Massa’s Back But Now He’s Black?


Profound Insight on Liberty, Spiritual Deceptions & Enslaving Influences 

Massa’s Back
but Now He’s Black?

The Spirit of Slavery has Returned to America
by J. Calvin Tibbs

This book is about the freedom found in the spirit of Jesus and the spirit of slavery at work against the United States. Satan masquerades himself in various forms in order to mask his presence. He pits people groups against one another and is described in this book as a Massa spirit. This invisible but real influence, shackles people thru evolving forms of bondage.

As a controlling spirit assigned to all races, every sector of humanity receives a disguised invitation for a limited partnership. Churches, civic groups & individuals are among the solicited. Governments are also infiltrated to facilitate the removal of liberties thru the exchange of assistance programs. The Massa’s strategy is so flawless it is often vehemently defended and celebrated by the very people it limits.

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Meet the Author:  J. Calvin Tibbs

J. Calvin Tibbs pastors a thriving church in Villa Rica, GA and broadcasts the message of the Kingdom on two two Atlanta radio stations.

The inspiration for writing this book came from hearing the Word’s fundamental transformation. “Those words just didn’t sound right”, said Tibbs who waited nearly four years to write the book.

“The country seemed to sway so easily in a new direction with very little information, that it made me think about the words of Jesus,” said Tibbs.

Matthew 24:23 (NKJV) “Then if anyone says to you, “Look, here is the Christ!’ or “There!’ do not believe it. 24. For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. 25. See, I have told you beforehand. “Christ’s warning, in this instance, was totally unheeded. What therefore might befall our nation when the stakes are at an Anti-Christ level?”

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Transforming Misery to Motivation –
A Compelling Message by Riccardo Harris

Transforming Misery to Motivation

A Compelling Call to Action
by Pastor Riccardo Harris

A call-to-action has been placed upon educator, author and Pastor Riccardo Harris’ life following the 2008 murder of his 19-year-old son. The motivation for the murder: a gang member didn’t like the way Harris’ son glanced at him while their vehicles were stopped at a traffic light. Harris’ son was not a gang member.

The killing ignited the activist in Harris to turn his misery to a motivational message in hopes to save other young people from experiencing or perpetuating the senseless violence that claimed his son’s life. Harris, a Wichita, Kansas native, is issuing a character challenge to audiences of all ages.

The challenge is masterfully woven within a soul-stirring message of loss, grief, forgiveness and prevailing justice. It’s a message anchored in a vow Harris made to keep the memory of his son – and the lessons from his death – alive.

Harris’ professional journey reflects his commitment to young people and society’s most vulnerable. He holds a degree in Organizational Management and Leadership, and has spent 20 years teaching, counseling and managing various social service programs. Harris currently serves as the Regional Coordinator for Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP, a college preparedness program for children in foster care and those whose families are considered to be low-income. He is also a board member of the Boys and Girls Clubs of South-Central Kansas.


Beyond professional credentials, Harris’ true ability to carry this message comes from burying his son. Through masterful storytelling and a powerful delivery, Harris’ message ultimately aims to help heal young people; to fill the voids within those who are hurting; to prevent inexplicable violence by promoting his character challenge; and to offer a word of caution about the far-reaching implications of gang violence- even upon those who have no gang ties. And while Harris knows there may be some young people who may continue upon a possibly perilous journey, his message candidly reveals the power of choosing another path.

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The Testimony of Satan by Jeremy Brown

The Testimony of Satan

by Jeremy Brown


“Satan actually has a role to perform on Earth. He provides us with first-hand knowledge of how much authority can be granted to an angel in Heaven. God uses him to correct the folly of humankind, specifically when we are off track, pushing us beyond the comfort and light of God. Discomfort is not always the indication of sin; rather, sin is living outside the light of God. Sin is the result of crimes against God, others, and ourselves…
The Testimony of Satan will give you a clear look into what your enemy has and has not been doing throughout history. Through I real life experience that took a man deep into darkest to have an encounter with the greatest manipulator. Only to develop a super natural understanding of how we continue to assist our worst enemy. This is probably not for the weak minded and those who can take a little constructive criticism, but for the one who welcomes an opportunity to grow. The Testimony of Satan will open your eyes to faults and show you how the enemy has been blocking you from being who you were created to be.… I believed in myself more than God, and thought myself better than He Who Is Everything……..”




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A Book to Help You Overcome Challenges and Heal Your Life

Even as a faithful Christian, there may be times when you feel that there is no hope of escaping issues and themes in your life that ensnare and trip you up time and time again. When a certain pattern of behavior or type of suffering has been following you all your life, it’s hard to believe that you can ever escape from it.

Christians with Pervasive Issues shows us that every child of God can be delivered from issues that cause them to be a victim, rather than walking in victory. In compassionate, no-nonsense language, Annie Brown demonstrates that with genuine repentance, using God’s principles, and the right counseling/support, you can overcome anything.

Christians with Pervasive Issues gives you the ray of hope you need in order to heal your life, and get closer to God.




About Annie Brown

ANNIE BROWN is the mother of four adult children and five grandchildren. She is a licensed minister and social worker. As a social worker, Annie works with the terminally ill, providing emotional support at the most critical time in an individual’s life. It is Annie’s desire that Christians work through their pervasive issues before the end of life, so that the transition between death and eternity can be smooth, and not cluttered with unresolved conflicts.

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Invisible Enemies by Lynda D. Brown

Invisible Enemies

A Supernatural Thriller by Lynda D. Brown

Abby has a wonderful voice, and sings in the choir at Grace Faith Church. When God chooses Abby and her family as pawns in his wager with Satan, her life is turned upside down. Abby is banned from her beloved church and soon, she’s hanging out with a new crew, drinking and getting high.

Abby runs into Randy Nelson, her older sister’s ex. They begin dating, and soon Abby becomes pregnant and marries him. Unknown to Abby, the Nelsons are members of a New Age cult called the Brotherhood. When Abby finds out about her husband’s involvement in the Brotherhood, and his many infidelities, the marriage turns sour.

For years, God’s angels and Satan’s demons wage war with Abby’s soul. When Abby discovers RJ, her thirteen-year-old son has been attending Brotherhood initiation ceremonies, she joins forces with her old minister and together, they fight the good fight of faith and Abby shows Satan just how strong her faith really is.

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Brotherhood & Bartered Souls by J Arthur McCrary

The mysterious Mr. Turel leads Jon to the lost Tree of Life where he is given stewardship of the trees fruit one bite of which will maintain a persons youth and vitality for a year. With the help of his closest friends, Jon provides the fruit in pill form to select individuals for a hefty price. Those who receive it must pledge their souls to Turels patron, a god who supposedly co-created humanity and is now locked in a deadly rivalry with his former partner over mens souls.

Turel assures Jon that both gods are equal in power and are neither good nor evil. But Jon isn’t sure if he’s fighting for the right side if there is a right side. And, as time progresses, his partners become increasingly resentful of Jon’s leadership and secretly plan to wrest away his power.

Jon finally realizes that what he is doing has caused grave discourse in the spiritworld, and he may have sparked the beginning of Armageddon. When he attempts to take action to undo what he has started, it may already be too late.




Meet The Author: J Arthur McCrary

J Arthur McCrary was born and raised in Bellaire, Ohio. He spent 21 years in the US Air Force. He has traveled extensively both domestically and internationally. He and his wife, Anita, now live in Lithonia, GA, a suburb of Atlanta. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems.  Brotherhood and Bartered Souls is his debut novel.



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