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Rob White’s inspiring book, And Then I Met Margaret, reveals how “everyday gurus” are continually flowing into your life at just the right moment to provide you with messages that can help you experience greater clarity and fulfillment. #ATIMMbook Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering. http://landing.robwhitemedia.com/









In Breakthrough Communication Harrison Monarth shares a simple four-step process that will help you more firmly establish yourself with people and motivate them to take action on your behalf. #BreakThruComm

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Soul Vitamins! Minerals for the Mind, Body and Soul

Michael McGill - Soul_Vits

Soul Vitamins

Minerals for the Mind, Body and Soul
By Michael McGill, Jr.


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“An ABSOLUTE read for any person who seeks progress and growth!” – Dr. Paula J. Rodgers


C’mon now! It’s time for your empowerment! Ever need a PUSH or have a question that urgently needs answering? Ever been in the need of a vitamin for the soul?


We see many “vitamins” at the store for our body, but very seldom do we find any for our soul— until now! Michael McGill has brought you several vitamins- vitamins for the mind, body, and soul! McGill, who is a renowned, award winning TRANSFORMATIONAL speaker, life coach and self-empowerment expert, has done it again! Soul Vitamins is a collection of questions from a series of people seeking advice and who need empowerment to make better decisions. These questions are asked from real people and they are answered in a conversational approach that welcomes self-reflection and personal application. Being deemed as “food for the soul” by critics and readers alike, this awe-inspiring book is sure to be thought-provoking and soul stirring!

Topics include: • Living ONpurpose! • You’re worth more than gold Setting boundaries • Power and beauty of forgiveness • Dealing with change • Turning pain into power • And much, much more!

– The painful process of healing and forgiveness begins with self-reflection and renewing the mind. What you perceive as destruction can really be reconstruction.

– Michael draws on his own personal experiences to give strategy, advice and empowerment to everyday people having everyday challenges! You will begin to develop a growth mind-set and these tools will help you advance in mental, emotional, spiritual, and even physical health!

While these vitamins may not always taste good, if you actively apply them, you are sure to grow and become a strong overcomer. ‘Living ONpurpose’ can become the new normal in your life! Are you ready for the challenge?

Get Ready..Set..Grow!



Meet The Author: Michael McGill, Jr.

Michael McGillMichael McGill, Jr. is a renowned, award-winning transformational speaker, life coach & strategist, and self-empowerment guru that aims to empower people to transform their own lives- from the inside out- leaving them enriched, encouraged and empowered!


As an avid scholar and educator, McGill loves to inspire- especially young people. With a background in Social Psychology, Family Development, and Urban Education, McGill has experience as an inner-city educator and counselor working with troubled youth; experience as an appointed juvenile court magistrate judge helping first-time juvenile offenders; and McGill has also been appointed by the mayor of Kansas City, Mo. to be a health commissioner to work with families (Women, Infants & Children area).


Of all the accolades, Michael’s deepest desire is to help transform a generation and light the world- one candle at a time. In order to do this effectively, Michael draws upon his very own experiences of dysfunctional success, depression, neglect, rejection, family dysfunction, and many other challenges to enrich others that they, too, can turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones! While Michael’s methods are practical and universal, he uses his story to inspire audiences- young and seasoned- to break barriers, ponder on self-reflection, take limits off of their lives, and he empowers them to heal and create the life they desire and deserve!


You can also check him out on the local CBS news affiliate as a life coach and strategist, dishing out daily doses of motivation, encouragement, and advice. Michael currently resides in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and when he’s not home, he’s probably somewhere talking or mentoring the young people he sees as his “children”. You can also catch him traveling across the country to inspire, motivate and transform audiences of all genres to tap into their potential, maximize their gifts, and Live ONpurpose- the new normal! Who knows, you just may see Michael at an event near you!

Connect with Michael:

Website   /   Book Order   /   Speaking Request    /   Twitter   /   YouTube



Parents – Here’s an Awesome Resource for Your Kids


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Project for Kids

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Johnathon J. Smith hopes to inspire student athletes with the release of his new children’s book.

john smith coverDARE TO DREAM, PLAY TO WIN will provide a heart-warming and motivating story presented in a world-class package. Johnathon J. Smith wrote this book to show how children can take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them to the classroom. It is designed to encourage younger children to stay in school and learn all they can while still participating in team sports for fun. The book discusses some of the issues that Mr. Smith himself faced as a young athlete.

DARE TO DREAM, PLAY TO WIN emphasizes the importance of education for the student-athlete who dedicates too much time to just improving athletic talents.

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About the Author: Johnathon J. Smith

Johnathon-SmithJohnathon wrote this book to show how children can take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them to the classroom. It is designed to encourage younger children to stay in school and learn all they can while still participating in team sports for fun. The book discusses some of the issues that Mr. Smith himself faced as a young athlete.

As a former University of Connecticut football player, Johnathon J. Smith was hungry to be a great student athlete. He says, “You see, I was in search of a quick way to cash in, but somewhere along the way I realized that an education was far more valuable than what any sport or paycheck could offer.” Smith transferred to the University of Delaware where a greater emphasis was placed on academics. Since graduating, he has started a personal fitness company that provides personal training services from the comfort of his own dedicated studio, select outdoor locations throughout South Florida or his clients’ own fitness facilities. He is also actively involved in his community by volunteering his time to many events and nonprofit organizations that involve kids.

Smith pursued an NFL career after rising through the ranks to play Division I football. Through his experiences he came to the realization that he needed to focus on his degree because football wasn’t going to support him for the rest of his life.

Connect with Johnathon at: http://daretodreamplaytowin.com/about-me/
linkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/johnathonjsmith/

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Book Launch News – Health and Inspiration





If you’ve grown tired of the same old dieting tips & tricks that end up leaving you frustrated & annoyed, you’re definitely not alone. Fortunately, those days may be over forever. Get your copy of #EatQbook TODAY. Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering. http://eatq.com/promo/











Have you ever been challenged by a traumatic experience & been faced with the choice of giving in to fear—or overcoming it by discovering inner courage, love & the capacity to embrace the life-changing power of resilience? Then this book is for you! Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering! http://atasteforintensity.com/book/








Free Book: Overcome Fear and Self-Sabotage


Overcome Fear and Self-Sabotage
Take Control of Your Lizard Brain!

by Haoting Chow

FREE August 9 – 10

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How to Break Free from Fear, Procrastination & Self-Sabotage in less than 24 Hours

What is stopping you from achieving your dreams? Are you paralyzed by fear? Or are you a serial procrastinator? Have you ever worked so hard to get so close to your goals, only to sabotage yourself at the last minute? Have you ever wondered why do you harm yourself in such ways?

It is not your fault.
It is time to discover who is the “real enemy” that has been lurking among us all this while.

In “Overcome Fear and Self-Sabotage”, you will learn how to get rid of all the negative mindsets that have been slowing you down. It is time to finally take control of your life.

Just imagine how much your life would change for the better if you can:
– Stop procrastinating and increase your productivity by several folds.
– Get rid of all your fears and take command of your destiny.
– Discover how to stop sabotaging your own success and make success inevitable.

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Free ebook download: 7 Secret Traits of the Successful and the Great
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Get ready to skyrocket your productivity and achieve successes you never thought possible.



Free Book – Think and Grow Rich?


Think and Grow Rich?
You Get What You Believe!

(The Vital Key To Abundant Living That Most People Never Tell You)



FREE July 24-25

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Have you been looking for the secret to a life of happiness and abundance? Do you feel like no matter what you try or what you read your life just stays the same ~ or worse, feels like it is falling apart? You’re not alone! There is a vital key to creating abundance that most people never tell you. Until you know what it is, your efforts will be wasted.


You could spend years telling yourself to think happy thoughts and visualize abundance without success. Even the classic books about abundance, like Think and Grow Rich and The Master Key System have left this out. In order for you to be successful in creating the life of your dreams you need to have all the information on how to do it.


If your efforts have left you frustrated and confused, relax. We’re about to get to the truth of what’s been hidden. In fact, you may feel like someone just turned on the lights instead of leaving you fumbling around in the dark! Finally you will be able to see your way through and have clear direction on creating that life you so yearn for.




Be Inspired to Live Your Dreams

divine dolphin

Oceans of Inspiration:

Heart Echoes for Living a Life of Joy

By Sierra Goodman

Get “Oceans of Inspiration”


Oceans of Inspiration is a collection of Echoes, reverberating messages of the heart, written by Sierra Goodman, a woman dedicated to living her dreams, enjoying the authentic human experience and sharing that Joy with others. Sierra has inspired thousands of people all over the world by sharing her own unique insights with the clarity, wisdom and humor she has gained along her spiritual path and from her adventures living in the Coast Rican rainforest surrounded by her beloved dolphins, whales and all of nature. Sierra’s Heart Echoes remind us of who we truly are and why we are here.

What is the echo you are putting out into the world? This truly life enhancing “human handbook” will help inspire YOU to live a life full of Joy, Freedom, Ease and Grace. You can read the Echoes all the way through or turn to a random page for the perfect Heart Echo YOUR heart needs to hear. Trust in the perfect Divine Orchestration of it all, including why you now find this book in your hands.

Connect with Sierra

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceansOfInspiration
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SierraGoodman



Free Self-Help Book by Barbara Miller


FREE May 18, 19, 20

Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe:

10 Steps to Choreographing Your Best Life

by Barbara Miller

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Motivational, Inspirational, Self-Help women

Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe is a guide to develop strategies for success in relationships and life. Learn to walk right through inner fears and fall into perfect alignment with the dance of the Universe. Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe was written specifically to women who struggle to gain control and get off life’s ever speeding treadmill. It is not to late to take back your power and recognize that you already have everything you need inside of you to meet life’s challenges head on. Learn to expand your space outward to welcome what is yet to come. Recognize resistance and open up to the miracles of the Universe. Learn how to accomplish your goals with clarity and purpose and be empowered to start living the life of your dreams.

Connect with the Author on Twitter.


Interview with Zig Ziglar’s Daughter: Julie Ziglar Norman

julie Ziglar bk3

Listen to our inspiring interview with the amazing daughter of the legendary Zig Ziglar. Women will be especially moved by Julie’s story of challenge, heartache, triumph and faith. Find out what it was like:Growing Up Ziglar.”


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Julie Ziglar Norman

Julie Ziglar Norman -was her famous father’s editor for almost 20 years and is a winner of the coveted Guideposts Writers contest. Her background in sales, business management, and the service industry allows her to share principles, tools and concepts that foundationally change and improve a company’s bottom line potential. Her life experience as the poster child for bad choices enables her to minister to women seeking to trade a life peppered with guilt and shame, addiction, failure, fear, regret and anger for a life filled with love, joy and peace! She has shared the Get Motivated platform with her legendary father, for several years before becoming the dynamic, disarming and refreshingly transparent inspirational speaker and author she is today. Her unique experience of being raised by “THE Motivators’ Motivator” has given her a perspective on life and work that keeps her audiences laughing, crying and taking notes. She is the daughter of the uncomparable legend Zig Ziglar.

Connect with Julie Ziglar Norman and Ziglar Resources:

*  Julie Ziglar Norman   *   Growing Up Ziglar     *  Twitter   *

*   Zig Ziglar Foundation   *

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