Free Kindle Book – What is the Meaning of Life?

Free Kindle Book – Dec. 2-6

What is the Meaning of Life?

A Simple Step-by-Step System to Answer This and All of
Your OTHER Big Questions Every Time



Do you ever find yourself asking the BIG questions in life and coming up at a loss for words?

If so this book, What is the Meaning of Life? is just what you’ve been looking for.
It will give you a simple step-by-step process to check in with your higher self to get the REAL answers to all of your Big Questions every time…


By the end of it, if you choose, you will be able to:
• Know the truth to any question you can come up with
• Know the reason behind what you see and experience in your life
• Identify hidden patterns behind those self-sabotaging patterns you may have but previously found difficult to understand or get out of
• Free yourself from consciousness, patterns and beliefs that you no longer wish to have as they no longer serve you, and connect with higher consciousness, patterns and beliefs that will take you to new levels of your life that you wish to get to
• And therefore be a more powerful, loving and deliberate creator of your life experiences

And you will learn all these through practical, tangible processes and information. This is not hocus pocus.

We’ll be using science and spirituality, physics and feeling, because the truth is self-evident, and will appear unchanged no matter what angle you look at it from.
We’ll proceed in three broad steps.

First, we’ll look at an introductory overview, from a very deliberate perspective, of humanity. This will set us up to comprehend the rest of the book in fullness and in the correct and practical context.

Next, we’ll look at the foundations and building blocks of your life. Without that understanding, it would be very hard to understand how to build your life deliberately, or even understand events in your life. This is the core of this wisdom.

Finally, we’ll look at how to apply what we have learned and more to our life situations. This is where the magic comes in! Your life will dramatically shift with this section – I can hardly wait!

Let us begin…

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Transforming Misery to Motivation –
A Compelling Message by Riccardo Harris

Transforming Misery to Motivation

A Compelling Call to Action
by Pastor Riccardo Harris

A call-to-action has been placed upon educator, author and Pastor Riccardo Harris’ life following the 2008 murder of his 19-year-old son. The motivation for the murder: a gang member didn’t like the way Harris’ son glanced at him while their vehicles were stopped at a traffic light. Harris’ son was not a gang member.

The killing ignited the activist in Harris to turn his misery to a motivational message in hopes to save other young people from experiencing or perpetuating the senseless violence that claimed his son’s life. Harris, a Wichita, Kansas native, is issuing a character challenge to audiences of all ages.

The challenge is masterfully woven within a soul-stirring message of loss, grief, forgiveness and prevailing justice. It’s a message anchored in a vow Harris made to keep the memory of his son – and the lessons from his death – alive.

Harris’ professional journey reflects his commitment to young people and society’s most vulnerable. He holds a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership, and has spent 20 years teaching, counseling and managing various social service programs. Harris currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP, a college preparedness program for children in foster care and those whose families are considered to be low-income. He is also a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of South-Central Kansas.


Beyond professional credentials, Harris’ true ability to carry this message comes from burying his son. Through masterful storytelling and a powerful delivery, Harris’ message ultimately aims to help heal young people; to fill the voids within those who are hurting; to prevent inexplicable violence by promoting his character challenge; and to offer a word of caution about the far-reaching implications of gang violence- even upon those who have no gang ties. And while Harris knows there may be some young people who may continue upon a possibly perilous journey, his message candidly reveals the power of choosing another path.

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Rock Solid Joy by Steven Morse

Rock Solid Joy

Rock Solid Joy! is a look at Joy and spirituality with a critical mindset. It is the “everyman’s” approach based on life experiences and common sense. There are no fancy sayings or cutesy idealistic mantras. This book is all about you. This book will show you where joy comes from, what stops you from receiving it, and how to have and keep joy with you at all times. Here are a few of the things the book covers.

Section One – What is Joy?
* Describes where joy comes from. It actually has a source.
* Shows who we are. You are far more than what you see in the mirror.
* It will show how each and every person alive on this planet is spiritually connected.
* It answers the question, “Why We Are Here”.

Section Two – What’s Stopping Your Joy?
* Shows how religion can be a bondage…if you let it.
* Describes the difference between religion and spirituality.
* Shows how to have a positive life balance.
* It describes how selfishness affects our joy.
* It tells how controlling personalities deplete our joy.
* Describes how our daily life distractions block our joys.
* Shows how the people we associate with can hamper our joy.
* It shows the dangers of materialism.

Section Three – How to Find Joy!
* How to claim joy as a Birthright.
* How to find joy through faith.
* How to build a real relationship with God.
* How to “focus shift” our attention to joy.
* How to discover spiritual equality regardless of religion, or race.
* How to recognize our joy abundances.
* How to live in every moment of the day to find joy.
* How to be yourself and what someone wants you to be.
* How to do a complete joy makeover.

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Polka Dot Moms, A Woman’s Guide to Happiness

Polka Dot Moms

A moms guidebook to balance that’s easy to read and really delivers.

Polka Dot Moms is an easy to follow how-to, self-help book focused on living a balanced life; An important factor for happiness for all moms when hormonal imbalances, stress, schedules, and even food can trigger anxiety and depression.

This book informs and supports moms in a light hearted, realistic, personable way.
The author shares her own and others personal stories and examples of why she made changes, how to make them yourself, and solutions that really work including how to make time for self and what to do with that time in a way that works for you.

She teaches how to realize your personal goals and regain a new passion for life while finding peace within. She shares tried and true solutions, at-home spa recipes, helpful exercises, and fundamentals for living a more enriched, purposeful life, in short, fun chapters. She believes you can become your best self as you grow as a mom!

Connect with the Author: Rocio Wilde

How To Be A Good Mother
Happy Vintage Moms

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