Use Your Power – Make a Shift – Change Your Destiny!

You Just Don’t Know
What You Are Capable Of

Uncovering the Secrets of Success

by J. Song

We create bubbles and believe they are the only possible reality. You have never lived using all of your power and you have chosen to believe that you were not capable of making a better future for yourself. We have insisted that our individual, one-sided and uncertain ways of thinking were the only manner in which to live life. Why not make a shift right now with this book? Stop living this life as a game of survival and start a real deal for your life. This book will help you change your destiny.


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Meet the Author:  J. Song

J.Song was raised by a Buddhist father and Catholic mother. From a very early stage in his life this influence lead him to explore spirituality and search for truth. While searching for the truth, he found that the biggest comfort zone that one can have is in one’s national culture and customs.

So, he decided to leave his home country, his parents and everything else he knew to push the limits of his comfort zone. He was aware of the challenges he would face. Yet, he decided to dedicate 10 years of his life to live abroad in the midst of challenges, exposure to “different” customs, speaking a different language, living in different places with different people, and accepting a new culture. His journey to find the answers for life’s questions continued with innumerable meditation sessions, studying, reading, practicing spirituality and traveling the world. After starting and practicing Maum Meditation, he realized the 15 years of searching for truth was finally over.


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The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room –
A Children’s Book with a Powerful Message

The Day An Angel Ran Into My Room
by Anabelle Valenzuela-Alarcon

Read what happens when a six-year-old girl meets an angel, and in doing so, discovers her own magical inner world.

One night Alessandra asks her mother if she can stay up for “only five more minutes.” Then she gets a wonderful surprise: Her guardian angel, Angelisse, comes for a visit. The angel looks so much like a child that it is easy for Alessandra to relate to her. The angel explains how very important every person is and teaches Alessandra many other magical things, such as the power of visualization.

This uplifting story teaches kids that they are never alone because their guardian angels are always looking out for them, and that children have the power to change their world through their thoughts and deeds. This marvelous story could happen to anyone that believes! And that is the wonderful tale of The Day an Angel Ran into My Room.


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Meet the Author: Anabelle Valenzuela-Alarcon

First-time Miami author Anabelle Valenzuela-Alarcon grew up all over the world, including Europe, the United States and her native Honduras. For the past 18 years, she has lived in Miami with her family. She worked in the communications field for the last 20 years and was inspired to write this book by her children and her many spiritual teachers including Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Marianne Williamson, among others.
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Transforming Misery to Motivation –
A Compelling Message by Riccardo Harris

Transforming Misery to Motivation

A Compelling Call to Action
by Pastor Riccardo Harris

A call-to-action has been placed upon educator, author and Pastor Riccardo Harris’ life following the 2008 murder of his 19-year-old son. The motivation for the murder: a gang member didn’t like the way Harris’ son glanced at him while their vehicles were stopped at a traffic light. Harris’ son was not a gang member.

The killing ignited the activist in Harris to turn his misery to a motivational message in hopes to save other young people from experiencing or perpetuating the senseless violence that claimed his son’s life. Harris, a Wichita, Kansas native, is issuing a character challenge to audiences of all ages.

The challenge is masterfully woven within a soul-stirring message of loss, grief, forgiveness and prevailing justice. It’s a message anchored in a vow Harris made to keep the memory of his son – and the lessons from his death – alive.

Harris’ professional journey reflects his commitment to young people and society’s most vulnerable. He holds a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership, and has spent 20 years teaching, counseling and managing various social service programs. Harris currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP, a college preparedness program for children in foster care and those whose families are considered to be low-income. He is also a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of South-Central Kansas.


Beyond professional credentials, Harris’ true ability to carry this message comes from burying his son. Through masterful storytelling and a powerful delivery, Harris’ message ultimately aims to help heal young people; to fill the voids within those who are hurting; to prevent inexplicable violence by promoting his character challenge; and to offer a word of caution about the far-reaching implications of gang violence- even upon those who have no gang ties. And while Harris knows there may be some young people who may continue upon a possibly perilous journey, his message candidly reveals the power of choosing another path.

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The Lies We Tell Ourselves: Eliminate the lies, Discover your truths, Design Your Success

The Lies We Tell Ourselves:
Eliminate the lies, Discover your truths, Design Your Success

by Robert Kintigh

“No Matter What You Desire In Life, You Can Achieve What You Desire!”

This book is for everyone who wants to be better in their life and achieve more. You cannot get anywhere good in life by going through the motions and faking it. Success comes into play when we learn to be real, steady ourselves and then get really outrageous in who we are. You must be excited and attack each and every day.

“I hope you believe in yourself and that you become aware of the greatness that you posses inside of you. If you will own up to the lies you tell yourself, then you will be well on your way to gaining the success that you desire.”



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Meet The Author: Robert Kintigh

Robert D. Kintigh has not always been an author as he has had several careers prepare him for what has just arrived in the way of this book. Robert has had early success fresh from high school in business as an entrepreneur and in corporate America. Robert attributes his success to his ability to write and his ability to market. Understanding the power of words and a clean marketing message makes his work as an author very powerful. He started his career writing sales copy for the property management industry.

Robert started his own home maintenance company where his writing skills proved to be very beneficial as he created entire programs that brought notoriety to him as he was sought out to do the same for companies all over the industry. His coaching career was also born due to the success he was having in the industry. Not wanting to ever settle for mediocre or status quo, Robert has applied this philosophy to all that he has done and has passed this on to his students over the years.

Later in his career, Robert worked for a few organizations writing training programs to help teach employees everything from sales, customer service to health and safety. A burning desire to help people learn and achieve more, he was passionate about what he delivered to thousands of employees.

A thirst for knowledge, Robert has attended seminars and trainings by Tony Robbins, Knock your socks off customer service, Jeffrey Gitomer, Stephen Covey and Dale Carnegie as well as Get Motivated just to name a few. Learning to apply what he has learned. Robert has applied these teachings to many of the writing projects he has been involved in as well as business.

Robert’s business and marketing skills not only has been learned in the field, but has also attended college 3 times in his life. From degrees and classes he has taken from Butte College/Chico State, Crowder College and SEMO as well as other classes taken independently. A thirst for learning has always been his focus; Robert understands the value of knowledge and education.

Robert’s experience in writing includes blog writing, websites for his own purpose and professionally including ghost writing. Robert also has written press releases for companies, policies and procedures, and various technical writing for training. Robert has successfully written 3 major courses for seminars and dozens of corporate training programs.

Robert’s strength in the book he has written comes from his upbringing and challenges he has faced in his life. Robert has received many awards in his life for both business and writing such as business of the year, most inspirational writing, employee of the year, salesperson of the year and dedicated to excellence award.

Born and raised in Downey California, Robert now lives in the mountains of Cool California in Northern California near Sacramento.



Midnight to Morning – An Inspirational Story of Horrors, Intrigue, Mystery and the Unexpected

Midnight to Morning

Mild Sci-Fi, Inspirational Adventure
In the not so distant future, a series of catastrophic events has left the world at the edge of chaos. The United States is having to rebuild after an attack beyond anyone’s comprehension……Midnight to Morning takes place after a nuclear crisis in the USA……

………Midnight to Morning is the gripping tale of one woman’s journey through the darkest times of her life. See through her eyes during the catastrophic events which lead to her dramatic rescue, her amazing awakening, and the discovery that her life has been guided from the start. Be there as she learns the world is not how it appears to be, and as the people who rescued her, train her to help them save countless others. Experience as she comes alive again and learns that midnight has passed and morning is coming.


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Meet the Author: Holly Glogau-Morgan

A part-time teacher, Holly lives in the Piedmont Valley of Virginia with her husband and menagerie of rescued pets. In her spare time, she enjoys digging in the dirt in hopes that something edible comes up and preserving the successes. She also mentors local young adults and enjoys chatting with friends online. When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found in an MMO.

Midnight to Morning takes place after a nuclear crisis in the USA. Refugees are arriving across the globe. It follows one woman as she arrives in a camp, tries to make the best of her situation, becomes the victim of many horrors, and is brought to the midnight of her life. It follows her as she recovers and learns that the world isn’t what it appears to be. The reader witnesses as she is befriended by a secret group of people and is trained to help save thousands of others – as she goes from midnight to the dawning of a new day, a new life…to morning.

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Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna? – A guide to help you
live with purpose and make a difference

Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna?

A guide to help you live with purpose and make a difference
by Sam Glenn


What started out as a practical joke turned into valuable life lessons that Sam Glenn now shares with hundreds of audiences in his speeches. Sam Glenn was once down on his luck, depressed, sleeping on the floor and working odd jobs at night to get by.

Sam’s life changed in a big way when be applied these simple life lessons like using the best of who you are to achieve the best of what you want.

This easy read will make you laugh, think and discover how to use all that you have to achieve all that you want. (80 pages)

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Meet The Author: Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn is known at The Attitude Guy and has become one of the most recognized Authorities on the subject of Attitude today. Sam knows success and failure. At one time, Sam was negative, broke, depressed, homeless and got by working odd jobs at night as a janitor and delivering newspapers. Sam’s attitude was in the dumps until a dear friend gave him what he calls a “Kick in the Attitude,” a gift that changed his attitude for the better. Sam began to work on his attitude and made some life changing discoveries. With a new attitude in play, Sam went from sleeping on the floor and working as a janitor, to achieving dreams he once thought were impossible. Today, Sam is the author of several success books and energizes audiences as large as 75,000 at stadium events with his inspiration and humor. For the past 15 years Sam Glenn has worked with hundreds of organizations on Training and Development, Peak Performance, Employee Motivation, Staff development, Leadership Training, Fundraisers or simply kicking off an event with the purpose to create a positive tone. Great things happen when you adopt a great attitude and apply it daily. In 2011 he was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting and Events Magazine. In 2010, Sam was awarded a Telly Award for Most Outstanding Motivational Video. In 2009, Sam was named Speaker of the Year by MI Meeting Professionals International. Sam currently resides in Indianapolis, fishes in his spare time and spends as much time with family when he is not traveling and motivating groups for success.

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Life’s Recipe for a Rich Soul with the help of
the Law of Attraction


Life’s Recipe For a Rich Soul with the help of the Law of Attraction
E-BOOK  by Stanley Dawejko Jr

One of the best inspirational books of all time. In this powerful self help book, you’ll learn the secret to change your life, find your soul, be successful, improve relationships & achieve your dreams. Proof the Law of Attraction works!







Thoughts the Universal Code
of Creating Your Own Reality

by Stanley Dawejko Jr

This book will help you understand why you might not be manifesting what you truly want. A powerful book that will help you understand the Law of Attraction in a whole new way. This step by steps book shows you how powerful your thoughts truly are and gives you the knowledge to understand why thoughts become things. Stanley gives you all the secrets you need to help change your thoughts to help make your dreams become a reality. This book will completely change your life and redefine the way you think.



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How To Live An Amazing Life by Patrick McNally PhD

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Patrick’s new book “How To Live An Amazing Life” includes never released before clinical techniques that produce amazing, fast results for his worldwide clients. He has included case histories and techniques that will have an immediate impact on your life. For over 30 years he has helped the general public, corporations and super star clients in Sydney, London, New York and LA.

Relationships, Wealth Creation, Law Of Attraction, Parenting, Spirituality it’s all covered in this truly amazing book. The thing that sets this book apart from any other is:-

Patrick demonstrates clearly and easily how you can change the way you FEEL about anything and anyone in your life ……… wait for it:-

All in under 60 seconds.

In fact he recently demonstrated his amazing technique called, “The 60 Second Challenge” on Network Television and the telephones went into meltdown with viewers calling up saying how amazed they were that something so powerful could happen to them just while watching Television and following along with this technique.

In this book there are techniques on how to:




STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF and when you use these techniques THEY REALLY DO WORK.

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Rock Solid Joy by Steven Morse

Rock Solid Joy

Rock Solid Joy! is a look at Joy and spirituality with a critical mindset. It is the “everyman’s” approach based on life experiences and common sense. There are no fancy sayings or cutesy idealistic mantras. This book is all about you. This book will show you where joy comes from, what stops you from receiving it, and how to have and keep joy with you at all times. Here are a few of the things the book covers.

Section One – What is Joy?
* Describes where joy comes from. It actually has a source.
* Shows who we are. You are far more than what you see in the mirror.
* It will show how each and every person alive on this planet is spiritually connected.
* It answers the question, “Why We Are Here”.

Section Two – What’s Stopping Your Joy?
* Shows how religion can be a bondage…if you let it.
* Describes the difference between religion and spirituality.
* Shows how to have a positive life balance.
* It describes how selfishness affects our joy.
* It tells how controlling personalities deplete our joy.
* Describes how our daily life distractions block our joys.
* Shows how the people we associate with can hamper our joy.
* It shows the dangers of materialism.

Section Three – How to Find Joy!
* How to claim joy as a Birthright.
* How to find joy through faith.
* How to build a real relationship with God.
* How to “focus shift” our attention to joy.
* How to discover spiritual equality regardless of religion, or race.
* How to recognize our joy abundances.
* How to live in every moment of the day to find joy.
* How to be yourself and what someone wants you to be.
* How to do a complete joy makeover.

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Ignite the Imagination of a Child with This Inspiring Book

Princess Bria

“The Great I Am!” Time for Bed.


Princess Bria
“The Great I Am” Time for Bed


Princess Bria loves to play and bedtime is the last thing on her mind….

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