenting system address?
A: The system presented here caters first and foremost to the unique needs of the strong-willed child. Otherwise known as the spirited child, defiant child, or explosive child, this is a kid who is more prone to power struggles than his average counterparts due to his higher-than-average intensity, persistence, sensitivity, and, often, perceptiveness. The strong-willed child generally learns better through experiment than instruction and has an irrepressible need for independence, and this system is designed to bring out this child’s unique potential.
However, the principles in this book are universal and they work well with more mellow and naturally cooperative children as well. The book will also prove helpful with children who may not be clinically “strong-willed,” but who are going through a difficult period for whatever reason. Many of the techniques here can also work wonders with the anxious child, the angry child, and the insecure child.

Q: What resources did the author use to develop the parenting system presented in her book?
A: The author’s system is based primarily on her research as well as her experiences with her own children.



FREE for MOTHERS – Post Pregnancy Diet Book


Post Pregnancy Diet:
The Secret Recipes For New Moms


(Lactation Recipes For Breastfeeding Mothers
& Much,Much More..)

(New Mother’s Guide Book 1) By Amy Tan




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If you are a new mom and want to restore your health, energy, mind and beauty in 30 days then this post pregnancy diet is for you ,..

Giving birth and being a new mother is the most exhausting experience for most women.

Following the trauma and pain of delivery, the immediate new responsibility of taking care of the baby leaves little time for the mother to rest and recover.

A new mother’s body is like a sponge at this time and absorbs whatever nutrients it can get. There could be many complications after giving birth if the new mother does not take care of herself. Postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum depression and fatigue are just a few common problems. .

Going on a diet too soon to lose weight could increase the chance of having complications and weaken the body’s constitution further, which could result in serious health problems for the woman in her later years. It is time that the woman’s body goes through enormous changes. The body is at its weakest and the woman can easily fall ill. Also during this vulnerable period, much care should be taken to replenish lost nutrients and repair wear.

There are many books, which emphasize what a pregnant woman should or shouldn’t do.But there are just not enough books with information about how a new mother should look after herself. In particular, little has been shared about what her nutritional needs are, what food to eat, how to prepare it, and how to strengthen her body after the child is born. .

A good post pregnancy diet and nutrition plan during this period cannot be overemphasized.

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this guide. Besides checking against published sources, the author took the effort to speak to or interview the gurus and experts in their respective fields and had them verify the information provided in this book.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… …

  • How the diet help to restore your health, energy, mind and beauty in 30 days
  • What special ingredients to use which increase your immune system to fight against illnesses
  • What are the secret tips to make the food more nutritious and delicious
  • How to prepare the secret recipes to increase your milk production for breastfeeding moms
  • And much, much more!This is a book for all recovering new mothers and the people who care for them.



Toddler Discipline – FREE Book for Parents


Toddler Discipline:

Proven Steps & Effective Strategies for Disciplining Your Toddler and Encouraging Toddler Good Behavior (Healthy & Happy Kids)

by Anna McQuay


FREE March 17 to 19


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The good book (The Bible) says that we should teach and train a child the way we want them to go, and when they grow up, they will definitely not depart from it. Whether you ascribe to any religious group or not, humanity itself requires parents do everything in their power to raise good kids. As parents, the joy of holding our little bundles of joy soon starts fading away the moment our kids start crawling, walking, and talking.

We are faced with a new challenge of molding the child’s behavior; the sleepless nights we had when our newborns were a few months old now start shifting to constant yelling, shouting, ranting, fighting and tantrums that simply start getting on our nerves. This coupled with the fact that society seems to expect us to mold our children in the proper manner according to society’s description soon starts making us feel as if we are not good parents. Well, the truth is that humans simply tend to embrace bad behavior faster than good behavior. You will be amazed that your child will seem to have a seamless time learning how to be mischievous but a fairly hard time mastering how to be the kind of child you would be proud to say “that’s my son or daughter.”

Has your son or daughter gotten to the stage of development where he seems to be having some strange undesirable behavior? Have you been noticing him or her throwing tantrums, fighting or hitting other kids, screaming for toys, playing very dangerous games and doing lots of other things that make you look the other way simply because you don’t want to see what would happen to him or her the next second? Have you noticed that he or she doesn’t obey you no matter how hard you scream or shout at him or her to do or stop doing something?

If you said yes, you need help in knowing how to parent your toddler. The truth is that spanking, screaming, shouting and doing all the things you have been doing don’t seem to work. However, all hope is not lost; you can teach your son or daughter desirable behavior and discipline him or her to mold his or her behavior to whatever you want it to be.

If you are wondering how to go about training your toddler, all the good behaviors you want him or her to embrace, this book will teach you everything you need to know so you don’t have to discipline and instill responsibility blindly. It is simply a blueprint to parenting a toddler so as to instill proper discipline and good behavior.





Interview with Marijke Vroomen Durning -Prescription Safety

MarijkeInterview with:

Nurse & Author
Marijke Vroomen Durning


Author of:
Just the Right Dose:

Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs &
How to Take Them Safely

111-audioClick Here to Listen

Marijke Vroomen Durning, RN, lives in Montreal, Canada. She has been a nurse since 1983, and writing and editing health information since the mid-1990s. Over the course of her career as a nurse, Marijke has given out thousands of doses of medicine and answered many drug-related questions from patients and their relatives. She enjoys writing patient education information to help people understand their medical and health conditions. She often tells clients that writing health information is like the patient teaching that nurses want to do, but often don’t have the time for in the hospital setting.

Marijke also has experience with prescription medications on a personal level, for herself and for her own children when they were young. She clearly remembers a few incidents when errors had been made by people prescribing the drugs and in one case, dispensing them. Her knowledge caught the mistakes before harm could be done.

Now a health writer, Marijke has written for online and print outlets, such as Costco Connection,, Nursing 2013, HealthDay News, and more.  Marijke is the author of the new book:

Just the Right Dose:
Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely

Get Your Copy on:

Amazon Kindle or Paperback

Also: Barnes&Noble or Kobo



About the Book:

Marijke -Just The Right DoseIn Just the Right Dose: Your Smart Guide to Prescription Drugs & How to Take Them Safely, you’ll find answers to the most common questions about over-the-counter and prescription medications, as well as tips on topics such as:

  • Understanding your prescription
  • Why it’s important to follow the directions,
  • What types of pills you should never break or chew, and why
  • The most common types of medicines (such as cream, suppositories, injections)
  • Remembering to take your medications
  • Swallowing that pill or capsule
  • Getting rid of unused drugs
  • And more!

Taking medicines is a daily ritual for many people. Others rarely fill a prescription or take an over-the-counter pain reliever. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to understand what drugs you’re taking or giving to someone else. From what may seem like secret codes on prescriptions to what to do if you have side effects, there can be many questions about the medications.

When I worked as a nurse, I learned that many people weren’t familiar with their prescription drugs. Some didn’t know the names, others didn’t know the dosages. It wasn’t unusual for a patient or a family member to hand over one pill bottle with several types of pills in it.

Not understanding prescription drugs can put you or someone you care for at risk. This short, easy-to-understand book explains the basics of prescription medicines, along with many tips on how to deal with them. Connect with Marijke and her new book at:

* Just The Right Dose * MedHealthWriter * The Nurse Writer *



“Just the Right Dose” is just the right remedy for medication misunderstandings and mistakes. It’s the answer to all those “little” questions we didn’t think to ask our doctors or didn’t think were important enough to bother our pharmacists about when we’ve picked up prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines.
– Peggy J. Noonan [], journalist


This book provides just the right dose of reason and rationale, and reminds us that medications aren’t to be played with, but are to be respected. “Just The Right Dose” is required reading for those of us who want to safely manage this important aspect of our own healthcare.
– Stephanie Stephens – Journalist, Content Producer, Host


A Super Freebie for Super Working Moms & Mums


Super Working Mum:
Living and Loving Life To The Fullest


by Aloted Omoba


FREE Nov. 30 & Dec. 1


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This book is a ‘tool-kit’ for the working woman and mother.

Throughout this book, you will find a ‘tool’ to tackle every ‘nutty’ issue of life you might face as a woman, wife and mother. You will discover how to live and love life to the fullest.

From self-care tips to anger management tips to how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude to how to remember birthdays to keeping the flames sizzling in your marriage!

Aloted based on her own life’s experiences till date and others around her, has put together a treasure trove of wisdom for the ordinary woman who seeks to live an extraordinary life at work and at home.

There is a wealth of wisdom here that has the potential to transform your life, into the supernaturally empowered working mum God destined you to be, should you begin to apply it to your everyday living.




I’m Hungry! I’m Bored! Must Read Guide for Better Health

Carol McCormick -hungry-bored
I’m Hungry! I’m Bored!

Eat and Play Your Way to Better Health, a Leaner Physique, and a Happier Life!

by International award-winning &
bestselling author – Carol McCormick



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WARNING! Reading this book and following these instructions may cause significant changes to your health and life. Adhering to the nutritional guidelines and participating in the suggested activities on a regular basis may cause long-term weight loss and feelings of well-being. Common side-effects may include, but are not limited to, increased amounts of energy, confidence, and clarity of mind; frequent feelings of joy, happiness, and fulfillment; frequent feelings of purpose, meaning, and significance; increased episodes of love, laughter and inspiration, followed by a sudden awareness that people want to be near you. Additional effects may also include loss of desire for inferior food and fewer bouts of depression, anxiety, and illness. If at any time these effects wane or do not fully occur, repeat the behaviors until the desired results become evident.

Carol McCormick is a certified personal trainer and a certified health coach through the American Council Carol McCormickon Exercise, one of the top fitness organizations in the world. I’M HUNGRY! I’M BORED! was born out of her great concern for children and adults who struggle with weight-related personal and social issues. Overweight children are falling prey to a host of “adult” diseases, and many are taunted, teased, and bullied because of their appearance. Adults are not immune to this discrimination, as they are also “sized-up” when searching for a date or seeking a career. These painful emotions often cause both children and adults, not only to feel sad or upset, but also inferior and insecure. As these physical, emotional, and social problems intensify, feelings of unhappiness may also increase.

Habits instilled in your children now often follow them into their future. In helping them, you will be helping yourself, because what works for them will work for you too, if you need a nudge in this direction. I’M HUNGRY! I’M BORED! provides the blueprints needed to lay a strong foundation and create new behaviors that lead to better health, a leaner physique, and a happier life!

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Important Resource for Parents & Teachers – FREE TODAY!



How Computer Games Affect Kids’ Brains
by Mitch Moldofsky


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Computer games are all around us. Should we be excited or scared? In straightforward English, this thoughtful guide, written and illustrated by Thinking Skills Club founder, Mitch Moldofsky, addresses concerns about violence, addiction, gamification, and the appearance of games in schools with humor and insight. Parents, teachers, neuroscientists and general readers will enjoy Moldofsky’s fast paced, quotable prose. His tongue in cheek cartoons help readers gain valuable perspective while learning about what scientists and teachers are discovering about the potential of games for learning and what current research has to say about its long and short term effects. With a B.Sc. in Cognitive Science and Psychology and a background as a screenwriter, Moldofsky displays a unique ability to cut to the chase when it comes to interpreting various studies and putting them in terms that make sense. “Braiming” also coins a new term to describe the interface between brains and games, and sheds light on new directions for the future.






A Must Read about a Parenthood Journey



A Journey from Careerist to Adoptive Father to a Real Husband and Dad

by Patrick R. Riccards



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When Riccards suddenly (and inexplicably) loses his job, he is devastated, but it forces him to take stock of his life – to re-examine his relationships, his perceptions of himself, his fears, his values, and dreams for the future.

Dadprovement is his raw and honest account of recognizing that he wasn’t the great father or husband he thought he was, that he had simply been going through the motions. Starting with the adoption of two children from Guatemala, Riccards writes of the vast obstacles faced in the international adoption process, the challenges of building a family, and the rollercoaster ride that follows as one tries to balance career and home life.

Part adoption story, part career memoir, and a complete telling of one man’s path to personal and professional redemption, Dadprovement details some of the difficult truths to inspire and help other parents wrestling with how to live up to society’s expectations when it comes to career and family.

About the Author

Patrick R. Riccards is a nationally recognized strategist, writer, and public speaker on school improvement and education reform issues. A noted education agitator, he is the author of the award-winning Eduflack blog. Named PR News’ Public Affairs Professional of the Year in 2013 and Bulldog Reporter’s Not-for-Profit Communicator of the Year in 2011, Riccards is a contributing author to Why Kids Still Can’t Read: Challenging the Status Quo in Education and PR News’ Media Training Guidebook: Volume 2. He is also the author or editor of a dozen major education policy reports. Most importantly, Riccards has been married to Jennifer since 2001 and is the proud father of Michael and Anna. Today, his most important jobs are those of husband and dad. Visit him online at


PARENTS – PLAY IT SMART! with your kids


Game-changing life skills for a modern world

Suzanne Wind - product

The world is changing faster than ever before. Parents and children are busier and technology has presented new challenges we must face. But with all the texting, emailing, and posting, are children developing the social skills that will be required for life-long happiness, confidence and success? The SMART Playbook introduces the basics of social skills for the modern world and it packed with more than 100 games and challenges to keep your child motivated.

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Meet The Author: Suzanne Wind

Suzanne WindSuzanne lives in Connecticut with her husband and three kids. Before kids, she was an international marketing executive in New York City. With a multi-cultural background, she was raised in more than six countries with four languages. Her career and living overseas taught her the importance of knowing and using the common language of manners and social skills to being your best. Today she’s a mom with a mission, inspired to communicate social skills in a modern world to a new generation.







Parents – Here’s an Awesome Resource for Your Kids


Help this Awesome

Project for Kids

CLICK HERE for More About This Project


Johnathon J. Smith hopes to inspire student athletes with the release of his new children’s book.

john smith coverDARE TO DREAM, PLAY TO WIN will provide a heart-warming and motivating story presented in a world-class package. Johnathon J. Smith wrote this book to show how children can take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them to the classroom. It is designed to encourage younger children to stay in school and learn all they can while still participating in team sports for fun. The book discusses some of the issues that Mr. Smith himself faced as a young athlete.

DARE TO DREAM, PLAY TO WIN emphasizes the importance of education for the student-athlete who dedicates too much time to just improving athletic talents.

Help to Support this Awesome

KickStarter Project Today!




About the Author: Johnathon J. Smith

Johnathon-SmithJohnathon wrote this book to show how children can take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them to the classroom. It is designed to encourage younger children to stay in school and learn all they can while still participating in team sports for fun. The book discusses some of the issues that Mr. Smith himself faced as a young athlete.

As a former University of Connecticut football player, Johnathon J. Smith was hungry to be a great student athlete. He says, “You see, I was in search of a quick way to cash in, but somewhere along the way I realized that an education was far more valuable than what any sport or paycheck could offer.” Smith transferred to the University of Delaware where a greater emphasis was placed on academics. Since graduating, he has started a personal fitness company that provides personal training services from the comfort of his own dedicated studio, select outdoor locations throughout South Florida or his clients’ own fitness facilities. He is also actively involved in his community by volunteering his time to many events and nonprofit organizations that involve kids.

Smith pursued an NFL career after rising through the ranks to play Division I football. Through his experiences he came to the realization that he needed to focus on his degree because football wasn’t going to support him for the rest of his life.

Connect with Johnathon at:

KickStarter Project




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