An Inspiring True Story Of Tragedy, Faith, And Recovery

An Extraordinary Storm:

An Inspiring True Story Of Tragedy, Faith, And Recovery


A Memoir by
Noemi Holton

If you or someone you know is facing an illness, recovery, or other enormous life challenge…this book will be a blessing.


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If you, or someone you know, are facing a challenging health crisis, difficult illness, personal injury, or an overwhelming path to recovery, this book may provide the inspiration and reinforced faith necessary to endure such a daunting journey.

For Noemi Holton, what began as a routine life event, an unplanned pregnancy, set the stage for a truly extraordinary and tragic life storm.

After experiencing 3 separate comas, multiple surgeries, and an unquantifiable amount of pain, anguish, fear, and despair – the one constant in Noemi’s turbulent health crisis was her faith in God.

Her family was offered the option to end life support and were told multiple times to prepare for her death. Yet, even in the deepest fog of unconsciousness, Noemi prayed for God’s guidance and healing. Noemi shares her harrowing journey as she fought for her life and her family.

This poignant memoir reveals the power of faith. Despite being on death’s. door, Noemi prayed … and … by nothing short of a miracle …. she and her kids are embracing the gift of life.

Today, she is continuing on her miraculous path to recovery, comforted and restored by her loving family and her faith in God’s grace. Prepare to be inspired by this true story of fear, faith, and family as one young mother embraces the difficult road to recovery.

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Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life

Break It Down Brown:
Change Your Perspective,
Change Your Life

by JaMarr Brown


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Every major accomplishment, achievement or breakthrough started with one simple thought that turned into inspired action. Break It Down Brown Volume One takes that concept and provides 15 simple and thought provoking ideas designed to stir a shift in your perspective that can lead to a life changing breakthrough. In an entertaining, real-world and conversational style, you will learn the deeper meaning and lessons from the everyday life issues, challenges and experiences that we all go thru. As you change your perspective, you will unlock the ideas that can change your life!


Meet the Author – JaMarr Brown

JaMarr Brown is the founder of the Selling in Color personality profile sales and communication training system and the creator of the “Break It Down Brown” personal development programs. JaMarr’s passion is to be a guidepost and bridge to help others identify what is holding them back from reaching their full potential, find their purpose and live the life they were meant to live. He has inspired thousands of individuals through his inspirational talks, keynotes, webinars, seminars and 1:1 coaching.

He has also written two highly acclaimed books: What’s Your Sales Story? Which chronicles his experience of going from nearly getting fired to Sales Person of The Year and his anti-bullying Children’s book, “Your Ugly,” which is designed to help children conquer the effects of verbal bullying through building confidence and self-esteem.


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Award Winner African American Inspirational Fiction



Award winning African American Inspirational Fiction by d. E. Rogers


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When one is born into a family of crime, can he rise above and become someone? Are we forever bound by what life has dealt us or is there a way out? Read the exciting story of Jupiter, a teenage black kid caught between his mother and aunt, and the struggle to control their drug dealing business. Jupiter’s journey, from a scared teen looking out for his younger sister to a successful high school graduate with a Harvard scholarship, will inspire and move you.


“Innocent Crook” is about overcoming your circumstances, learning that family alone doesn’t define you and that the power to succeed is inside any of us. It’s about personal responsibility, setting goals, and following your own path. A story about love, regret, determination, forgiveness and revenge that will keep you turning the pages for an exciting and unexpected conclusion.


“Innocent Crook” was named winner at the San Francisco Book Festival and won the award for Best Unpublished Book at the Paris Book Festival. The writer d. E. Rogers can be found at Amazon’s Bestselling Author lists quite often.

FREEBIE – Mindfulness – Removing Negativity From Your Everyday Life



An Eight-Step Guide to Finding Peace and Removing Negativity From Your Everyday Life


FREE July 30-Aug 1


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“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha

If you are looking for one thing to slip easily into your daily routine that can have far reaching benefits from mitigating the pain of minor aches and pains to decreasing your risk of major diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, then practicing mindfulness takes the cake.

By simply taking the time to focus on being as in the moment as possible you can cause real, positive changes to your brain as well as improve your mental state as effectively as if you had taken pills for the privilege. Intrigued? This book has the answers you seek!


Achieving a state of mindfulness is done by simply focusing on the sensations your senses are experiencing every second, sensations that mental filters naturally tune out in favor of louder external stimuli. To do so, all you need to do is take deep, controlled breaths and focus on doing so to the exclusion of all else. While it sounds simple, it is quite difficult in practice which is why you will find everything you need to practice mindfulness in literally any situation.
Inside you will find numerous exercises designed to teach you about proper breathing, proper mindsets and numerous ways to make the most mindfulness out of even the worst situations.
Here’s what to expect in the Eight-Step Guide:

    • One quick and easy breathing exercise designed to give you a quick and effective boost of energy.
    • The secret to acknowledging thoughts without interacting with them.
    • How to get all of the effects of a mindfulness session in a single minute.
    • Several ways to make your workplace a haven of meditation.
  • And much, much more…


Regularly practicing mindfulness has been shown to have real, practical benefits across all facets of life and it can be done while you are commuting to work, having your morning coffee, or even while you are online viewing social media. There is literally no excuse to give it a try. What are you waiting for? Get this book today!





FREE – Finding Purpose: Lessons in Life and Living

Oby Bamidele - Find Purpose
Finding Purpose:
Lessons in Life and Living


by Oby Bamidele


FREE July 29-31


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Finding Purpose is a snapshot of the author’s journey in search of more. With great insight, Oby takes you on a candid journey detailing her challenges and triumphs in breaking out of a conformist life and career. She reflects on her inner struggle to choose the uncertainty of purposeful living over the perceived security of a lacklustre career. She reminds us that there is no point in being secure in a life that lacks excitement and purpose, that kind of security will only leave you feeling trapped. Finding Purpose will inspire, encourage, and equip you to be brave enough to follow your unique path and be unapologetically you.



FREE Today Only! – Achieve Your Dreams

Scott Hughes - Achieve your dreamsAchieve Your Dreams:
Why You Don’t
and How You Can


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“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

80% of people want to write a book. But 99% don’t. Why?

In this short book, Scott Hughes answers that question and in doing so provides a powerful call to achieving any dream. What is your dream?

From the creator of, this motivating, informative and easy-to-read book gives the reader both the inspiration and information to make ambitious goals a reality.

–Features an exciting introduction by MANNNtv star Adam Buongiovanni!

–Professionally edited by A. Lynn Powers!

From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law — be inspired by the FELON ATTORNEY



by TheArthur A. Duncan II, Esq


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I shared my story to inspire and give hope to ex-offenders and to change people’s perspectives of them. I also pray that my journey will motivate others to pursue their dreams regardless of their circumstances. I graduated from law school at the age of 43 with a wife and 5 kids.

From hustling crack on a corner to practicing law in a courtroom…this is my story! My journey will inspire you!

I am living proof that despite your past, your dreams can still come true. This book is a MUST read for parents who want to inspire their children, along with mentors, coaches, teachers, professors, administrators and pastors to share with others. Also judges, parole or probation officers who seek to inspire someone that has some legal issues will reference my story. But most importantly, any ex-con or felon or a person with a criminal record in or out of jail, can read my story and be inspired and will find hope.


My story begins as I escape the violence of the crips and bloods street gangs in South Central LA and the abuse of a cocaine addicted stepfather; only to go back to Buffalo, NY and perpetuate both ills by becoming a drug dealer myself. Ironically, I became a part of what victimized my family and me in Los Angeles. I risked it all for material gains and lived life on the edge. I wound up in prison and had to put my life back together. While incarcerated, I found the God in me that I had long buried. After 3 years, I was released back into society and tempted by my old lifestyle; but I chose a different route.


Along the way,I encountered many disappointments, ups and downs, and close calls but I succeeded.This is the story of the FELON-ATTORNEY!

On Sale: A Blind Date with Your Infinitely Creative Mind!

Sara Deutsch- Creative Meditations

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Exploring Ink Blots, Energy Prints,
Collage and Digital Painting

Creativity Heals! Book 2)

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A Blind Date with Your Infinitely Creative Mind!

The brain can make more connections than all of the atoms in the universe! Our brain is wired for infinite creativity! Take a vacation from the stress of fast-paced living , overwhelming information and the 50,000 thoughts you think each day. Five minute creative meditations with energy drawings, ink blots, mind maps and collage boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep, and ease depression and they’re FUN! They awaken our whole brain to remember WHO we are–infinitely creative beings with the power to change and heal!



Your Place of Destiny – FREE June 26 – 28

Daniel_Longwe-place of destiny

Your Place of Destiny

by Daniel Longwe


FREE Jun 26 – 28


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The hallmark of every potential human being is to think about destiny. For each and every person there is a great destiny, but it has to be unleashed here on earth! Every person is a person of greatness. Your place of destiny is an ideal book for anyone ready to launch a personal or cooperate undertaking. It is for anyone who desires to live their fullest potential here on earth. It is for anyone seeking to fulfill their unique purpose in life. Your place of destiny will enable you to…
* Recognize and realize you have a destiny
* Be encouraged and inspired to live them walk in your leadership vision
* Realize that the end is also the beginning
* Discover the richness of all that you are
* Develop your confidence and trust the future, knowing that your future is your friend





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