How To Relax – mind body and soul by Angela Park

How To Relax

Has anyone ever told you to chill out, relax, calm down, or don’t sweat it when you feel like you’re on your last nerve? After you get done mentally strangling said person, you say to yourself, “I’d love to relax, but my life is so hectic how can I?”

We have all been there one time or another. Especially when a bad day at work bleeds over into the evening and our “rest time” is anything but restful.
In this booklet we hope to give you relief from the daily grind with simple, easily applied solutions to identify and relieve stress.
So get some ice tea, find a comfortable chair, take a load off, and enjoy the journey to a calmer, healthier you.








~~~ About the Author ~~~

“If my books help people live better lives, it’s worth it all,” says Angela Park.  Angela discovered the love of writing in 1979 and delights in using this medium to change lives, giving hurting people everywhere the gift of peace and wellness at the same time.

When Angela Park recovered from a major illness through Theta Healing and Reiki in 1973, she discovered many diseases are caused by stress, grief, and negativity. Now she works with people around the globe to change their thinking because thought truly creates reality. When we are under stress and negativity, our bodies feel the pain. The good news: we can control our thoughts.

To cleanse and regenerate her creativity, Angela is a regular practitioner of yoga and meditation. Her daily practice allows her the time to relax and unwind from her busy life and brings about an increased amount of inspiration for her healing books.

The multi-talents of Angela and her sincere desire to help others are expressed through her writing and can’t help but intrigue you to want to read more. An author of this talent and heart is a rare gift.

She lives in California with her husband and three children.


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