Shirley’s Shorts and Flashes – A Collection of Short Stories


Shirley’s Shorts and Flashes

By Shirley McLain


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A book of short stories with genre’s from romance to the supernatural.

Shirley’s Shorts and Flashes, is a collection short stories. This ebook contains different genres of stories, such as Love, mystery, horror and supernatural. Take a look on Amazon for this book of stories. You won’t be sorry. There is something for everyone to enjoy.




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About the Author: Shirley McLain

Shirley McLain is the author of the exciting mystery, The Tower and a new historical fiction novel, called Dobyns Chronicles.

Shirley embraced her passion for writing after retiring from 32 years of nursing. Her debut novel, The Tower, is an exciting mystery with an Oklahoma backdrop. Shirley takes her readers on a journey involving kidnapping, smuggling, betrayal, environmental issues, illegal dumping, psychic connections, terrorism, and murder…. around the world, from Tulsa Oklahoma to the Bhutan. It is a story of love and devotion, as well as retribution for crimes committed.

Shirley’s NEW book, Dobyns Chronicles, is a historical fiction novel inspired by the life of Shirley’s great grandfather, Charley Dobyn. Dobyns Chronicles brings to life the historical impact of the Yellow Fever outbreak that devastated the southern United States in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

Shirley is a wife, mother, and grandmother of six, living in Oklahoma where she is enjoying retirement to the fullest. When Shirley isn’t writing she enjoys travel, adventure, reading, old movies and needle crafts.

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A Suspense/Thriller by Neesha Hosein

Neesha-FinalStormCoverSuspense/Thriller, Horror


I of the Storm: Death is Watching

by Neesha Hosein


In Paperback or Kindle

Being struck by lightning as a child sets Kira on an adventurous path of discovery. The “shocking” accident changes her forever, creating a secret door in her mind that gives her second-sight. Feeling as though she is stalked by death, her childhood is plagued with spooks and mysterious encounters. As she enters adulthood in the arms of an abusive husband, her life becomes a riveting series of events after pregnancy unlocks that door and connects her to yet another realm of existence. Her guiding light is the supernatural as she begins to have visions that lead her through some spine-tingling revelations about her husband, the man whose cruelty she endures and whose rigorous rules she obediently follows … until the day she makes the ultimate discovery. He’s not just Mr. Wrong; he’s something much worse. Kira must decipher her visions before it’s too late.



About the Author: Neesha Hosein

NeeshaHoseinpicNeesha Hosein graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a degree in Communication. Her lifelong fascination with words led her straight into a blossoming career as a journalist, writer/editor, and blogger in Houston, Texas. Neesha enjoys reading as much as writing. Join her on social media, and find out more at:

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Interview with Author: William Robertson

William robertson 1

 William Robertson

Master of Historical Novels and
Master of the Macabre & Gothic Horror

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Author of:  Horror Novels, Historical Fiction, Poetry, and short stories.

After graduating from college in 1973, William worked in factories, taught high school English, and ran a successful house painting business. His real love, though, was writing, and he began freelancing in 1978.

He quickly learned that while only 10% of his general interest stories and poems got accepted by magazines, 80% of his horror writing found its way into print. Also, there was a particularly difficult California editor who inspired him. He kept rejecting story after story, always adding the tease, “This was very close to what I’m looking for.” Soon, Robertson had 20 stories written, that rejected by the California editor, were later published worldwide. One of these tales, “Wide Spot in the Road,” was translated into the Romanian language.


William’s work has now appeared in over 500 magazines, e-zines, and anthologies in the U.S., Canada, England, Scotland, William Robertson -Bucktailswilliam-robertson-SeasonIreland, Wales, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, and Malaysia.

His other writing credits include eleven poetry collections, three audio books, twelve e-books, six volumes of short stories, a Viking novel, two French and Indian War novels, and nine historical fiction novels about the famous Civil War sharpshooters–the Bucktails.

 His horror collection includes:


Connect with William and his full writing collection:
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The Bucktail Novels
The Horror Haven
Infinity Publishing Collection
Audio Book Collection



Phil Chard-UrbanNecromancer


by Phil Chard


FREE August 3 -4

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Sometimes the dead are too afraid to move on…
Sometimes they don’t make the journey to the other side…
Sometimes spirits remain trapped here…
For those who can afford her, Juliet Spiers acts as pest control for the spirits which get left behind. Due to a horrific past, death is a condition she has learned to master, and no one from the spirit world has been her equal. Until now…




Meet Author: Wade Cox

Wade Cox book Splintered: 5 Dark Tales

by Wade Cox


Only 99¢ on Amazon

Wade’s Author Site

Genre: Horror

Five tales of greed, power, danger, control, and justice. You will meet a Mexican Mafia package boy, a lost Civil War soldier, a New Orleans Vampire, and a career thug. They will all meet surprising and terrifying ends. Welcome to the darkest corners of your own mind…if you dare.


Meet The Author: Wade Cox

wade coxWade Cox was born and raised in Southwest Virginia. He developed a love of fiction early. His literary influences range from Stephen King to Jimmy Buffet. He has traveled extensively, living in California (where he wrote his first book). He currently resides outside Orlando, Florida.

He has written 2 books and numerous short stories that have appeared in anthologies all over the place. In addition to his writing, he also works in film, on the back side of the camera. He has written for film, directed, run sound, produced, and many other jobs.

Connect with Wade Cox

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Splintered: 5 Dark Tales by Wade Cox

Wade Cox book Splintered: 5 Dark Tales

by Wade Cox


Only 99¢ on Amazon

Genre: Horror

Five tales of greed, power, danger, control, and justice. You will meet a Mexican Mafia package boy, a lost Civil War soldier, a New Orleans Vampire, and a career thug. They will all meet surprising and terrifying ends. Welcome to the darkest corners of your own mind…if you dare.


Connect with the Author: Wade Cox

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Book Tour Radio Showcase Interview – Adam Santo

adam santo BN



Adam Santo was born and raised in Southern California. He joined the Army for a short lived career as a soldier. Currently, he lives and writes in Florida with his family and faithful dog, Copper. Adam is the author of 3 books with several additional projects in the works. Often his work is categorized as horror, mostly because of the presence of zombies. However, his storytelling more closely mirrors dark fantasy suspense thrillers that feature the “true undead.”

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Adam’s Books

Adam Santo Bookadam santo bk2adam santo bk3

Dark, funny, and filled with suspense, Temperature: Dead and Rising by new author Adam Santo is a wildly creepy fantasy—and a corpse of a good time.The powers that be have chosen Sally to become undead and she’s the only other person time eternal who’s been given the power to raise the dead—and control them. When leaders of rival undead clans find out, they either want to control or destroy her, which makes Sally staying undead a bit of a challenge.
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Take a Peek at My Shorts:
Six Assorted Short Stories by Jeff Gafford

gafford-TAPAMS Take a Peek at My Shorts:

Six Assorted Short Stories

by Jeff Gafford


In this brief collection of stories written by Jeff Gafford, author of “Summertown”, the reader is told the unusual story of an Arizona ghost town in “A Visit to Ednaville”; a 43-year marriage comes to a tragic end in “The Last Anniversary Gift”; a real estate agent is given a terrifying tour of a new listing in “A Shovel on Her Doorstep”; plus three more tales. The stories range from inspirational to humorous to macabre to slightly off-beat, but all are guaranteed to entertain.


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Meet The Author: Jeff Gafford

gafford picJeff Gafford is a native of Phoenix, Arizona who has been working in the corporate and government security field for over twenty-five years. His time as a business owner and corporate security director in Haiti in the early 90’s gave him a first-hand look at both the best and worst sides of humanity; both the selfless sacrifice for others and the ruthless grasp for power. Jeff is currently working on a sequel to Summertown as well as a compilation of his short stories. He lives in Chandler, Arizona with his wife Pam and their American Eskimo, Aspen, the largest lapdog in the world.



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