The Apple and the Walled Garden


The Apple and the Walled Garden

The End Time is almost upon us; the Beast of the Apocalypse will soon walk the Earth. And when it comes, as is written and inevitable, you will not resist it. You shall, in fact, embrace it with arms wide open. For none has ever been able to speak to you its true name and nature.

Until now.


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About the Author: Adaiah Rishon

Born and raised a Muslim, his conscience could not accept the unjust nature of certain aspects of his religion forever. Quietly but constantly, his doubts gnawed at him. He turned his back on Islam and as a result lost his family and friends.

Adaiah-question-mkIn his anger, he renounced all forms of faith and took the title of Atheist. But even then he could not overcome the niggling mystery of existence, and so began his journey to Agnosticism and his eventual reconciliation with God. All was still not well in his life though. He was alone, without a job, and swiftly running down what little savings he had. But it is in our lowest moments that God reaches out to us in love. Having wandered a million avenues, his mind turned to thoughts of Jesus and just like that he was filled with a sense of hope again. He followed this feeling, reading the Bible and its commentaries in earnest.

Having finally accepted Christ into his life he was now at peace once more. His life began to noticeably improve. He continued his studies and found of particular interest the field of eschatology, the End Time.

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