Mystery Thrillers for Horror Fans by Sean Beckz


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“Anyone who knows Beckz short stories knows better than to expect a happy ending” Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger (Cologne Newspaper) Yes, if you’re looking for a book with stories with Happy endings, this book is not for you!

Voltage, critical undertones and slow onset horror are typical of Beckz books and stories.

The short story “Commissioner Leclerc and the oversized shoes” were set professionally as a radio play broadcast. They are  included in the short story collection “The feeding.”


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About the Author: Sean Beckz

Sean Beckz is a German horror writer. He writes challenging short stories and novels in the genres of horror, fantastic-horror, thriller and mystery.

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A Chilling Thriller – Grab this FREE Kindle Book Today!

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A Chilling Story – Perfect for a Haunting Week!


In the small town of Augen, Mississippi a police officer is called to a scene that he’ll never forget. As his town begins to fall apart he keeps a journal to record the events that have led up to the deterioration of the place he once called home. Armed with limited supplies, and his wife Molly, they do what’s necessary to survive the epidemic that has claimed the lives of their closest friends and neighbors. The souls of their loved ones may be gone, but the bodies are still moving.

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Lindsay Moretti:

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Author Spotlight: Thomas L. Vaultonburg
and Zombie Logic Press

Welcome to the world of Author

Thomas L. Vaultonburg

Poetry for Zombies, Outlaws, Outsiders and Lovers

Thomas L. Vaultonburg founded Zombie Logic Press in 1997. He has published four volumes of poetry, Concave Buddha (1991), Detached Retinas (1997), Flesh Wounds (2011), and Submerged Structure (2012). His poems have appeared in over 200 publications and anthologies, including Exquisite Corpse, Caliban, and The Paris Review. His latest project is a children’s book titled The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company, co-created with artist Jenny Mathews. His books can all be purchased at Zombie Logic Press. His Zombie Logic web portal is also the host of Poetry, web comics, movie reviews, artwork, and commentary on politics, football, and modern culture by poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg.

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The Toughskin Rhinoceros Wrangler Company is available now! This beautiful hard bound 32 page full color children’s book from Two Planet Press will ship immediately. “Jack is the world’s smallest rhinoceros wrangler. Wherever rhinos are on the loose, rhino Jack will be there.”

Poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg is from Rockford, IL this is his first children’s book. Houston artist & illustrator, Jenny Mathews, grew up in Rockford, IL where she plans to return this summer with her two children. Daniella Mathews is eight years old and enjoys riding her bike and learning about animals.




Meet Author Gerald Rice and His Many Tales of Horror

Newest Release: The Zombie Show

by Gerald Rice


An undercover agent hellbent on bringing a drug cartel enforcer to justice by any means infiltrates a group of college kids out to have a good time across the Mexican border. But the enforcer has plans to disappear forever before he can be taken alive, putting together a big show that will culminate with a big ending. But as the agent closes in, one of the zombies in the enforcer’s stable half-devises his own plan for revenge. When things finally explode, not even the dead may survive.


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Meet This Master of Horror:  Gerald Rice

I’ve always been into horror. When I was in kindergarten my mother took me right from school to see Creepshow. I saw a ton of stuff I shouldn’t have when I was a kid. I got a book of ghost stories when I was 11 for Christmas. These were the days before YA novels, unless you picked up one of those namby-pamby VC Andrews books. Okay, scratch that; I’ve never actually read a VC Andrews book, they could be thoroughly excellent for all I know. But the more I read and the older I got the more I wanted to write my own tales. I tried my hand at writing comic book stories with my best friend in high school, but we had no clue how to break into comics.

I submitted my first story to Cemetery Dance back in 2000. It took somewhere around 7 months for them to finally reject me. I was so proud. My first novel, “The Ghost Toucher”, was published in 2010. It was born out of several failed novel-writing attempts when it finally clicked for me. I’ve since put out a couple short collections of my own and a few zombie shorts, including my novella, “Fleshbags.”

My newest project, “The Zombie Show” was released June of this year. I’m currently working on my first vampire story and any number of other tales.

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Horror Novel Spotlight – Demon Blood: Enlightenment

Demon Blood: Enlightenment
by Tim Meyer



If you’re looking for an epic horror novel, Demon Blood: Enlightenment is it. The story follows several strangers coming together to prevent the end of the world. A lonely drifter, following the gruesome murder of his wife and unborn child, is struggling to find his purpose in a world filled with evil and insanity, as he searches for the entity that led his life astray. A low-budget horror producer—and recent widow—has traveled across the states to seek out a man she believes to know the truth about her husband’s mysterious suicide.

Two brothers are left homeless when demonic spirits ransack their quiet country home, setting it ablaze, violently killing their parents, and forcing them into an enduring pursuit toward the truth. A mother’s world is shattered when she realizes her daughter’s soul has been taken hostage by one of Hell’s most dangerous villains. Ultimately, their separate paths interweave seamlessly as they come together in order to prevent disaster. They must stop a darkness from which no one will emerge. Even if victorious against the infernal forces, not all of them are guaranteed to survive. Between Heaven and Hell… Stands Humanity.

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About the Author: Tim Meyer

Tim Meyer is an author working on several upcoming projects. He currently resides in New Jersey, near the shore. When he’s not writing, hunting ghoulish entities, or balling hard on the basketball court, he’s usually annoying the crap out of his wife, the most amazing person in his life. The two of them live with their cat, Gizmo, a rambunctious monster who destroys almost everything.

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