Midnight to Morning – An Inspirational Story of Horrors, Intrigue, Mystery and the Unexpected

Midnight to Morning

Mild Sci-Fi, Inspirational Adventure
In the not so distant future, a series of catastrophic events has left the world at the edge of chaos. The United States is having to rebuild after an attack beyond anyone’s comprehension……Midnight to Morning takes place after a nuclear crisis in the USA……

………Midnight to Morning is the gripping tale of one woman’s journey through the darkest times of her life. See through her eyes during the catastrophic events which lead to her dramatic rescue, her amazing awakening, and the discovery that her life has been guided from the start. Be there as she learns the world is not how it appears to be, and as the people who rescued her, train her to help them save countless others. Experience as she comes alive again and learns that midnight has passed and morning is coming.


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Meet the Author: Holly Glogau-Morgan

A part-time teacher, Holly lives in the Piedmont Valley of Virginia with her husband and menagerie of rescued pets. In her spare time, she enjoys digging in the dirt in hopes that something edible comes up and preserving the successes. She also mentors local young adults and enjoys chatting with friends online. When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found in an MMO.

Midnight to Morning takes place after a nuclear crisis in the USA. Refugees are arriving across the globe. It follows one woman as she arrives in a camp, tries to make the best of her situation, becomes the victim of many horrors, and is brought to the midnight of her life. It follows her as she recovers and learns that the world isn’t what it appears to be. The reader witnesses as she is befriended by a secret group of people and is trained to help save thousands of others – as she goes from midnight to the dawning of a new day, a new life…to morning.

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