Book Launch News: Beyond Sugar Shock
by Connie Bennett

Hooked on sugar or refined carbs? Think they’re really tough to quit? It’s easier than you think with the new, empowering book, Beyond Sugar Shock, from former sugar addict Connie Bennett. Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Daniel Amen, and many other gurus have praised this eagerly awaited book, which teaches you how to break free for good. Get the book today and receive gifts.

Your sugar and carb cravings are like a screaming tot trying to get attention. Lilian Cheung, D.Sc., R.D., suggests that you listen to the craving and acknowledge it without judgment, blame, or guilt. When you do this, the craving loses its strength, and you’ll calm down. Then, you can find out why it hit in the first place. Learn more at





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