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Positive Leadership & Change –


leadership articles that help you make a difference: Collection 1
by Marcella Bremer


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Would you like a vibrant, energized workplace, engaged coworkers, and empowered employees?
“Positive Leadership, Culture & Change, collection 1” helps you to make a difference and amplify your positive impact. These pragmatic, personal and positive leadership articles not only invite you to reflect but also to apply what you read! Grab your copy today!

Positive Leadership, Culture & Change Collection 1 offers:
An interview with “positive leadership and organizational culture”-professor Kim Cameron.
Learn more about the books Practicing Positive leadership, Humble Inquiry, Give & Take and the Power of less by Kim Cameron, Edgar Schein, Adam Grant and Leo Babauta.

Find out how to practice positive leadership.
Connect with your coworkers by asking the right questions.
Learn to be generous at work without asking anything in return – and see how that influences your organization.

Focus on a few things – and get more done while you eliminate stress!
Join the global classroom by Otto Scharmer: How can you act for the well-being of the whole organization – and beyond?

Find inspiration in a case study of personal development at work.
Reflect on feedback, judging and the courage to choose – in three short articles for reflection.

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Job U by Nicholas Wyman
Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need

Nicholas Wyman-JOb_U_CoverJob U

How to Find Wealth and Success
by Developing the Skills
Companies Actually Need

By Nicholas Wyman


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Get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about what a successful career path can look like.

Today, unemployment hovers at a near-record high, yet 3.5 million American jobs remain unfilled. Why? Because companies simply cannot find people with the skills they actually need.

The good news is that this skills gap represents unprecedented opportunities for every person seeking a successful and exciting career. But these opportunities can’t be found inside the walls of the traditional classroom. Instead, they lie in the myriad of educational options that provide the technical, vocational, and soft skills on demand in today’s workplace, such as:

Professional certifications: Start your career faster in fields like bioscience aviation, culinary arts, and medical technology.

Associates degrees: Increase earning potential through inexpensive 2-year programs in subjects like civil engineering, environmental science, education, and nursing.

Apprenticeships: Earn while you learn under the direct supervision of a skilled expert. Far beyond the artisan trades, today’s apprenticeships can be found at companies like Volkswagen and Siemens.

Occupational learning: Refresh or reboot your skill sets through on-the-job training or online education.

In Job U, you’ll learn about these paths to rewarding occupations; where to find them and how to parlay them into the best paying job in any field. And along the way, you’ll meet individuals of all ages who have attained their “dream jobs” through a non-traditional education: from an emergency air paramedic, to a lead mechanic of a racecar team, to an engineer of complex gas turbine generators, to a bestselling cookbook author.

Whether you are recent high school or college graduate, or well along in your career journey, Job U will help you find your way to a more secure and prosperous future.


About the Author : Nicholas Wyman

Nicholas Wyman
Nicholas Wyman is an employment expert, CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation, and author of Job U: How to Find Wealth and Success by Developing the Skills Companies Actually Need.

Nicholas is an apprenticeship expert and CEO of the Institute for Workplace Skills and Innovation. He advises and develops programs for companies such as Nissan, Mercedes Benz, Citibank and Coke Cola on how to recruit, train, retain and “reskill” employees. A hands-on leader in the field, Wyman is dedicated to closing the gap between education and employment around the world.

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Firas Samri-leadership

Develop Your Leadership Skills:

18 Leadership Skills That Make A Great Leader
(The Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Influence To Become A Leader)

by Firas Samri


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A new book about the “secret weapons” today’s entrepreneurs use to get more done, grow their businesses, and simplify their lives.

Leadership skills development is a crucial way but with a good reference, you can be able to achieve your goals of being an effective leader. It’s inevitable to improve your skills since the business needs it in order for you to manage your organization well.
Are you in a hurry to acquire these skills? Read this book which tackles everything about developing leadership skills. Each chapter discusses a certain topic that will help you improve your strengths and master it so that you can efficiently handle your business and increase your staff’s productivity.

Think big and be positive! Learn how to accept challenges and continue to educate and improve yourself by having self-discipline, embracing failures, knowing how to delegate, setting definite goals and a lot more. This reference will teach you on the valued lessons of the leadership battle.

By working hard and being bold about your decisions, you can show how to be a great leader. Know how to handle your team and make them feel that they are well guided. Be someone who is approachable and an excellent team player. With a sense of urgency, get things done.
A good leader also knows the importance of encouraging others and how passion changes one’s perspective. Also, discussed on the chapters are the ways on how to take initiatives and obtain the willingness to admit and learn from failures as well as your weaknesses. Above all, you will get tips on how to handle conflicts which usually happen within an organization.

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A Formula for Social Justice

Artika Tyner Law Bk


How to Plant People and Grow Justice

by Dr. Artika Tyner


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Imagine if community members across the world began planting seeds of social change, justice, and freedom. Could you be the one who plants the seeds for the promotion of access to affordable housing, fair sentencing, educational equity, or racial justice? This is your beckoning to lead—will you answer the call?

The Lawyer as Leader: How to Plant People and Grow Justice is an inspiring roadmap designed to help you become an effective agent for social change and transformational leader.

The social justice challenges of our time are enormous. About one in seven U.S. residents live in poverty and the disparity between the haves and have-nots is wider than at any point since the Great Depression. The poor are largely marginalized from the public policy process and often are unable to assert their legal rights in regard to basic necessities such as nutrition, health, shelter, income, education, and protection from violent physical abuse. More broadly, the poor are perpetually victimized by systems which maintain and uphold discrimination, disparate outcomes, and subordination based upon one’s social identity.

Experienced educator and community advocate, Dr. Artika Tyner shows how you can make a difference in the world. The book is a beacon call for those who wish to join the fight for social and economic justice. Highlights include:

The three pillars of new social justice lawyering: (1) Origins and theories of social justice lawyering, (2) Principles of servant and transformational leadership, and (3) The lawyer as policy entrepreneur and coalition builder.

How to build your own leadership platform; how to create communities based on a shared vision of justice; and how to plant seeds to empower future leaders.

The Lawyer as Leader will provide those who are passionate about social justice with the inspiration, ideas, and tools to build and lead coalitions to fight for social and economic justice.




Meet the Author:  Dr. Artika Tyner

TEDx UST OrientationDr. Artika R. Tyner is a passionate educator, author, sought after speaker, and advocate for justice. At the University of St. Thomas College of Education, Leadership & Counseling, Dr. Tyner serves as a public policy/leadership professor. She trains graduate students to serve as social engineers who create new inroads to justice and freedom.

Tyner received her B.A. from Hamline University (Major: English; Certificate: Conflict Studies). Due to her passion for advocating for social justice and educational policy reform, she decided to pursue graduate studies at the University of St. Thomas. She began her journey with law school since she recognized that the law is a language of power and therefore she sought to become well versed in the law.

Subsequently, Tyner earned a Master of Public Policy and Leadership in order to gain tools for effecting social change through policy reform efforts. Later, inspired by the legacy of W.E.B. Dubois, she obtained a Doctorate in Leadership. Her doctoral studies provided her with key tools for serving in her community and promoting social justice.

Dr. Tyner is committed to empowering others to lead within their respective spheres of influence. She provides leadership development and career coaching for young professionals. She has also developed leadership educational materials for K-12 students, college/graduate students, faith communities and nonprofits. Additionally, Dr. Tyner teaches leadership coursework on ethics, critical reflection, and organizational development. Her research focuses on diversity/inclusion, community development, and civil rights. She has presented her research and conducted leadership training programs both nationally and internationally.

Dr. Tyner leads by example by organizing policy campaigns, fostering restorative justice practices, developing social entrepreneurship initiatives, and promoting assets-based community development. She serves as a global citizen by supporting education, entrepreneurship, and women’s leadership initiatives in Africa.


Connect with Dr. Tyner:

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Free Book – The Shocking Truth About Goal Setting

cary richards-goals


Never Set Them Again and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible

by Cary David Richards



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The Shocking Truth About Goal Setting is that It Hardly Ever Works!
How to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible, even if you’ve set goals in the past and been unsuccessful

We’ve all had the experience of setting goals

Whether it’s a career goal, life goals or something very specific that you want, it’s easy to get fired up and begin striving to accomplish the goal in question. You make a plan and maybe even buy a goals book, then map out a strategy and set to work.

At some point, weeks or months later you look back and realize that your motivation has waned and your plan of action has stalled. You haven’t had any movement towards your goal in days or weeks.

Life has gotten in the way.

Our earnestly hoped for goals and objectives remain tantalizingly in the distance while we sit and wonder what happened. The problem is that even though we’ve read a goals book or even taken a goals course and we think we’ve learned how to set goals, the exact process of how to achieve those goals has somehow eluded us.

Why didn’t we get there? Why did it seem so logical and doable at first? Was it due to a lack of hard work or motivation? In most instances this is not the case. Then why do our most cherished life and career goals seem to elude us?

What you’ll learn:

Why rigid time frames actually hinder your ability to reach your goal.
How emotions and feelings affect your action plan.
The beauty of reducing your wants and desires down into bite sized chunks.
How to develop a plan of action that actually works.



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Free Oct. 13 – 17 Guide to Goal Setting


The Backsliders Guide
to Goal Setting

by Brandi J Roberts

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What is a Goal?
1. noun, the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.
2. “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” ~Napoleon Hill
3. A promise you are making to yourself.

The Backsliders Guide to Goal Setting is a four phase process to help you live an absolutely extraordinary life. The four phases are:

  1. Get Clear
  2. Organize
  3. Action
  4. Lead

The Get Clear phase is all about dreaming, coming up with ideas, accomplishments, and projects you wish to complete. We will go over several exercises including gratitude, and defining your ‘ideal day.’ We will then chunk it all down into actual goals you can set for yourself. This phase could take a few hours to complete – all dependent on how far you want to take it.

The Organize phase is all about getting ready. This preparation phase involves collecting all your resources to see what you already have and what you are lacking in order complete a specific goal. We will look at time, money, people, and internal resources. This phase should also take a couple hours to complete.

The Action phase is all about taking the necessary steps to get you where you want to be. Taking massive, directed action with an absolute purpose! This is where your passions shine, your true colors show, and where you will be tested. You will see how constantly taking action brings about results.

The Lead phase is all about taking what you have learned and helping others. Now that you have completed a goal you set out for yourself, you become the catalyst to help others do the same. This phase lasts a lifetime.

Download your FREE copy today!

This process will help you take your life, your business, your health, your finances, and your relationships to a higher level.
The Author: Brandi is the Best Selling author of The Backsliders Guide to Weight Loss, The Backsliders Guide to (self) Organization, and The Backsliders Guide to Goal Setting. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1974. She currently resides in Boise, Idaho with her husband, two boys, and the family dog, Martha Washington. She enjoys hiking in the foothills of Boise, writing, traveling with the family, and watching independent films. And…. She’s happy!



Improve Your Ability to Manage People


 The BossHole Effect:

A Complete Guide to Management and Leadership Simplified

by Dr. Greg L. Alston

Preview Contents Summary


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#1 Bestselling Author Reveals the Real Reasons Why Most Managers Suck at Managing People.
Learn the Three Simple Processes that Will Instantly Make You a Better Leader!

Follow these simple strategies to obliterate the stress of managing employees and become the kind of boss or supervisor that people would pay to work for. Thousands of readers have discovered how they can learn to turn a dysfunctional assemblage of employees in to a highly effective team.


The ability to manage people is what will dictate your level of success. The BossHole Effect is the powerful capacity of a bad supervisor to suck the joy, energy, enthusiasm, and greatness out of any organization. You can learn how to build a championship caliber team in the next ten days by reading one chapter per day.
The Five Reasons You Will Love This People Skills Book

1-Easy to Read and Jargon Free with Short, Focused Chapters
2-Simple Action Steps You Can Take Right Away to Improve Your Ability to Manage People Effectively Even if You are a First Time Manager.
3-Practical Tips From a Person with 35 Years Experience as an Owner, Manager, Boss and Supervisor
4-Excellent for New Managers, First time Managers and Experienced Managers Alike Who Need help Learning how to manage employees.
5-Unique Content Not found in any other People Skills Book

˃˃˃ Do you know the three processes you need to know to be a great leader?

The three leadership qualities described in this business skills handbook will dictate your success at team building to create an effective team. While there are a variety of management styles these core leadership qualities will make the difference between becoming a good boss or a boss hole. If you wish to excel in business management and leadership positions you will need to learn and practice these core leadership skills every day. Essentially these core people skills become the life skills that will propel you to high performance management of a successful business team.

˃˃˃ Have you wondered why people don’t respond to you the way you think they should?

There are a few keys to leading people that ware are not well understood. Get this wrong and no matter how nice a person you are your team will not respect you.
˃˃˃ Would you like to lead a high functioning team?

This book presents a real world step by step method for turning a bunch of people who work in the same place to a group of people working together to get good stuff done. Stop trying to figure this out for yourself and let this book light the pathway to your success.

About the Author:
Dr. Greg L. Alston Author, Educator, Pharmacist, Entrepreneur 35 years experience managing businesses of all kinds and working for bosses of all kinds.

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Michael Nir-Influence

Influence and Lead !

Fundamentals for Personal and Professional Growth

by Michael Nir

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Self help book Fundamentals for Personal and Professional Growth – Limited Time Offer – Coupon Inside

I have been writing extensively business and personal books for self-help, team motivation leadership and personal growth. These are proven and tested, based on cumulative professional experience from consulting engagements given to global clients, and on the many workshops and seminars I’ve delivered on various topics. I really want to give you something powerful, that will assist you in this amazing field where soft and hard skills meet. Therefore, I decided to write Self help book: Influence and Lead ! as a stand-alone bonanza, practical book for you to use.
Self help book: Influence and Lead ! – A Surefire field guide for individuals and teams, Genuine and proven!

** Do you know whom to address in an Important presentation? Do you talk back at the people sitting in the last rows? I am sure you do! Is it a mistake? Read Self help book: Influence and Lead ! and know the answer!

Example of Tested ideas from NLP and Gestalt
** “James your idea is good, but i think we should try ….”
** Do YOU know what is wrong in the above sentence? Read this book and know the answer!

*** “Tommy, why did you break the glass! Someone should help me clean it”
*** Do YOU know what is wrong in the above sentence? Read this book and know the answer!
Ace your next meeting and interview

Change the stories you tell with Self help book: Influence and Lead !

The biggest most challenging obstacle we have to change is?

*** If you answer Yourself – you are correct!
*** You want to know how to change your self-fulfilling convictions? Don’t you? I am sure you do!
*** Powerful concepts of the impact that narratives have on your life!

Liberating yourself from your stories is an extremely powerful exercise!

HURRY – to get your FREE copy of Self help book: Influence and Lead ! Fundamentals for Personal and Professional Growth



About the Author: Michael Nir

Michael_Nir2Michael Nir, the President of Sapir Consulting, has been providing operational, organizational and management consulting and training for over 15 years. Complementing his engineering background and education, Michael uses Gestalt theory and practice which contributes to his understanding of individual and team dynamics in business. Michael has also authored 9 bestsellers in the fields of influencing, Agile, Teams, and leadership. Michael’s professional background includes significant expertise in the telecoms, hi-tech, software development, R&D environments and petrochemical industries. He develops creative and innovative solutions in project and product management, process improvement, leadership, and team building programs.

See Michael’s Book’s on Amazon.



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Michael Nir - Marketing Impossible

Personal Marketing:

Marketing the Impossible

Personal and Professional Five-Step Success Model, Entrepreneurs motivational books

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Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible – an Amazon Best Seller

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Learn how to use the Five Step model for personal and business success
I have been living the dream of doing whatever I want for nine years!
Can you?
No, actually you can’t. Only gifted people like me can.
I am just teasing you. Of course, you can do it. This is what Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible is all about.
How to be your own boss, rich and successful? How do make the bold move ahead?

*** You don’t need to have lots of money to start
*** You need to believe in yourself
*** Learn the Powerful, Magical secret of the Five Steps
How to use the Five step model to get AMAZING results in your business and personal life?

*** You can CHANGE the stories you tell yourself
*** People tell you not to follow through on your dreams, learn how to ignore them. How do you learn to listen to the right people?
*** In Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible I have given a step by step model, based on an extensive COACHING AND CONSULTING experience
Want to know how to market the impossible TWICE EFFECTIVELY

*** Stephen Covey (7 habit of highly effective people) communicates with a SIMPLE but EFFECTIVE model to change how people operate. I have revealed this POWERFUL secret of the process and where the model fits.

Michael Nir - Effective_Teams_Six_Secrets_Project_Management

Six Secrets of Powerful Teams

A practical guide to the magic of motivating and influencing teams

by Michael Nir

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** A Breakthrough Practical Guide to Creating More Powerful Teams! Updated advanced edition **

This amazing practical book uncovers the science of high performance teams. Creating a strong bond between team members can be elusive, whether in small or large endeavors, at work or in your personal life. But in Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams , team leadership expert Michael Nir will strip away the mystery and teaches you concrete methods that make team leadership easier for you and more rewarding for everyone concerned.

Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams explores:

*Specific behaviors that are found in teams and advice about how to handle them as they occur – not later when they have already produced problems
*Two core team scenarios that will help you understand your particular team’s dynamics
* Valuable proven team management guidelines and practical tips for how to implement them
*Simple Gestalt psychological concepts and their practical application in teams
*Powerful yet fundamental Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) concepts and their relevance to team interactions

The information in Team: Six Secrets of Powerful Teams will:

* Help your team perform better as a unit
* Teach you how to effectively manage and motivate your team
* Guide you to be an effective leader and manager in a variety of diverse situations
* Provide team conflict resolution tools



Michael Nir- Business_D-side2
D – Side
Practical Decision Making Business Guide


by Expert Michael Nir




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Business decisions: Practical and thought provoking, Business Guide- Amazon – NEW on the shelf

** Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide

We think that we fail in decisions because of our own faults.
In Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide – Amazon we see this is not the case

Many recent popular science books have gleefully shown how irrational we are in making decisions.

However that is not the main reason why we fail in our decisions.
The real challenge is our failure to grasp the complexity in most everyday life problems.

In Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide – Amazon we discover what happens when:

* An airline pilot has food poisoning from Sushi in Bangkok,

* Why flying is such a hassle,

* Will we get kidnapped by the NSA?

* We also visit ancient Egypt and learn what the meek engineer does to prevent a flood in the capital, and how it relates to selecting which items you’re packing on your next trip to the Caribbean.

Overview of:
Business decisions: D – side Practical Decision Making Business Guide

Business decisions: Complexity is under-rated

Business decisions: The sushi was poisoned

Business decisions: Building pyramids

Business decisions: Fusion, packing nothing to Moscow

Business decisions: D siding, the road not taken


 Meet the Author: Michael Nir

Michael_Nir_IFMichael Nir – President of Sapir Consulting – (M.Sc. Engineering) has been providing operational, organizational and management consulting and training for over 15 years. He is passionate about Gestalt theory and practice, which complements his engineering background and contributes to his understanding of individual and team dynamics in business. Michael authored 8 Bestsellers in the fields of Influencing, Agile, Teams, Leadership and others.
Michael’s experience includes significant expertise in the telecoms, hi-tech, software development, R&D environments and petrochemical & infrastructure industries. He develops creative and innovative solutions in project and product management, process improvement, leadership, and team building programs.


Michael’s professional background is analytical and technical; however, he has a keen interest in human interactions and behaviors.



The Female Leader: Leads with Passion, Confidence, and Empowerment


The Female Leader:
Leads with Passion, Confidence, and Empowerment


Finding yourself is key to your success, not only in life in general, but also in your career.

Get Your Copy Now

Getting to know yourself is the first step to finding who you are, and becoming who you were meant to be. Learning to accept yourself can be hard, especially when you spend some time dwelling on the things that you value – the things that make up your unique essence.

What you value will determine who you become, by influencing your choices, and this process can be confusing as some of your values seem to be conflicting. But take heart and relax as you keep working to learn through trial and error to become who you want to be.

It is important to define yourself, rather than to allow other people’s expectations dictate who you become. When you become the person you were destined to be, you will have the personal power, the drive and the motivation to take your career to the next level.

Nicole Dominique Le Maire delves into ‘Being!’

– being you, being bold and being the person you were meant to be. As a career coach, HR consultant, mentor, speaker, blogger and writer, Nicole has learned that being yourself is the key to personal and professional success.

With an illustrious International career , Nicole has gained a reputation around the world as a leader in her field. With her professional integrity and expertise, she has guided hundreds of women to the top of their careers.

Let The Female Leader be your guide!

Connect with Nicole to learn more




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