Me, My Mother, My Life by Ayomide Adeniola

A Compelling Memoir from Ayomide Adeniola



Me, My Mother, My Life is a beautifully written memoir by Ayomide Adeniola. It chronicles her struggles to overcome a devastating family legacy.


Me, My Mother, My life is a poetic journey through the trials of a young woman who longed to break free of the burden of an oppressive family legacy. Beautifully narrated, the author unblinkingly examines her life experiences, telling her story in a way that only one who has deeply experienced life, love, and God could portray.

Born in London to Nigerian parents, Ayomide spent her childhood and young adulthood in the country of her parent’s origin where life for this young British girl was to be grabbed by both hands with spirit, good humour, and great resolve. When she returned to England, her faith in God led her on an odyssey to heal the generational issues with which she had long been faced.

Beyond its value as a beautifully-constructed and gripping memoir, this book leads the readers into their own private journey of refl ection on their personal relationships, containing the wisdom of emotional and spiritual healing as well as personal growth. Not for the faint-hearted, Me, My Mother, My Life will deepen your understanding of life, love, and the value of forgiveness.

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