The Secrets of Value Investing


If you want to make big money in the stock market…The Secrets of Value Investing is the guide for you to identify potential growth companies.

With the key criteria for picking winning stocks you can identify companies with untapped potential  and strong fundamentals.

Be a smart millionaire investor.

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About the Author: Tony J.

Tony J. is an internet marketer, investor and author who was born in Singapore. He has been through everything by himself with very little help from others. He wants to do his best to help as many people as possible because with very little help from others it is very tough in life. He always believes he can change people’s lives with the power of true knowledge.



The Book on Foreclosures by Bao Tran

The Ultimate Book to Understand Foresclosures
by Bao Tran

I’ve seen many foreclosure books written only for investors. I believe the homeowners themselves deserve to know the truth about their situation. This book will help you understand your situation better and give you the knowledge you need to pick the right professional to work with. Read my true story on a successful loan modification for my rental property, and how I did it and how you can too. Plus, get 4 free bonuses with the book on my website.

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Free Kindle Book – Save Your Marriage with Matri-Money

Free Kindle Book – Nov. 5-7

Save Your Marriage with this Important Guide
Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage

by Dr. Taffy Wagner

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Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. Engaged, newlywed and married couples beyond newlywed often struggle in silence when it comes to money. They feel as if they are alone and no one will understand. Who will encourage them to press forward even though the financial challenge is temporary, daily it is causing stress and sometimes heartache? “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” was created from Dr. Taffy’s Twitter voice “Moneyinmarriage” where she has sent out money and marriage tips since the end of 2007.

Having read and talked with couples dealing with various financial struggles, Dr. Taffy felt it was time to give couples hope and encouragement that their money and marriage could succeed. “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” is a one-of-a-kind book focusing on providing couples with nuggets of wisdom to carry them through their day.

This is a must read for any couple desiring to live the Happily Financial Ever After and not become a divorce statistic because of money. Bonus: Money and Marriage over a Meal App included!

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Make $£1000’s with Social Media in 5 minutes

A Book that could change your finances and your life

If you are interested in making money with Social Media this is the ebook for you.

We haven’t filled it out with lots of filler content.. it simply says what you need to become a social media expert. If you follow the guide you will be making money in minutes!

You will learn how to set yourself up as a Twitter and Facebook expert in just 48hrs.

Get 1000’s of followers quickly

Learn the secret on how you could earn thousands a month and more with Twitter and Facebook management and have more time than ever to do the things you enjoy.

Leave the rat race and be your own boss all from the comfort of your own home!

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Explore this Unique Opportunity to make a difference
in the life of Children

An Invitation to Contribute to this Important
Social Campaign to Help Children

The team at Wealth Navigator University (a soon to be released website that consists of a group of experts and passionate individuals that are committed to seeing people live their best life), invite you to participate in our endeavor to be a part of the solution to many of the problems that plague today’s society!

The Learning World of Krystie and Thomas consists of four strong topics; money, good character, manners and safety and was written for the 21st century. Its storylines have taken into account the issues that many children face in today’s society and what children in today’s world can relate to.

This project has been over 3 years in the making, we have put many months, and thousands of thousands of hours, into the Krystie and Thomas Learning series and have shown our ability to produce original, engaging, fun, well sought after and in demand children’s material. These books, audios and even the stickers have proven to be extremely popular!

Much of the work was completed through money saved up for this project, but do to the extreme high demand for these materials and resources, the needs of this project have well exceeded our goals, most of the team has dedicated nearly all of their time to date with very little to no pay just to try and fulfill the needs and requests of what parents want for this series.

So, we are calling on those who want to see a world where children, adults, schools, churches, citizens, communities, families, and businesses function well due to the impartation of good morals and characters, manners and courtesy, good financial management and more safe practices.

This project starts with one person at a time, one household at a time, one school and community at a time and it starts with this team and it starts with you, our supporters.

Visit the IndiGoGo Campaign Page to Learn More

There are many REWARDS for helping!

Follow the Campaign’s Progress on FaceBook & Twitter



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