The Way You Love Me by Magdalena Zielinska

Magdalena_The Way you love me

The Way You Love Me

Drama – Romance – Love

by Magdalena Zielinska

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Ruby and Luca are inseparable as kids. But the conflict in their parents marriage tears the family apart and forces them to part ways, possibly forever. What do you do when you’re separated from the one thing that kept you close to happiness? How do you spend the rest of your life coping with the missing link?

A twist in the events gives Ruby and Luca a second chance to rebuild something that once seemed lost but their relationship takes a different turn.


Meet the Author:
Magdalena Zielinska

Made with Repix ( was born in June, 1989 in a tiny, tiny town in Poland. In June 2008, I took a leap of faith and moved to United States. I dreamt of it since I was a little girl and somewhere on the way I said I would move to America when I turn 18. I landed at New York JFK airport 2 days before my 19th birthday. God really does work in mysterious ways.
What can I say? I am a fighter. I am a family person. I am a writer. I am a cat lover. I am complicated in a weird way. I am an optimist. In my head, my world is full of rainbows and unicorns. I have faith. I believe.

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Your Love Will Never Grow (FREE Book)

Jeremy Brown-Your_Love

FREE Nov. 6-7

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From the author that brought you thought provoking novels such as formula forty days and forty nights,The Testimony of Satan, and Is there room in The Kingdom? has came back with another one that will possible change the way that you have been taught to view love. It will definitely be for the better and leave you with more answers to questions that we tend to sweep under the rug. Your Love Will Never Grow will make you look deep inside of yourself and ask questions that have the power to change your reality.




Modern Love: The Grownup’s Guide

cija black bkModern Love: The Grownup’s Guide

to Relationships & Online Dating

by Cija Black



Be Your Own Cupid & Find the Love You Deserve!

MODERN LOVE is about cleaning up your relationship baggage and aiming straight for love!

I want to help you sort your past relationship baggage, fine tune your desires and present yourself to the world in a way that is true to who you are and welcomes the right people in.


Genre: love, relationships, dating, internet and online dating


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A Moment to Love by D. G. Myerson

DG Myerson - bk a moment

A Moment to Love

by D. G. Myerson



A Moment to Love by D. G. Myerson is an excellent novel. It is a gripping love story that builds suspense throughout the book to an unsuspected ending. The reader will be surprised. The characters are very, very interesting people and their personal lives touch you from the very beginning. A glamorous life revisited in my novels. I have been lucky to enjoy travel, fashion, movies and meet people who make the world an interesting place.


About the Author: D.G. Myerson

dg-DianeMyersonI was told, to write the perfect romance novel, I should have sex in the first pages, and I’ve done that and more.  I’ve had an interesting life, including my years in fashion, my association with Edith Head, academy award designer, owning and buying for my couture boutique, my trips to the shows in Paris and Italy, …”

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Buddha Breaking Up – A Guide to Healing From Heartache and Liberating Your Awesomeness


A little armageddon can be good for the soul…

Steph Killen book

The world needs another self-help book like it needs another Reality TV show. At least, that’s what I would have said a year ago, right up until I found myself in need of something—anything!—to pull me through the worst breakup of my life. What do you do when you want to be gracious, graceful, pragmatic, and filled with equanimity, but you’re so hurt and angry you feel as if you could go around town ramming your car into random stationary objects without batting an eyelash? What do you do when your friends and family run out of platitudes and old, tired slogans like, “Time heals all wounds” and “Better to have loved and lost…”? (Slogans which, incidentally, make you want to scoop out your frontal lobe with a melon baller.)

This is the stuff that drives us to the very edge of annihilation. At least, it feels that way. It feels like a very real obliteration of the self. But this breakdown can be the worst thing that’s ever happened to you, or it can be the best thing for precisely this moment in your life.

Buddha Breaking Up is a modern-day spiritual guide for how to embrace dramatic, life-altering change and use it as a means of rediscovering the Self. It answers the age-old question, What’s next? (Changing out of your bathrobe and combing your hair.)

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Combining humor, pop culture, and Zen principles, Part I of Buddha Breaking Up explores the science of falling in love, provides useful tools for riding out the heartbreak—including how to handle social networking and other technology apparently designed for liberal applications of self-torment—and offers unique and practical techniques for moving through the lowest depths of the shattering. Part II, “The Bodhicitta of Breaking Up,” illuminates methods for battling the wounded ego, dealing with anger, creating better relationships, and finally, loving and valuing yourself so you can reach a place of acceptance and grace in your new life.


Meet the Author: Stephanee Killen

Steph killenStephanee Killen resides in Ohio, where the weather is fickle but the people are hardy. Her passions include learning to embrace the ridiculous and showing others how to engage their spirituality through humor and authenticity.

After working as a freelance editor for the Ballantine Publishing Group, and then as a web editor for 1stBooks Library (now Authorhouse), Stephanee went on to become the senior editor and project manager at Integrative Ink, a publishing pre-production company she established in January of 2001. A busy entrepreneur, Stephanee also has a lifelong love of the arts. She is the founder of the Creative Cosmic Experiment, a forum for experimental and contemporary fiction, music, poetry, and social commentary.

When she’s not helping people become famous authors, she plays percussion, sips Ginger tea, and shares her poems about the meaning of life with her very smart dog.

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Swedens new, hot children´s book! by Jessica Hardiman


Meet Valentine- the brave little angel who invents
a love potion to stop people from fighting! 

Valentine_CoverThe book Valentine- The magic love potion has already charmed thousands of people with its beautiful illustrations and important message of love and friendship.

Those who think this is just an ordinary children´s book, should maybe think again. Being a popular book amongst children, Valentine seems to have charmed his way into the hearts of many adults as well.

Jessica Hardiman, the author of Valentine- The magic love potion” says that she wanted to make a book like the old fairytales, with pictures to each chapter, she read as a child.

The story of Valentine is about an angel who dreams of a life outside heaven but it´s also a story of a little girl who is lonely and looking for a friend who she can trust.

Looking down on earth one night, Valentine spots Emily who is sad because her parents are fighting. To help the little girl, he invents a love potion and decides to go down to Earth for the first time. But things don´t really go as planned, as Valentine falls down into the sea, without his wings, and is swept away in a big slipper.

One of the favorite characters in the book, apart from Valentine, is Teddy. Being a fat and lazy cat who talks, he is sure to make you laugh!
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Spotlight on: Bestselling Author – Carol McCormick

Carol McCormick book

The Missing Piece

by Carol McCormick

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THE MISSING PIECE is not only a love story about a man who loves a woman, but is also a love story about a merciful God who loves mankind, even when he falls. The novel is an emotionally-charged journey of hope and redemption with a touch of spunk, a hint of humor, and a few twists along the way.

Engaging and inspiring!

The Missing Piece (Inspirational Love Story)
Christian Romance



Meet the Author –
Carol McCormick

Carol McCormickCarol began writing years ago after reading a ten-page story her grandmother wrote about growing up in the early 1900s. It was then that she began to write down her own stories to share with her daughters someday.

Later, she began to write as a way to draw herself and other people closer to the Lord. Carol writes for Christians to encourage them in their faith. She also writes for those who are unaware of God’s grace, to show them how to connect to Him in order to experience His love and goodness. Her writing is applicable to life with its direct, yet sensitive, and oftentimes humorous messages and lessons.

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The Bond by Paula McCoy Williams

Paula McCoy Williams-Bond

The Bond

By Paula McCoy Williams


A story about a substitute teacher and some of the adventures she has with her students. This also tells the story of her relationship with her new husband and some of the surprises that life throws at them and the important lessons learned from the life surprises. This book has it all, action, adventure, romance, and surprises. Its a book that anyone will enjoy.



About the author:
Paula McCoy Williams

Paula has always loved the written word since she was young. She loved how stories could transport you to a different world and also help you to learn about different events. Paula has been a freelance writer/ editor for a small community newspaper in her native Canada and she has had some of her poetry published as well as an article recently published in Woman’s World Magazine. Paula hopes to inspire and help others with her writing and she has dreamed of becoming the next Danielle Steel.


Available in Paperback

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A “Suite” Romance by Sue Gibson

sue gibson-A-Suite-Deal

A Suite Deal

(Suite Love Series, Book One)

by Sue Gibson

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Jilted by her fiance, marine biologist Lily Greensly retreats to the tranquil shores of Loon Lake to research indigenous fishes and help out at her family’s rustic fishing lodge. But when she finds an enormous, new-age hotel spoiling the view from her cherished inheritance, the tiny and pristine Osprey Island, Lily decides that the Nirvana Hotel’s handsome owner warrants closer scrutiny. Ambitious hotelier Ethan Weatherall cut his teeth in the hotel industry and is determined to buy Lily’s treasured island and convert it to a concrete helipad. Career-climbing, cosmopolitan Ethan cannot risk falling for a woman who could never be happy away from the wilds of nature. But it seems that boat may have already sailed, as he falls into the deep end for Lily’s sweet soul and independent spirit. Lily must figure out a way to stop Ethan from destroying the tranquility of Loon Lake while trying to resist his charming city-bred manners. If she can’t, there’s more than just Osprey Island at stake.


A Suite Deal is the first book in the Suite Love Series by Sue Gibson.



Meet the Author: Sue Gibson

SueGibsonSue Gibson lives in rural Ontario, where the rugged landscape inspires her to write romantic fiction while providing a stunning backdrop for both her life and her stories. She credits big starry skies and crackling campfires for introducing her to the good life. One husband, two kids, an inexplicable Business Diploma and numerous false starts on a meandering career path later, she happily writes books, freelances for outdoor-themed magazines and tends to the family’s commercial garlic farm.

Connect with Sue:

Genre: sweet, traditional romance



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The Tailor’s Needle by Lakshmi Raj Sharma
Multicultural Literary Fiction


The Tailor’s Needle

by Lakshmi Raj Sharma
Cambridge educated Sir Saraswati Chandra Ranbakshi is a towering public figure in early twentieth century India. A firm believer in the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, he also has faith in the virtues of the British Raj. As a result, he has to mediate between the Maharaja of a princely state and the Viceroy and strike a fine balance between tradition and modernity. This tussle between old and new values is reflected in his three children – the daredevil Maneka, the timid Sita, and their brother, Yogendra, who turns their father’s world upside down by falling in love with a lower-caste girl.

A comedy of manners laced with intrigue and excitement, The Tailor’s Needle explores some of the great moral dilemmas of pre-independent India with wit and sensitivity.





Meet the Author: Lakshmi Raj Sharma lakshmi-pic

Lakshmi Raj Sharma is a professor of English at the University of Allahabad. He lives in Allahabad with his professor wife, Bandana, and etymologist son, Dhruv. His first collection of stories, Marriages are Made in India, has now been published as an e-book by Publerati, USA. His first novel, The Tailor’s Needle, first published in the UK, is published by Penguin Books India, in 2012. His article, “Charles Dickens and Me” has been published in 2012 by the Oxford journal, English. Several of his stories and articles are published in American and British journals.

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Tailor’s Needle is a novel that has something for everyone.



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