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Seeking Through Soaking:

The Purposeful Pursuit of His Presence

by Sandee Hemphill



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This easy-to-read guide shows you exactly what to do to get it!

You’re doing all the things that make a great relationship…
— Reading the word of God
— Praying for yourself and others
— Attending church regularly
— Loving your neighbors

Yet you feel as if something’s missing. Could there be more, you ask yourself? If this has been the cry of your heart, you’ll find the answers you’re looking for here.

Seeking Through Soaking is all about reaffirming your relationship with God. It’s about pursuing Him and the various methods you can use to find Him. More than anything else, this book is about being quiet and still in His presence.

Stillness is a key to intimacy with God, and it is one of the main goals of pursuing Him. Stillness is a goal in the natural and a destination in the Spirit. This book creates a step-by-step plan for attaining this goal.

Seeking Through Soaking teaches you how to intentionally pursue Him rather than merely stumbling upon Him. You’ll learn what to do when you find Him (or when He finds you), and how to respond to His presence.

This book will show you:
— How to embrace soaking for your daily Christian development
— How to make soaking an integral part of your relationship
— How to embrace and develop a soaking mindset
— The various paths that lead to your Father’s heart

Seeking Through Soaking is a book you’ll want to revisit as often as possible. Get ready for the journey of a lifetime! Don’t put it off any longer… order your copy today!


Meet the Author: Sandee Hemphill

sandee_hemphillNon-fiction authors get to write what they live. There’s an element of reality in their writings that brings their stories to life. Sandee Hemphill fits this bill. She doesn’t spare a detail in relating to you the awesomeness of her encounters with the Lord.

Sandee is an authorpreneur who understands both the writing and promotions side of the publishing process. She works with authors across all genres, from poetry to children’s books. In 2010, she launched Jeremiah One Nine Publishing. She recently launched a blog, “Authors, Get Noticed,” and is expanding her readership.



Sunrise Sunset – 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude

hasmark-kim weiss-sunrise sunsetSunrise Sunset –
52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude

by Kim Weiss


Have you been looking for a simple way to unwind and reflect on the natural beauty of life? A magical way to do this can be right at your fingertips through a stunning new book by acclaimed publicist and photographer, Kim Weiss. Sunrise Sunset – 52 Weeks of Awe & Gratitude, shares glorious photographs of the morning and evening sun captured from the same vantage point—the 14th floor terrace of Ms. Weiss’ South Florida high-rise from which she can see the sun rise and set each day.


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The Backsliders Guide to (self) Organization

brandi roberts -organization

The Backsliders Guide
to (self) Organization

by Brandi J. Roberts

Give yourself Permission to Live an Intentional Life



FREE Oct. 20-24

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Another Resource from:

The Backsliders Guide to (self) Organization will help you explore how you manage your time, your mind/body connection, your home and other environments, your money, and your relationships. We are going to see how all these facets of your life play into you living a more intentional and proactive life through the theme of being a more self-organized person.

Your actions reflect your priorities.
What are your actions saying about you?

This book focuses on the process of raising your standards by living intentionally, with purpose, drive, commitment, and passion. This involves becoming self-organized person in mind, body, and practice. We are trading chaos for order while choosing self-awareness and commitment to living an intentional life. Living an intentional, organized life not only allows you to be/do/have anything you desire out of life, it helps you proactively adapt to what life may throw at you.

Topics include:


If you feel a bit frazzled, disorganized, or a bit empty at times – this is the book for you. The Backsliders Guide to (self) Organization will walk you through various exercises and self-reflections that help guide you to living a life full of intention, purpose, and grace.



Booklaunch News: When You Get There by Jennifer Carroll

hasmark-jennifer carrollOvercome Any Hardship and Challenge Through an Unbreakable Sense of Faith and Strength

In her new book, When You Get There, former Florida Lieutenant Governor, Jennifer Carroll, shares penetrating insights into how she was able to break down barriers and rise to the top of male-dominated cultures within the U.S. Navy and Florida state politics. As she encountered greater resistance the higher she climbed, Mrs. Carroll relied on her family and strong faith in God to overcome numerous private and public attacks. This included unsubstantiated media reports that openly questioned her character and honesty while serving as Florida’s Lieutenant Governor. In addition, you’ll learn that bad news need never be the final chapter in your life. Through When You Get There, you’ll realize that the toughest of times can be gateways that lead to something better than you could have ever imagined for yourself.

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Interview with the Inspirational Christina Lockett


Interview with
Minister and Educator

Christina Lockett

author of:

Love Lost, My Story
A Message of Hope




You wear so many important hats as a mother of teenage sons, an ordained minister, choir director and Science teacher. When did you realize that being an author was also within you?

A few years back before I experienced the second divorce I wanted to share my experiences. Looking back I am glad I waited because I did not expect my life to turn upside down. It is still difficult to embrace author as a title because I really just want others who are going through what I went through not to feel hopeless and give up. The best way to share my story and message of hope was to put it in a book and now I am a author.


Your book “Love Lost, My Story” is a message of hope. Who is it this message of hope for?

The message of hope is for women and men. People who have experienced failed relationships, disappointments, and unexpected life challenges. The message of hope is for anyone who had to start all over again after a trial or heartbreaking situation.


Was it a difficult decision to share such personal experiences, despite the comfort and inspiration this would bring to others?

Yes it was difficult because I had to be totally transparent if I really wanted someone to be helped. It was also difficult because I knew some of my family and friends did not know all of the details surrounding my divorces. Many have read the book and shared that they were shocked mostly because I always tried to stay positive and they had no idea how much I was going through.


Your Christian faith appears to be at the core of strength and positivity. What advice do you have for those who are struggling spiritually?

I advise those who are struggling spiritually not to be mad at God for their current challenges. Take comfort in your spirituality. Look beyond yourself and know that when the storm is over you will be able to help another person with similar challenges.


As you prepared this book as an inspirational resource for others, did you experience any additional catharsis or personal healing?

Yes, I shed a few tears while writing and thinking back but I was proud of myself. I was glad about how far I have come spiritually and mentally. I realized how powerful forgiveness was as well.


When people experience repeat disappointments in their life it is difficult to maintain a positive outlook. What advice do you have for those who find having a hopeful outlook to be very difficult?

The main thing is not to beat yourself up and blame yourself. Take a self-evaluation and make necessary changes. Surround yourself with people who will be honest with you and most all positive and encouraging. It is difficult some times to remain positive but if you have positive people around you it will make a difference.


Many people who have experienced life challenges like you may also aspire to writing and sharing their ordeals and revelations to help others. What advice would you have for those who have a message but are apprehensive about the publishing business?

If you are truly truthful about the situation it will be a little easier to share. You have to ask yourself the hard questions. Will sharing my personal business keep a person from committing suicide because they feel hopeless? Do I expect others to have a life changing moment because I shared my personal business? If your answer is yes to the hard questions it is worth sharing and you cannot hold back. Go for it!


Now that you have experienced the power of written words to minister to those in need, do you have any additional plans to continue your inspirational writing?

Yes, I want to continue writing so I guess I have to embrace my new title..Author.


About Christina Lockett:

The youngest and only girl of four children born to Conrell and Beatrice Lockett. A native Houstonian and former resident of Four Corners, Louisiana. A single mother of two teenage sons named Donald and Derrick. A licensed cosmetologist since 1996. A licensed and ordained minister, a prophetess. A choir director and Sunday School Teacher of Holy Trinity Church.

A college graduate of Texas Southern University with a Bachelors of Science in Curriculum and Instruction Interdisciplinary Studies. A certified 5th Grade Math and Science teacher with a heart to inspire and encourage people of all ages.

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Unwavering Strength: Stories to Inspire You through Challenging Times


Discover the inner strength and courage to overcome grief, loss, phobias and trauma

Unwavering Strength: Stories to Inspire You through Challenging Times is the first in a series of highly inspiring books by Judy O’Beirn and friends. It is a moving collection of inspirational stories from 32 gifted authors that include, Daniel Parmeggiani, Jeanne Henning, and Dr. Terry A Gordon. It opens with a moving foreword by New York Times bestseller author, Peggy McColl, which beautifully establishes the tone for the stories that follow. Unwavering Strength shares real-life experiences that will help you find strength and comfort in the journeys others have taken through grief, loss, trauma and heartache. As you read this book, you’ll realize we are defined by our ability to rise up from our lowest points and reach into our hidden potential for incredible growth, love and compassion. A percentage of the proceeds from Unwavering Strength book sales are being donated to cancer recovery programs. Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!






In the Blink of an Eye: September 11th Stories

In the Blink of an Eye:
September 11th Stories

By Brittany Tenpenny


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Four planes. Three thousand victims. Two towers. One morning. September 11th 2001: the day that changed America forever.

Imagine waking up and getting ready for yet another day of work. You put on your best outfit, grab a cup of coffee and swing by the local bakery for a last minute breakfast. When you finally arrive at work, you settle into your desk and prepare for the day ahead. Then, barely an hour into your shift, the unthinkable happens: your office goes up in flames.

This was reality for the people who died on that fateful Tuesday morning. Some were in the towers, others in the Pentagon and the rest thirty thousand feet in the sky and digging through the smoldering rubble below. America watched in horror as the world was engulfed in flames. Our country crumbled to the ground. But from the ashes rose a new nation, one united in grief, despair and a longing for justice.

“In the Blink of an Eye: September 11th Stories” immortalizes that day in vivid detail. The short story “And Then He Smiled,” tell the heart wrenching tale of a mother’s grief over losing her child with a supernatural twist and the poem “One Dark September Morning,” champions hope even in the darkest of times. Filled with moments of joy and despair, of faith and disbelief, of life and death, Brittany Tenpenny’s “In the Blink of an Eye: September 11th Stories,” is a literary anthology destined to touch the heart and inspire the soul.

For the first month of the book’s release (Sept 1-Sept 30), all proceeds will be donated to the National September 11th Memorial and Museum in New York City.

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Interview with Inspirational Author: Glory S. Davis

Glory Davis - pic

Interview with Glory S. Davis

Author of:

Sometimes I Look at Sinners:
A Collection of Short Stories



Available on Amazon



Glory you have had an amazing career of over 43 years as an educator. During any of that time did you consider any writing projects?


Yes, off course. I was an English and speech teacher in secondary school. I wrote many skits, plays, and speeches for students. But, I was too busy to do anything professional.


When did you realize that there was a writer in you yearning to express herself?


Near the end of my career, I attended the South Mississippi Writing Project Summer Institute at the University of Southern Mississippi. Because I was complimented and encouraged, I caught the bug there and decided that whenever I got the chance, I would try my hand at it. After retiring, I was so bored that I started writing meditations. From there, I wrote eight stories which I published.

Glory Davis - Book
Today we will be discussing your book:
Sometimes I Look at Sinners: A Collection of Short Stories.
Is this your first published book?

Yes, it is.

What was your inspiration to write this book?

Many people look at America and worry about the economy; I, however, looked at America and worried about man’s separation for God and his propensity to sin. I thought that I would try to do something to put America back on the course toward being the religious country that it was in the beginning… for which it was founded.


Tell us what readers can expect to find in:
Sometimes I Look at Sinners: A Collection of Short Stories.


My readers can expect to fine eight delightful stories with religious themes. They can also expect to learn or be reminded of religious truths about honesty, dying, lost hope, deception, fornication, and many other forms of sin.


What do you hope will be the impact on readers after they read your short stories?

I hope that they will find the lessons presented in a funny and entertaining way. However, I want the readers to take the stories seriously, to recognize and to internalize each of the themes. It is my wish that my stories win souls for Christ.


Do you have your next writing project in the works?
If so, can you give us any hints of what comes next?


I have completed a book of meditations, Outside the Gates of Heaven, which I plan to publish by the end of this year. I have also completed a self-help book, Escape for Mothers of Prisoners. I plan to publish it soon after my second book. After those books are published, I am going to write sequels to several of my stories.


What advice would you give to other writers who are in a sense “waiting to retire” to pursue their writing passions?


I would advise them to read, read, read and read some more. It is also helpful to keep a journal, not only a reflective one, but one in which they record descriptions of people, places, and interesting conversations. The journal will be very helpful, especially when writing fiction. Lastly, I would advise them to learn the business of publishing and of promoting books.


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Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions


Ride a Wave of Hope with the Surf Dog Who Inspires Millions
In her new book, Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions, Judy Fridono shares the emotionally-moving story of Ricochet, the beloved golden retriever who went from puppy prodigy to service-dog dropout before becoming an inspirational phenomenon and Internet sensation. It wasn’t long before Ricochet became the world’s only SURFice dog™, participating in numerous charity events that changed the lives of a sea of very grateful people. Through her extraordinary gift of surfing, Ricochet has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and those in need. With every wave she rides, she heals hearts and transforms lives by teaching people to believe in themselves and follow their heart. The story of Ricochet is one of purity, synchronicity, our interconnectedness and opening ourselves to life’s ‘paw’sibilities. It will motivate your spirit to make the most of the gifts hidden within you—so you can shine your light on the world and paw it forward!



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Interview with Actor, Producer & Author: Matthew Martino


Interview with

Actor, Producer & Author of:

Go For It

Matthew Martino


You are the author of the inspirational book: Go For It. But before we discuss your book, I want to ask about the trail that led you to where you are today. You were born in Zimbabwe and now live in the UK. Can you share with us how and why you migrated?

Yes I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and in November 2005 moved to UK with my parents and sisters. I was initially not to optimistic about leaving my primary school friends and moving far away but I got over it.

Another fascinating thing about you is that you are not only an author but you are also an actor and film producer. How did you get involved in acting and movie production?

Yes I’ve had my moments in front and behind the camera. I first got involved in acting doing some extra and walk on work back in 2011. I then did a bit of acting before moving onto the producing side of things. I thought I could make more of an impact in producing and I could essentially be able to help others a lot more.

What movies have you appeared in or worked on?

I’ve appeared in Green Street 3: Never Back Down and various short films. Ive produced Lets Fly Documentary, Ortega and His Enemies, Tales of the Supernatural & Oliver Rocket.

What motivated you to write this book?

I was motivated to write Go For It due to the mistakes and errors I made when I was starting out with my very first business venture. I learnt a lot from the experience and I wanted to help others in my shoe’s to not make the same mistake. I thought my book would be quite realistic in terms of actually helping aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who do you draw YOUR inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from Alan Sugar, I like how ruthless he is as a businessman and he has a good set of hobbies which include flying and cycling. I also hold interests in flying so this is something that impresses me.

Tell us about your book and its message?
How are you applying these ideas into your own life?

Go For It’s main message is for business people to do as much research as possible before entering into business to ensure that they don’t make any mistakes and they have more chance of success. I have actually learned more about business through writing the book and I’ve bettered my communication with my staff for instance.

Who do you think will benefit most from this book? Who are you speaking to?

I think anyone interested in starting their own business will benefit, I was particularly talking to young people who wouldn’t know some of the basics and just so they can know what to be aware of.

How do you think your message will influence change in readers?
What do you expect readers to take away from your book?

I think my message will enable the readers to make more informed choices about their businesses, In particular planning and system implementing. I cover budgeting and business management briefly in the book which talks about how to manage staff effectively.

What’s next for you? What are you working on?
Do you have any movie projects in progress right now?

What’s next for me is retirement I think ha-ha, I mean I’m hoping to produce a few more films, I’ve now moved into the more sales, distribution side of films and also executive producing so it’s all new. I’m currently planning a few feature films to be shot later this year and next year. I’m also looking at expanding my aviation business Lets Fly Academy to have a retail arm.


About the Book:

GO FOR IT will guide you through some tough decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur and take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a being your own boss. “So, keep walking. Enjoy. Experience the joy of doing something meaningful. Oh, and by the way, it’s now time to GO FOR IT and do what you love the most!

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