ESC: 400 Years of Computer Humor by Chris Miksanek

ESC: 400 Years of Computer Humor”
a collection of humorous I.T. management
and technical essays by tech columnist
Chris Miksanek.


A collection of columns by humorist and industry pundit Chris Miksanek who has been writing computer humor since the days of the 5 1/4 floppy. His columns have appeared in numerous magazines like Datamation, Computerworld and The Journal of Irreproducible Results and have been translated into several languages including Korean, Portuguese and Pascal.





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Explore the World of Humorous Author – Eric Malteca


Grossly Overwritten Vol. 1

By Eric Malteca

Get some humorous, entertaining, and frightful words into your eyes.

If you read this book you will have an inability to say anything non-sexual or religious for 48 hours, which is my promise to you as the author and curator of humor and oddities at large.

Lock yourself in a room, turn off every light that you find dampens the sensitivity of brain usage, and lose yourself in the world of Eric Malteca.


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