Edie’s First Time Home Buyer’s Manual

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Edie’s First Time
Home Buyer’s Manual

by Edie Phillips


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This home buyer’s manual emerges as a handy guidebook for all those who are buying or planning to buy their dream home. From pros and cons of buying/renting to tracking housing markets to dealing with realtors and sellers, the book talks about all the comprehensive aspects related to buying a home so that everyone is able to make a well-informed choice during this important decision of their life.

Each one of us needs a shelter to live our life, although expectations may vary. Some want to own a luxurious house, while some look for a house that can best fit in their budget. Despite the difference in everyone’s expectations, one cannot deny the truth that when it comes to purchasing a house, a large number of factors remain the same.

However, either in hurry or due to a lack of complete information, most of the factors are overlooked or ignored. But, with this home buyer’s manual by one’s side, it is now difficult to make any hasty or uninformed decisions in this regard. In this book, the author guides readers on even minute details to help them make their purchase a smart experience.

The content emphasizes on analyzing buying ability, realtors, sellers, housing market, buying and renting options, neighborhood value, house condition, property value and many other reasonable and logical factors from close quarters. It is indeed a beacon light for first time home buyers and to many experienced buyers as well. The book follows a very crisp and to-the-point approach with absolute fluidity in language without sounding dull or abstruse anywhere.


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A Flip A Day: A step by step
guide to flipping Websites


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Do you like the idea of making hundreds of dollars for just a few hours work? Who wouldn’t? Well Website Flipping has the potential to do just that. What’s Website Flipping? It’s the business of building websites to sell to the ever growing number of people who are looking for “Off the Shelf” websites.

A Flip A Day is a step by step guide that breaks down the entire process into easy to follow sections. Packed with screen shots to illustrate how it’s done, the different chapters will show you how to find a niche, select a domain name, research keywords, then build, market and sell a website.

Flipping websites is one of the best ways to make money online and A Flip A Day shows you exactly how to do it!
These are the subjects covered:

Ninja Niche Selection
Keyword Research
Domain Names
Nites that Sell and How to Build Them
Maximize Your Income
How to Get Traffic
Sweeten The Deal
Flippa- The Best Place To Sell
How to Transfer a WordPress Website
How to Scale it Up with Outsourcing
Flippa sales letter templates


FREE Real Estate Investment Guide

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Real Estate Investing
for Double-Digit Returns


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Real estate investing is a venture of diligence and foresight, and investors with a good sense of where property rents and values are headed can be very successful. Within this context, the book focuses on the foresight aspect of the real estate market, as it relates to a property’s prospects for value gains. In particular, it first uncovers broader circumstances that create opportunities for substantial profits in real estate, and identifies four general categories of properties with significant profit potential. Subsequently, the book examines how such circumstances can be created in the case of residential, office, and retail real estate. Finally, the book describes specific sub-categories of properties with significant profit potential and examines the implications of the material presented in structuring high-return portfolios. The book should be of great interest to property owners, investors, and real estate professionals residing in any free economy around the globe.



Passive Income


Passive Income Series

by Steve Pavlina:

Creating Money Automated Systems


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This book is based entirely on the Passive Income Series published by Steve Pavlina throughout 2012. I personally rate this series as 24 carat gold since it will teach you how to build systems for passive income generation, starting with the correct configuration of your mind, which is indeed the place where most of the things will happen.

Besides all the theoretical and practical knowledge embodied in this book, Steve joins you step by step through the creation of your new passive income stream, so this exercise will become a very satisfying and rewarding experience.

This ebook has to be read by any entrepreneur or anyone who is looking for a venture or wants to substantially improve his/her cash flows, particularly those that provide passive income.

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The Secrets of Value Investing


If you want to make big money in the stock market…The Secrets of Value Investing is the guide for you to identify potential growth companies.

With the key criteria for picking winning stocks you can identify companies with untapped potential  and strong fundamentals.

Be a smart millionaire investor.

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