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Is It Truly Possible to Live a Vibrant, Healthy Life

Filled with Clarity, Grace and Freedom?

Not Only is it Possible ~ 40 Women Tell You How They Did It!



Forty inspiring women have courageously chosen to share their stories so that YOU may be guided to more ease on your journey of life. You’ll be inspired to live in a space of well-being as you move through the moments of each day and you’ll become more aware of what truly matters to you. Because…

If they can do it, you can too.

Celebrate the strength, resilience and powerful spirit of women with your copy of Pathways to Vibrant Health & Well-Being and receive bonus gifts from more than 50 joint venture partners.

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Free – Strength Fitness Beginners Guide

Kriss Brooks - Strength

Strength is Ageless:

The 90-Day Options
Strength Fitness Beginners Guide
for Women 40 and Over


FREE Nov. 14 – 16

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Strength is Ageless? Yes, it is. It’s a grandmother with biceps. It’s a cancer victim who helps herself to heal. It’s women used to caring for others, now caring for themselves. It’s about fighting bone loss, rebuilding muscle and renewing the joy of living an active, independent life.

Strength is Ageless is a comprehensive, user-friendly, strength training guide, based on the best recent research and over thirty years of coaching. Kriss Brooks gives practical, simple directions on how you can be your best at any age. This weightlifting regimen includes a detailed step by step explanation of the Options Strength Fitness Program, for the beginner, that can help you get into better shape in just 90 days. You don’t have to wait to join a gym. You can start immediately, at home.

Kriss shows you how to train safely with weights. She also helps you identify the practical, emotional and even spiritual barriers that get in the way of taking the best possible care of yourself throughout your lifetime.

The personal stories will uplift and inspire you to achieve those strong and healthy later years. Read about the strong and beautiful women who raised the bar on womanhood and changed the culture and society, in the past, to make it possible for women to reach new heights today.

Whether you are 17 or 97, the lessons in Strength is Ageless will convince you that your future as a vibrant, active person is in your hands. This book will set your feet on the road to become stronger, healthier and stay active and independent no matter your age.

From this moment on, every voice that has said, “you can’t”, “it’s too late” or “why bother”, is silenced.

If you are ready to stop ignoring the well established principles of self-care and optimum fitness, start by giving yourself the gift of strength – ageless strength.

Obamacare Made Easy

dr taffy-obamacareDo You Have Questions?

What is Obamacare? 
What are the 10 Essential Health Benefits? 
What is the Healthcare Exchange? 
Is there a Penalty if You Don’t Participate? 
Obamacare Made Easy is an easy to read book covering the basics from what is Obamacare, the 10 essential health benefits, where do people apply, what happens if you don’t participate and much more.

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About the author: Dr Taffy Wagner

Dr. Taffy Wagner is a Certified Educator in Personal Finances, Money and Marriage Expert, Regional Sales Director for Ameriplan and a Bestselling Author. She has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Business Journal, Bob Brinker Money Talk,, The Associated Press, US News and World Report and many other national media regarding personal finances matters and Obamacare. Dr. Wagner conducts seminars for individuals, couples, single parents and small groups regarding personal finances, home ownership, women’s issues and educates consumers about Obamacare. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Admin/Management. Dr. Wagner resides in the metro Denver area with her husband, Eric and their twins, Erica and Cody.  


Free Book to Inspire Nurses


12 Weeks Of Inspiration For The Geriatric Nurse


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Most books about nursing homes portray them in a bad light. They are seen as places to be feared and avoided. This book is different. It is written from the perspective of someone who has experienced nursing homes as a family member, and also as a nurse. Through 12 weekly lessons, Lansing shares education and inspiration for the special group of people who have found a calling in geriatric nursing.






For Women: A Book On Holistic Healing

yeast bookHow to Heal Yeast Infections Naturally

A Holistic Approach to Curing Candida Overgrowth
by Murielle DuBois


Available on Amazon
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A Message From the Author:

Health is my passion, and I want to share with you my knowledge and experience with yeast infections. I finally found a solution to keep them under control. I want women to know that they don’t have to suffer with yeast infections, and they don’t need to use Canesten (the brand name for Clotrimazole, a common antifungal medication). There are healthier alternatives!
As a result of reading this book, you will:

• Learn how to cure your yeast infection with a holistic approach
• Learn what to do about Candida albicans
• Learn how to get off of “pain island”
• Learn specific ideas about what works best for you
• Stop suffering from yeast infections
• Eliminate Canesten and take control over your health
• Overcome objections to “I don’t know how”
• Discover the answers to common questions about yeast infections
• Learn what the makers of Canesten might not tell you
• Learn what a yeast infection is and its possible causes
• Recognize symptoms of a yeast infection and eliminate them in twelve hours
• Learn if it is safe to have sex while suffering from a yeast infection
• Learn about food sensitivities and alternatives
• Stay healthy despite stress, and regain your lost energy and vitality
• Be in harmony with your mind, body, and soul
• Improve your health and pursue activities you enjoy

How to Heal Yeast Infections Naturally is the most current and concise book on this subject and it is designed to help millions understand and overcome Candida overgrowth.


Health at Gunpoint: The FDA’s Silent War Against
Health Freedom By James J. Gormley

Health at Gunpoint

Who controls the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and what are the real goals of this powerful agency?

These are the central questions explored in Health at Gunpoint, a book that brings into clear focus the silent war being waged by the FDA against American consumers. The FDA was established in 1906 to protect the U.S. public from misbranded and adulterated foods and drugs. While the original intent may have been honorable, over the years, the mission has become tainted by lobbyists and money.

In Health at Gunpoint, award winning health writer James Gormley presents a history of this Federal agency’s long-standing battle against health products and examines some of its most controversial decisions and the troubling reasons behind them.

Now, the FDA is once again poised to make decisions that would have a major impact on the public’s health, this time, by imposing restrictions that would eventually eliminate many of the nutritional supplements Americans take every day. Health at Gunpoint not only sheds light on what is happening, but also prepares you for the coming battle.




About the Author: James Gormley

Blogger, award-winning journalist, published author and reviewer, Gormley covers a wide range of topics in his blogs, from health and health justice (The Gormley Files, The Alpha Lipoic Acid Blog, Curb Those Cravings!) to reviews of books (Health Books Navigator, Vampire Books Navigator).

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Bioethics for Beginners: 60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare by Glenn McGee

A Important New Book
From NY Times Best Selling Author
America’s most prominent bioethicist
Syndicated columnist for The Scientist and Hearst Newspapers
Glenn McGee

Bioethics for Beginners:
60 Cases and Cautions from the Moral Frontier of Healthcare

This riveting new book introduces you to  the future of biomedicine and healthcare in ordinary language





How far is too far?

60 cases illustrating modern bioethical dilemmas

Bioethics for Beginners maps the giant dilemmas posed by new technologies and medical choices, using 60 cases taken from our headlines, and from the worlds of medicine and science. This eminently readable book takes it one case at a time, shedding light on the social, economic and legal side of 21st century medicine while giving the reader an informed basis on which to answer personal, practical questions. Unlocking the debate behind the headlines, this book combines clear thinking with the very latest in science and medicine, enabling readers to decide for themselves exactly what the scientific future should hold.