Interview with Author: Israfel Sivad

Israfel SivadInterview with Author:

Israfel Sivad

Experience “Post Modern Beatnik” Literature

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Israfel Sivad is the founder of Ursprung Collective, an international spoken word/music/visual art project, which has been referred to as “fantastic brain food” on ReverbNation. He is also the author of five collections of short stories, five collections of poetry, and a novel, israfel-crossroads-newCrossroads Blues“, which has been compared to the work of Fyodor Dostoevsky (Palmetto Review) and “Swan Lake” (Penn Writer’s Review). His complete works are comprised under the heading “Andrew’s Songs”. Currently, Volumes 0-X are available. However, there is no need to read his works in any particular order.


Post Modern Beatnik

Experience the intense blend of classical influence with raw modern reality. With his unique blend of “Post Modern Beatnik” literature, author Israfel Sivad is inviting readers to experience the powerful themes of basic human emotions.

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Israfel-Soundtrack---Cover---2014-05-07Soundtrack for the New Millennium: A lyrical concept album for the teenagers of this world. How can a man ever recreate the sensations of his youth? By returning to the lyrics he wrote for the punk rock bands he played in throughout high school, Israfel Sivad reawakens the sensations of rebellion latent in all of us. He weaves the words he wrote for four different bands together into one poetic tapestry that displays the politics and emotions of teenage vigor. Today, the phrasing itself must convey the violence and the passion of the dancing and stage dives that once upon a time accompanied these lines. Without music behind them, the words themselves stand alone, outside by themselves… The same as the young man who wrote them felt he did.

For Israfel Sivad sharing his vision of emotional experiences and intensity is all about awareness of our connectivity with this planet. “…my writing has followed my life so it’s in many ways showing the psychological progression of a person becoming aware on this planet…”

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