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Thoughts of a pure mind:

Find power in your thoughts

by Calvin Bland


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“Thoughts of a Pure Mind” is a down to earth metaphysical literary experience. You are invited to embark on a journey deep into your own thoughts and emotions. You will learn the tremendous power in your own thoughts.

“Thoughts of a Pure Mind” will in each chapter, help you to explore another emotion, perception or mental challenge. You will develop a stronger sense of control and clarification. You will experience a clearing of misconceptions to reveal your own pure thoughts.

Here is where you will develop a greater sense of empowerment. Your mental empowerment will strongly influence your confidence at work, in relationships, at school, during competitions, and in life. Get your copy today to start discovering your mind power – one page at a time.


The Universe’s Mystique – Revealing the Meaning of Life

The Universe’s Mystique –

Revealing the Meaning of Life

A Fascinating and Compelling Book

The Universe’s Mystique, is made up of six stages, which are, disorder, materialism, love, knowledge, power and liberal. These are the stages mortality goes through in a lifetime. Humanity starts at the sixth stage which is disorder, and at this spiritual class we learn of and understand, disaster, failure, difficulty, all that has to do with hardship, it being a necessary part of life for us to learn and live through.

Once the lessons of the sixth stage are learned, the person graduates to the next stage, which is the fifth stage, materialism. Once we understand what it is to lose and lack, we logically, gain, in the stage that, now, has, in the world of material. Here though there are lessons to learn, and those lessons have to do with overcoming the false hoods of materialism. Once we understand the mystic lesson everything that glitters isn’t gold, you graduate to the fourth stage, which is theme by love.

The love of material at the previous cosmic class, becomes a love for self at the fourth stage on the evolutionary scale of the universe’s mystique. Here it is said creativity is formed, the way a women nurtures life within her. The way a women forms creation within, the fourth stage is mystically natured with that female affect in creating. And these creations that comes from the person while at this fourth level, are the inventions and talents the person learns at this stage of self study. Here, the merging of the conscious and the subconscious gives birth to a genius or talent, the individual gains while in this world of self love. In all the stages previously we were conscious, but lack the deeper part of the subconscious, which unites with the conscious at the fourth stage of love.

The book describes this stage like a womb, which nurtures and prepare life to come into existence, the same way the individual studies the nurturing union of the conscious and subconscious, which gives birth to the person’s talent or genius that’s presented to the world. As we get higher on the evolutionary scale of The Universe’s Mystique we become more and more perfect as the soul cosmically becomes more enlightened.

Once the love of self is finish, the love of knowledge becomes the next stage we spiritually graduate into. And as we know, knowledge is power, which is the following stage that comes after the stage of knowledge. After power we become liberated, where we’re free of all the hardships each stage possesses, the individual being omnipotent and god like.

For anyone seeking the meaning of life, this book is definitely a good guide. It defines the paths of life we all go through. The concepts are easy to get, its full of logic, its a book you could read in a hour. If you wondered what life is about, the universe’s mystique describes these six stages of existence.

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Teacher, Writer and Novelist – Jorge Majfud
One of the Most Influential Latin American Intellectuals

~ Jorge Majfud ~

Jorge Majfud is a Uruguayan writer who received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, and taught at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Currently he teaches at Jacksonville University. He is one of the most important writers of a new generation of Latino intellectuals. In 2012 Foreign Policy magazine listed him as “one of the 10 most influential Ibero American intellectuals.”

His essays, story collections, and several novels have been translated into Portuguese, French, English, German, Italian, Basque and Greek. Jorge is the author of: “La Ciudad de la Luna” and  “Crisis,” a mosaic novel about Hispanic people in the USA.




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