by Portia Perotti




by Portia Perotti


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The eagerly awaited new book in popular author Portia Perotti’s’ contemporary romance Holiday Romances series.

Olivia Beechum has spent most of her life trying in vain to be important. From the ballet classes and beauty pageants of her youth to please her mother to the years of college where she learned graphic design to make her father proud, she has done everything she knows how to do to make herself mean something to someone … but it all goes down the drain when she loses her “acceptable” job and her “acceptable” apartment and is forced into menial labor as a bookstore clerk at Manning’s Manuscripts & More … a local book shop run by the most gorgeous man alive.

Introduced through their mutual friend, Emily, Olivia becomes the employee and flat-mate of Parker Manning … the most amazing guy ever, if Emily is to be believed. But the truth is, Parker has some issues of his own.

All his life, Parker has had difficulty coming to terms with people choosing to walk out on him. With the exception of his parents, whose deaths were no fault of their own, every single person he has ever cared about has left him. And now, here is Olivia … beautiful and witty and fun … living right under his roof, working her way into his heart. But Parker knows it’s only a matter of time until she, too, will leave him.

Despite knowing the good things he feels with Olivia can’t last, Parker selflessly opens both heart and home to her while hoping against hope he can find a way to convince her to stay. But when an unexpected phone call forces Olivia to make one of the biggest decisions of her life, will the little things be enough to prove that with Parker is where she truly belongs? Or will the lure of being accepted at last get in the way of true happiness for them both?

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FREE – Christmas Dessert Recipes

Natalie_Oliver-Christmas Dessert

Christmas Dessert Recipes
from Around the World

Free Dec. 12-13


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No matter where you live, you can give your Christmas an international flair!

Create delectable, traditional desserts from all over the world. Impress your holiday guests and share learning experiences with your family.

Every family has holiday dessert traditions no matter what part of the world they live in. Christmas is a magical time of year in every country.

This book of recipes includes some of the best recipes from everywhere – sweets to make your holiday merry and bright. As you read the recipes, you’ll get a sense of the food traditions of the country the dessert comes from. What a wonderful way to celebrate this festive season!

˃˃˃ Just some of the countries represented in this book are…

France, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Antarctica, and of course the USA. You’ll find a wonderful recipe from every continent on the globe.

˃˃˃ Celebrate this joyous season like others around the world celebrate

The Christmas season is filled with joy and wonder. A huge part of how we all celebrate is with food. One of the favorite food “groups” of the holidays is desserts and sweets. Don’t worry about the calories – you can do that in the new year!



A Must Read BEFORE Black Friday

may blair BFI book

Black Friday Insanity

by May Blair

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Black Friday Insanity is a classic, holiday novelette which focuses on many hilarious dynamics of the Thanksgiving weekend.  The awkward visit to relatives who always seem to push the wrong buttons is the psychological impetus that drives a mild-mannered housewife into a shopping frenzy.  The insanity during the black Friday shopping is simply an expression of family rivalries.




Meet the Author: May Blair

may blairMay Blair is a humorist and screenwriter who loves to find the fun in human psychology.  Her latest story, Black Friday Insanity is part biography and part fiction–Which parts she won’t tell.  She’s a teacher, poet, cook, wife and a mom to three cats (Cinny, Rosy and Tina).  In addition, she’s a Twitter and Internet fan and is always around to interact with her readers.  May Blair lives in Orlando, Florida and would love for you to like and follow her on the net!

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Free Kindle Book – My Favorite Time of Year – March 11 -13th

julie aydiott MyFavoriteTimeOfYear_cover

My Favorite Time of Year


 by Julie Aydlott, Emily Sullivan

and Kalie Sullivan

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 March 11 – 13th


Children’s illustrated book

My Favorite Time of Year is a beautifully illustrated rhyming season’s book that will bring back memories to the children and even adults who read it.

This book was inspired by the holiday traditions that each passing season brings and to see the happiness through the eyes of young children and what they remember the season to mean.

Starting with the spring, the illustrated rhyming descriptions will take you down memory lane and allow young and old to relate to the experiences in the book. Moving to the fun of summer and all of the activities that come along with it. Then coming upon fall with all of the beautiful yet spooky changes that the wonderful season brings. Finally ending with the girls’ favorite time of year, which is Christmas. The winter season shows the joy that comes along with all of the traditions and anticipation of Christmas coming.
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