Viral Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians and Bands

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Your Band is A Virus

Viral Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians and Bands

by James Moore


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As featured on,, I Am Entertainment Magazine,, and recommended by countless music publications, “Your Band Is A Virus! Expanded Edition” is the bigger and better version of the best selling book “Your Band Is A Virus – Behind-the-Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician”. At double the size of it’s predecessor, it is the ultimate music marketing guide for serious independent musicians and bands.

Independent musicians in 2012 find themselves more confused than ever before. “Your Band Is A Virus – Expanded Edition” presents a complete paradigm shift in both the way artists promote and why they do it.

Advocating breaking the rules, bringing truly original expressions to the world, encouraging controversy, timing a release for optimum impact, promoting to music publications with his behind-the-scenes method, taking advantage of the user-generated revolution with a freelancers army, properly marketing music videos, embracing the free music model, and thinking outside the box, “Your Band Is A Virus” presents an actionable and inspired approach to music marketing coming from James Moore, founder of Independent Music Promotions. James’s words have been shared by the likes of CDBaby, Reverbnation,, the DIY Daily and


Meet the Author – James Moore

james moore picJames Moore is a Canadian music promoter and author of the best selling “Your Band Is A Virus” music marketing book series. Growing up on artists like The Beatles, Public Enemy, Nirvana, and Tom Waits, he’s always connected with music that spoke from the soul. He works directly with independent bands and solo artists through his company Independent Music Promotions (

I.M.P works worldwide exclusively with “artists with depth”. James has also contributed to a host of music publications such as The Muse’s Muse, Skope Magazine, Target Audience Magazine, Evor, and Music Think Tank. His work, most notably his “Can We Get In Pitchfork?” piece, has become one of the most shared pieces on Music Think Tank, having been spread by the likes of CDBaby, Reverbnation,, DIY Daily and

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Pitch Perfect by Joy Donnell

 Pitch Perfect

by Joy Donnell

Communicate yourself to peers,
press, and decision-makers

Pitch Perfect is a fun, insightful e-book that will help every reader pitch themselves to peers, decision-makers and the media with confidence and power. Techniques on formulating a consistent brand message are also included.


1. What it is to pitch the press and what a pitch letter is.
2. How to formulate their message.
3. How to communicate their core message to others.
4. Best practices and methods to avoid.

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About the Author: Joy Donnell

Joy Donnell is a Beverly Hills-based and internationally recognized publicity consultant who knows first hand that you can either blend in or stand out.

She’s successfully pitched over 1,000 media outlets including but not limited to Oprah, USA Today, E!, Reader’s Digest, The Hollywood Reporter, Good Morning America, Variety, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and The Tonight Show. Now, you can learn how she does it.

As a publicity consultant, Donnell’s helped hundreds of entertainers, performers, and business people learn to promote themselves and leap over communication obstacles such as self-doubt and utter confusion.

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Free Kindle Book – Nov. 14. Socialize To Monetize


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Socialize To Monetize: Engaging Your Online Communities Across Multiple Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Flickr, … Yelp, Ning, Klout, Social Link Building)

The opportunity to reach a wider community and customer base, grow your network and to stay abreast of social media trends is key to driving success. This can also however be a confusing world where new networks and fads are literally springing up daily. It can be tempting to join an overwhelming number of social media sites without any real idea of how to make the most of your online presence. While most of these platforms are valuable to your brand, it is essential that you know how and when to use them effectively for maximum return.


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How To Build Your Online Empire the Right Way!

Entrepreneurs, Book Sellers, & Online Marketers

The author aims to bring you the nuances and intricacies of affiliate marketing. Drawing from personal experiences, he recreated a true-picture of life as an affiliate marketer. With sharp references, critical analysis along with self-help and motivational tools, the author is able to guide new divers into further recesses of affiliate marketing.

Having started out with the aim of wanting to convert his passion into a livelihood that he would love and cherish for many many years to come, the author has given us an in-depth analysis of his own journey through the depths of internet marketing. His experiences are very easily relatable and believable. A must buy for all first-timers!

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Gone are the days of thinking that earning big money in just a matter of months or perhaps even in a couple of years is a pipe-dream. Twenty years ago, huge capital was the primary requirement to start your business; and this was a requirement perhaps only the rich could fulfill. But with the coming of ‘evaluation marketing’, the last 10 years has seen hundreds of internet marketers succeeding in just a couple of years.

With the advent of internet marketing, it became possible to think of and access dozens of traffic problems, revenue models, and multitude of ways to create and promote products to the entire connected world. Now you have more tools at your disposal to face life’s challenges than any previous generation in our history!

Nothing is stopping you from adopting the same focus, intensity and drive that successful men have used to create massive fortunes.

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What I want to do through the medium of this book is to show you HOW TO BUILD YOUR ONLINE EMPIRE IN THE RIGHT WAY. The book can be used as a guiding light to set up your business or enterprise successfully. The book can also help you gain fresh perspective and re-channelize your efforts and actions; so that you can create an empire that gives you the independence you have always craved.


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The Bizi Bella Chronicles –
Featuring “Public Relations In a Box”

‘The Bizi Bella Chronicles’
Featuring “Public Relations In a Box”

The Bizi Bella Chronicles‘ Featuring “Public Relations In a Box” is a No BS Manual that gives the reader the Nuts & Bolts of Public Relations core functions without all the fillers and fluff!

It aims at helping those who are wanting to have the benefits of having a PR firm work for them but cannot afford it. The book offers the exact steps Kimberly Jessy took that helped her Celebritize her brand, and become a well-known “Celebritypeneur.”

Public Relations in Box has all the steps to become a Celebrity in any Niche. As a Hollywood Reporter, Celebrity Journalist and Stand Out Expert, Kimberly Jessy knows how important it is for Entrepreneurs & Small unknown companies to do the exact same thing bigger companies do to become the Giants and Well-known name brands they are! Kimberly understood a lot of Entrepreneurs & Small businesses did not have big company budgets to launch consistent campaigns all the time on their company happenings. Kimberly Jessy created this NO BS Approach, Nuts & Bolts guide to give everyday people access to a Public Relations Firm In a Box!

A few of the inclusions in the books comprise the forms, sample contracts, templates, pitch letters, press releases and more that provides a head start and saves a lot of precious time as well. Other aspects that are necessary such as marketing and branding are also covered.

The series also contains an additional bonus of more than 100 major media contacts from Major Magazine Publications including Glamour Magazine, Vogue and Forbes Magazine to name a few. The book has a list of press distribution sites as well.

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About the Author: Kimberly Jessy

Kimberly Jessy, Online Celebrity News Journalist, Hollywood Red Carpet Reporter, Stand Out Expert & Celebritypreneur to Release Book Series “The Bizi Bella Chronicles” Meant To Help Women With Low Cost Sure-Fire Celebrity Public Relations Strategies that work.

Kimberly Jessy is releasing a series of four books titled – The Bizi – Bella Chronicles Featuring The first Installment “Public Relations In a Box” that provides detailed guidance for helping Business Owners and Every- day people become Stars in their Life & Business. All the desired formats and techniques related to Public Relations. Marketing & Branding are also included; Bonuses include hundreds of Major Media Contacts emails & Phone numbers. The journey of Kimberley and the steps she took to Celebritize herself are also a part of the series.

In addition, there is always an option of consulting Kimberly herself at any time. The series also includes the details related to the Kimberly’s journey to stardom from a full time teaching job.


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