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7 Daily Habits that Turbocharge
the Law of Attraction:


A new age philosophy of self-acceptance,
visualization and letting go

by Cary David Richards


FREE May 18 & 19


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7 daily hacks that create a whirlwind of abundance, joy and happiness in your life.
Learn how using gratitude, self-acceptance and the habit of letting go energizes and yes, turbocharges the law of attraction to create tangible, positive changes that will amaze you!

Bestselling author Cary David Richards has done it again. Using new age philosophy combined with down to earth common sense he explains the simple daily habits that when used on a consistent basis will work to stimulate the attraction principles that lay dormant all around us.
˃˃˃ Frustration, anger and resentment all too often become default reactions to life’s daily challenges.

We allow these emotions and attitudes to rule our lives and then wonder why we aren’t attracting the things we truly desire.

Through visualization and the practice of letting go of your negative limiting beliefs and emotions author Richards explains how to nurture the simple yet powerful daily habits that can make all the difference.

The “secret” law of attraction as it has become known in popular culture is not all that secret when you really understand the simple and basic principles that allow it to flourish.

These straightforward and easily attainable daily habits are not hard to master once you understand the concepts behind them. Many of them are concepts that we learned as children but have let atrophy and wither as we grew to adulthood

˃˃˃ A new age Psychology of acceptance and joy

You’ll learn how starting with self-acceptance and then strengthening your habits by the daily practice of visualization you can make profound positive changes.

You’ll also understand that by developing the discipline of giving back to your fellow human beings you can keep the attractive energy buzzing in your own life.

Action is one of the main habits that you need to master. Contrary to popular belief, the universal law of attraction doesn’t respond very well to sitting on your couch watching television.

˃˃˃ Explained simply and with a no nonsense lighthearted approach

Cary David Richards gives us the insight to understand and the step by step instructions to implement these fundamental and truly powerful concepts. This book will be one that you’ll come back to again and again.






Freebie Alert: The Law of Attraction Puzzle

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The Law of Attraction Puzzle;


why the pieces don’t fit and 8 dynamic real world strategies to fit them into place


by Cary David Richards



FREE Sept. 17th to 21st.



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The subtle but powerful universal Law of Attraction is a puzzle to some of us.
For many it is missing a few pieces. Missing pieces or not, The Law of Attraction is at work in our lives every day.

There are those who, being pragmatic and grounded in “reality” refuse to acknowledge that their success could hinge on the existence of an intangible source that enables them to connect with the universal field of possibility.

Others who are more open to new age thought are pretty sure it exists but are not sure how to use the law of attraction. Knowing that simple positive thinking is not enough, they have experienced glimpses of synchronicity and coincidence in their lives but are unsure how to consistently achieve a mind-body-spirit connection that is functional in their daily lives.

Over hyped and saturated with “Guru’s” and pseudo science, The law of attraction is, none the less a subject that almost everyone is curious about. The information in this grounded, real world approach is sure to click some of the missing pieces into place.

We all know that person who appears to have it all figured out. Things just seem to fall into place for her. Far beyond positive thinking, she has that something.

That “it” factor.

People are drawn to her. Somehow she has the ability to attract wealth and peace of mind and to manifest almost anything she wants for herself.

That person, (sometimes without even knowing it) has tapped into  ˃˃˃ The Law of Attraction.





Book Launch Today: The Master Secret – Happiness


 The Secret to Happiness


Are you still searching for what will make you truly happy; that illusive something that will finally give you a feeling of being satisfied with your life? Is your belief system full of statements such as, “If I only had . . . . then I would be happy?” The problem is life continually shows us that achieving specific goals invariably does not make us happy; or maybe it only makes us happy for a short while, before we start looking for the next thing we need to be happy. And what a crazy cycle that can be! There are seven fundamentals to happiness and they are available to all. You deserve to be happy!



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Eldon has released his amazing The Master Secret: Happiness is Success collection, a program designed to bring you the inner happiness that is necessary for you to be truly successful, and it is at an unheard of low, low price! This collection includes some really inspiring lectures, some headphone programs to give you that immediate boost, and a number of InnerTalk subliminal programs that will automatically change your self talk from the inside out.

Book Launch: Open To The Infinite Riches of the Universe

ZlatoslavaBook Want a Life Full of Miracles, Wealth, Bliss and Triumph?

Best Seller Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe is a guide for a happy, balanced, successful, abundant life, which teaches readers how to turn the Laws of the Universe to their favor.

 “Everything already exists in our infinite Universe. All we need to do is to allow ourselves experience the beauty and riches of life, to let these Divine gifts in your existence, to open ourselves to the unlimited, unconditional love and all the blessings that it brings with it, to open the door and let the triumph and success into our habitat.”      Zlatoslava Petrak….Best-Selling Author –  From the book Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe as it appeared on Bob Proctor’s Insight of the Day.

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Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe is a different kind of self-help guide.  This book is designed in a way that will not only educated readers about essential principles of creation of wealth and abundance in all aspects of their life, but will also help readers to get rid of inner blocks and change negative inner beliefs that prevent people from opening to their fullest potential, achieving their dreams and goals, and becoming successful, wealthy and happy. With the blocks gone, the path to wealth and happiness, and the achievement of dreams and goals, is completely clear.

With an excellent presentation of Affirmations and chapter titles such as ‘The Power Within Yourself,’ ‘The True Search of the Soul,’ and ‘When a student Becomes a Master or From Knowledge to Practice’ readers find themselves on a spiritual journey that will alter the fate of their lives.  The book shows readers that the power is within them; once it’s found, the possibilities are endless.


Open to the Infinite Riches of the Universe provides a Manifestation Formula for wealth creation. At the same time this book goes beyond monetary riches to guide readers to a balanced life full of miracles, bliss and triumph in all of life’s aspects. It guides readers to true happiness, true abundance, and satisfaction for the soul.

This book promises to be one of the most inspiring, life-changing books ever.

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Free Book – Think and Grow Rich?


Think and Grow Rich?
You Get What You Believe!

(The Vital Key To Abundant Living That Most People Never Tell You)



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Have you been looking for the secret to a life of happiness and abundance? Do you feel like no matter what you try or what you read your life just stays the same ~ or worse, feels like it is falling apart? You’re not alone! There is a vital key to creating abundance that most people never tell you. Until you know what it is, your efforts will be wasted.


You could spend years telling yourself to think happy thoughts and visualize abundance without success. Even the classic books about abundance, like Think and Grow Rich and The Master Key System have left this out. In order for you to be successful in creating the life of your dreams you need to have all the information on how to do it.


If your efforts have left you frustrated and confused, relax. We’re about to get to the truth of what’s been hidden. In fact, you may feel like someone just turned on the lights instead of leaving you fumbling around in the dark! Finally you will be able to see your way through and have clear direction on creating that life you so yearn for.




Breakthrough Law Of Attraction Secrets

edgar - LOA

Law Of Attraction Secrets:

How To Manifest Wealth, Abundance & Happiness Using The Law Of Attraction

By Edgar Phelps


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The Law of Attraction enjoys a cult following since Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” book and movie were released. It has gone mainstream thanks to authors and personalities like Oprah, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, Jerry & Esther Hicks, Michael J. Losier, Joe Vitale and many others.

However, the Law of Attraction remains a mystery. Most people fail to properly apply it to manifest wealth and abundance in their lives. They remain frustrated and unfulfilled. Rather, much of what people attract into their lives is done unconsciously. Hence, their results are random at best and disastrous at worst.

In Breakthrough Law Of Attraction Secrets, author Edgar J. Phelps presents the essential information you need to make Thought Vibration and the Law of Attraction truly work for you. He also presents easy mental exercises you can do in just a few minutes a day, sitting in your armchair. These exercises strengthen your powers of focus, concentration and desire. As a result, you are better able to use your mind to attract into your life all the wealth, abundance and success you could ever want. Money manifestation also becomes easier to achieve when you are using these powerful methods.


Be Inspired to Live Your Dreams

divine dolphin

Oceans of Inspiration:

Heart Echoes for Living a Life of Joy

By Sierra Goodman

Get “Oceans of Inspiration”


Oceans of Inspiration is a collection of Echoes, reverberating messages of the heart, written by Sierra Goodman, a woman dedicated to living her dreams, enjoying the authentic human experience and sharing that Joy with others. Sierra has inspired thousands of people all over the world by sharing her own unique insights with the clarity, wisdom and humor she has gained along her spiritual path and from her adventures living in the Coast Rican rainforest surrounded by her beloved dolphins, whales and all of nature. Sierra’s Heart Echoes remind us of who we truly are and why we are here.

What is the echo you are putting out into the world? This truly life enhancing “human handbook” will help inspire YOU to live a life full of Joy, Freedom, Ease and Grace. You can read the Echoes all the way through or turn to a random page for the perfect Heart Echo YOUR heart needs to hear. Trust in the perfect Divine Orchestration of it all, including why you now find this book in your hands.

Connect with Sierra

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceansOfInspiration
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SierraGoodman



Free Self-Help Book by Barbara Miller


FREE May 18, 19, 20

Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe:

10 Steps to Choreographing Your Best Life

by Barbara Miller

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Motivational, Inspirational, Self-Help women

Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe is a guide to develop strategies for success in relationships and life. Learn to walk right through inner fears and fall into perfect alignment with the dance of the Universe. Dancing in Rhythm with the Universe was written specifically to women who struggle to gain control and get off life’s ever speeding treadmill. It is not to late to take back your power and recognize that you already have everything you need inside of you to meet life’s challenges head on. Learn to expand your space outward to welcome what is yet to come. Recognize resistance and open up to the miracles of the Universe. Learn how to accomplish your goals with clarity and purpose and be empowered to start living the life of your dreams.

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