5150: A Transfer by Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod - 5150

5150: A Transfer

A fictitious medical memoir
about juvenile mental health


by Duncan MacLeod


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Set in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district in the 1980’s, 5150 depicts a failure in the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. When young, gay Ethan Lloyd awakens to tremors he is first convinced they are little earthquakes. They turn out to be a forewarning of a psychotic episode that lands him first in jail, and then transferred or “5150’ed” to the mental hospital. Told in the first person with an extremely unreliable narrator, the book drags the reader into the world of madness and mental hospitals, with only the occasional gasp for air in the agreed-upon common reality most of us share. Ethan’s struggle to regain his sanity is pockmarked with psychosis and cigarette smoke intertwined in a coffee-ringed world of hairspray, dyed black hair, hobos, and hospital gowns. Were it not for society’s waterlogged safety nets, he might never have returned to share his tale of survival.


About the Author: Duncan MacLeod

Duncan MacLeod
Duncan MacLeod is a native Californian who was transplanted to the East Coast for boarding school and a failed semester at a prestigious Ivy League school. He returned to California to finish his education at San Francisco State University, where he majored in Film and Italian. He directed a feature documentary “La Lucha/The Struggle,” performed lead autoharp in the band “The Acres,” and is author of the semi-autobiographical novel “5150.” Currently, he lives in greater Los Angeles with his partner Rafael and his dog Patsy. He is working on “1/2” – the sequel to 5150, due out in 2015.








Never Give Up Son by Mario Guerra


Never Give Up Son

An Inspirational Memoir

by Mario Guerra


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Mario Guerra’s life has been a complex and colorful one. His earliest recollection of life was watching his mother chase a kangaroo out of her kitchen. Another is asking about his father, why he was not with them.

At the age of six, he went with his mother by train to see his father at the Kenmore Mental Asylum. There was a war going on, with Italy the enemy, and his mother explained that it was not mental illness that had destroyed their family but the scourges of war. His two uncles and his grandfather were also put away in mental asylums – all four incarcerated in tragic ways. In his early twenties, the author became determined to do something about his father and his uncles.

The author’s journey has taken him into becoming a very fast box maker, a singer and at times, an actor. The author was good at boxing and rugby, and because of racism, he became known as a street fighter. He worked as a railway fireman, and was called up to do army service. Later, he became a fruit farmer for seven years before finally moving up to the challenge of road transport and a brick agency. He became a political activist for a short time, a boxing trainer and boxing promoter.


A New Resource to Help Men Experiencing Depression

Diary of The Depressed Moose
by Garry Williams

About the author:

Garry Williams is a 33 year old man battling with depression and anxiety. He wrote this book detailing his first 6 weeks dealing with depression in the hope that he can inspire other men out there to know that it is not a sign of weakness to suffer from depression.

“A diary of a man and his struggle with depression. Diary of The Depressed Moose chronicles the first six weeks of dealing with mental health issues by writing a blog and using my writing as a form of therapy to help myself and others. Showing the ups and downs that depression brings the book offers a personal story and insight into how depression can take a hold of someone’s life. Not written as a self help book it is really more of an invitation to come along for the adventure that depression, anxiety and mental heath illnesses can bring.
Hopefully this book will inspire other men out there to seek help and admit they have depression or any other mental health illness.”

Garry’s blog link is http://thedepressedmoose.com/
Get the Book @ smashwords  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/213574
Garry on Twitter:  @depressedmoose
Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/Thedepressedmoose.