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My Melancholic Diary


A Metaphysical/Fantasy/Teen & Young Adult Book
by Iva Kenaz



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A young girl and a fictional character learn to become the true heroes of their stories.

Fourteen-year-old Lisa is an incorrigible romantic obsessed with a hero from a medieval novel she’s been reading: honourable guard Tertius. Eventually, Tertius starts to manifest in Lisa’s life and the two melancholic souls begin helping each other with their romantic dilemmas. Lisa finds herself drawn to her scoundrelly classmate and Tertius longs to reunite with the love of his life despite the depressingly written destiny. Besides losing herself in fiction, Lisa also wishes to reconcile with her father, an erratic painter whose crazy mind always finds something out-of-ordinary to focus on.

Though the title may seem dark, the story is mainly about creating your own reality, re-writing what you dislike about your past and start writing a brighter future.





A Metaphysical Exploration –
How We Became Supreme Beings

Our Multidimensional Transformation:
How We Became Supreme Beings

 Lou Majors-step3

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About Step3 Our Multidimensional Transformation
Multidimensional exploration, shifting to alternative event streams and parallel universes, overcoming space and time to live as a Supreme Being … does that sound like a sci-fi fantasy? Something for the future? Well it’s not a fantasy, the information is available NOW.
STEP3 is the result of 40 years of research, and 7 years of writing plus testing with a internet audience of over 280,000 readers to work out the kinks and provide our species (and you) with the ultimate guide to transform you life experience and empower you to new levels of happiness.
This 466 page smorgasbord of information will provide the informational background and exercises you need to complete your evolution to your genuine self and power. You could call it ‘The Supreme Beings Guide To Infinity’.
Includes these popular articles:
Crossing Into Parallel Universes or HOW TO TRAVEL To Other Universes
How To Get HIGH Without Drugs
SIX Exercises To Expand and Evolve NOW!
Top Five Questions You Should Ask Yourself
Understanding The Nature Of Existence and more


About the Author: Louis Majors

Louis Majors is a crazy explorer and consciousness pioneer who shook the universes for 40 years to get answers. Not just the standard Who are we? Where are we REALLY? And what’s REALLY going on here? But how do we evolve past the primate/human experience to our genuine self and the most powerful potential we can reach? His book is the result of 7 years of writing and has the answers that maybe you too are seeking.

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Take an adventure into the realm of a Psychic

diane nielsen- the other side

Take an adventure into the realm of a Psychic


by Psychic Dianne Nielsen


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A must-have book featuring several never before published realms in the metaphysical arena.

Diane has included many profound psychic experiences plus predictive oracles and more.
Several never before published realms are included in this book:

The Pendulum – learn how many children you will have – and their sex. . .

See how many marriages you will go through (if applicable !) – and their strength. . .

Cycle Clue of the Seasons – females – males – what it shows for you through the year.

Card Clue – can’t give you a clue about this one – would spoil the fun !

Turning Point and Significant Years – do yours plus family, friends and fr-enemies!

This will unravel a lot of Numerologists previous calculations….

Read The Cards (regular playing cards) – a unique and different concept. . .

Plus a brand new section about Stick-‘Um – no hints given about this, but it’s in the book for you to read and use. . .

There’s also a smidgen of Reincarnation – several Self-Help Therapies that really work – a few metaphysical predictive oracles to explore -sections on Astrology and Numerology –

~ plus much more ~

About the Author:  Diane Nielsen

diane nielsenDiane is currently in the sunset years of life and doesn’t want this never before published material to croak with her.   She is an avid astrologer, numerologist, psychic card reader and a paranormalist.  She’s written a newspaper and internet column plus been on TV with Celebrities Psychic Nancy Bradley.  She was also a featured guest on Adventures Into The Paranormal, hosted by Catherine Noble in Northern California.

Connect with Diane on her website:

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The entire book will keep you spellbound for hours of endless fun and enjoyment.