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Eat to Beat the BELLY FAT Blues

by Beverleigh H Piepers RN


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The TRUTH is, the only way you can lose weight AND keep blood sugar levels right is to eat the right foods at the right times in the right amounts… but doctors and dietitians almost NEVER tell you how!

But I’m here to tell you that you DO NOT have to gain weight to get control over your blood sugar levels. It’s actually possible to control your diabetes and lose weight at the same time. How is that?

Inflamed tissue and fluid can constitute up to 1/3 of the bulk around your waistline we mistakenly call “belly fat.” And simply eating the right foods in the right amounts at the right times will stop the inflammation that fuels your diabetes and keeps you fat.

You don’t have to buy exotic foods or expensive supplements. You don’t have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. You’ll actually save money on your monthly food bills when you read and follow my new book “Eat to Beat the Belly Fat Blues.”

My new book covers every aspect of what you need to know to create a flexible eating plan that really works. It will show you a commonsensical and uncomplicated way to keep your blood sugar levels close to normal while you lose weight, and keep losing weight.





Free – Strength Fitness Beginners Guide

Kriss Brooks - Strength

Strength is Ageless:

The 90-Day Options
Strength Fitness Beginners Guide
for Women 40 and Over


FREE Nov. 14 – 16

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Strength is Ageless? Yes, it is. It’s a grandmother with biceps. It’s a cancer victim who helps herself to heal. It’s women used to caring for others, now caring for themselves. It’s about fighting bone loss, rebuilding muscle and renewing the joy of living an active, independent life.

Strength is Ageless is a comprehensive, user-friendly, strength training guide, based on the best recent research and over thirty years of coaching. Kriss Brooks gives practical, simple directions on how you can be your best at any age. This weightlifting regimen includes a detailed step by step explanation of the Options Strength Fitness Program, for the beginner, that can help you get into better shape in just 90 days. You don’t have to wait to join a gym. You can start immediately, at home.

Kriss shows you how to train safely with weights. She also helps you identify the practical, emotional and even spiritual barriers that get in the way of taking the best possible care of yourself throughout your lifetime.

The personal stories will uplift and inspire you to achieve those strong and healthy later years. Read about the strong and beautiful women who raised the bar on womanhood and changed the culture and society, in the past, to make it possible for women to reach new heights today.

Whether you are 17 or 97, the lessons in Strength is Ageless will convince you that your future as a vibrant, active person is in your hands. This book will set your feet on the road to become stronger, healthier and stay active and independent no matter your age.

From this moment on, every voice that has said, “you can’t”, “it’s too late” or “why bother”, is silenced.

If you are ready to stop ignoring the well established principles of self-care and optimum fitness, start by giving yourself the gift of strength – ageless strength.

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If you’ve grown tired of the same old dieting tips & tricks that end up leaving you frustrated & annoyed, you’re definitely not alone. Fortunately, those days may be over forever. Get your copy of #EatQbook TODAY. Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering.











Have you ever been challenged by a traumatic experience & been faced with the choice of giving in to fear—or overcoming it by discovering inner courage, love & the capacity to embrace the life-changing power of resilience? Then this book is for you! Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!








An Amazing Book for Children – From Kids Yoga Stories


Luke’s Beach Day

A Fun and Educational Kids Yoga Story

Join Luke’s beach adventure! Hop like a kangaroo, perch like a sea gull, and rest like a sea star as you act out this journey on an East Coast Australian beach. What else might you see?.

Includes List of Kids Yoga poses and a Parent-Teacher Guide. Learn something new, explore movement, and have fun together!

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Meet the Creator of
Kids Yoga Stories


Giselle Shardlow’s

Listen to our Interview with Giselle:


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Giselle Shardlow is the creator of Giselle holds a Masters In International Education with over 8 years of teaching children in Guatemala, Australia, Canada and the U.S. Her passion for children and her insights from global teaching inspired her to address child literacy, obesity and stress. As a result she has developed stories for children that reflect her mission to bring education, health and happiness to young children everywhere. She currently has 5 books in her growing collection of Kids Yoga Stories.

It is not often that one comes across a new children’s book that reaches out over so many important topics of our day, but “Luke’s Beach Day” has succeeded in doing just that. Tackling vital topics such as recycling, the environment, children’s exercise through yoga, sun sense and cultural diversity! Wow the list goes on and on. This is a must have title for all that wish the bring up happy, healthy, global children.”  
JJ Stranan     Founder, Owner & Director, Brisbane, Australia

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FREE Book – Emotional Eating Freedom

jill brackman1

Free Kindle Book
+ Bonus Book

June 10, 11, 12

Emotional Eating Freedom:  46 Effective Techniques to Help Curb the Urge and Eat Without Guilt

by Jill Brackman



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“Emotional Eating Freedom” is a compilation of effective methods based on trustworthy advice from a variety of experts, including Geneen Roth and Dr Roger Gould.

You’ll learn:

  • How to beat junk food cravings without having to rely on ‘will power’;
  • Why emotional eaters are predestined to fail at dieting — even before they start. And what you need to do, if you really want to keep the weight off;
  • How to recognize the destructive behaviour patterns and 8 actionable steps you can take immediately to stop the cycle;
  • Yes, we’re emotional eaters too: Dealing with the big taboo of emotional eating in men and 5 simple techniques to help with weight loss;
  • Effective and proven techniques to help when you’re stressed out, bored or depressed;
  • How to stop emotional eating getting the better of you when you’re a stressed out diabetic;
  • And a separate guide filled with free support tools, simple (but effective) exercises, as well as lots of audio and video resources

and more!


A special thank you gift! More details in the back of book.

So if you want to finally eat without guilt, re-establish a healthier relationship with food and start feeling great, get “Emotional Eating Freedom” today.







Loving Yourself Thin by Patricia Bacall

patricia bacall bk

Loving Yourself Thin

by Patricia Bacall


Are you sick and tired of the whole weight loss/gain cycle?

Do you feel out of control, guilty, nervous or shameful around food? Are you frustrated with losing some weight, only to gain it back, and always having to eat according to someone else’s “rules”? I get you….you have probably had it with self-denial and restriction; “cheating” on yourself, just so you can eat what you want. Perhaps your self-esteem has taken a beating because you are upset with your inability to stay on a diet. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “I hate by body,” then you know the tremendous discomfort of feeling that your body is somehow not right.

Diets don’t work — they never do!

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FREE Personalized Weight Loss Guide


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“Too Many Pounds Too Many Inches”  Over 20 Pages!

Learn more in a few minutes about losing weight and keeping it off than most people learn in a lifetime.  Simply fill in the information below and instantly begin enjoying your “too many pounds too many inchess” weight loss solution.  Over 20 pages.  Personalized “just for you and about your body”.  It’s simple, easy, and totally FREE!




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The Metabolism Reboot Diet by Kate Johnson


The Metabolism Reboot Diet

by Kate Johnson


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Have you ever wondered how energetic, ever-youthful people really get those amazing bodies? The same people who appear to be blessed from birth with naturally lean, fit bodies and yet seem to be able to eat what they want and exercise very little? Discover the secret combination to unlock the body you’ve always wanted.

New “get lean” science shows how you can join the ranks of the naturally lean. Reprogram your genes to become one of the naturally blessed.

Forget the marketing weight loss fairy tales. Ignore the marketing lies carefully crafted to prey upon your wallet. Put the power of real weight loss in your hands. The Metabolism Reboot Diet gives you a proven solution to drop the weight fast and forever.

Discover new ways to boost your metabolism permanently and custom tailor the program to your life. It’s the formula to make 2013 the year you finally have everything you need to get the body of your dreams.

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