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In this brutally honest memoir, a French immigrant with Cameroonian roots rises above his abusive childhood and rebellious teenage years to become an inspirational American success story.

Francis Nzeutem’s parents left impoverished Cameroon for a new life in France before he was born, but they carried the cultural baggage of their homeland with them. Francis’ father beat his children and wife mercilessly, and his mother was powerless to help herself or her kids. Francis studied to earn his father’s approval, but years of abuse left him a rebellious, angry young man. He joined a Parisian gang, and his future looked grim.

FrancisNzeutem-bookHowever, soon visits to Cameroon and the United States would awaken an unquenchable thirst for success. Francis moved to America, married a lovely woman, and started a family. He pushed himself professionally and academically, working his way up the corporate ladder and earning two degrees. Through it all, he rebelled against the tyranny he’d experienced as a child. His own children, he swore, would never fear their father.

From the Streets to Wall Street is the unique story of a Frenchman with African roots who becomes a successful American businessman. In this compelling memoir, Francis experiences the cultures of three continents, embraces the empowering message of old-school political rap music, and puts the past behind him to create a better future for himself and his family.

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Teacher, Writer and Novelist – Jorge Majfud
One of the Most Influential Latin American Intellectuals

~ Jorge Majfud ~

Jorge Majfud is a Uruguayan writer who received his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, and taught at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Currently he teaches at Jacksonville University. He is one of the most important writers of a new generation of Latino intellectuals. In 2012 Foreign Policy magazine listed him as “one of the 10 most influential Ibero American intellectuals.”

His essays, story collections, and several novels have been translated into Portuguese, French, English, German, Italian, Basque and Greek. Jorge is the author of: “La Ciudad de la Luna” and  “Crisis,” a mosaic novel about Hispanic people in the USA.




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(3) Jacent Mpalyenkana – Author of:
Do Not Force It, TAP THE GOOD

Jacent Mpalyenkana

Jacent Mpalyenkana is the author of: Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD. Jacent is an African woman, currently residing in Southern California. She is an expert in Commerce, Corporate Strategy, Marketing, Supply Management, Conflict Resolution, Personal development and Decision Sciences. She has diverse experience in Marketing, Public service (having worked with the United Nations for over 7 years) and a passion for philosophy and spirituality. She is also a successful Therapist with a profound desire to use her mind and hands to heal others.

Do not Force it, TAP THE GOOD is a contemporary inspirational book that embraces mystery, humor, philosophy and metaphysics to inspire. This book comes at a time when many in the world are experiencing personal, emotional and economic challenges. Jacent introduces readers to a “road map” to help us find and recognize the abundant and inexhaustible amount of good that is within our reach, regardless of our perceived challenges.

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