Unleash Your Cash Flow Mojo –
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Sandra Simons Book

Unleash Your
Cash Flow Mojo


 by Sandra Simmons

 The Business Owner’s Guide to Predicting, Planning, and Controlling Your Company’s Cash Flow

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How is it that some businesses manage to flourish and become financially successful, and yet many do not? How do they accomplish what seems to be magical success? It is a matter of viewing cash flow management with a bit of a different viewpoint, learning that the old tools, while useful for certain things, are not adequate by themselves, and not making the fatal mistakes that many business owners make in managing their company’s money.
What are the qualities that empower a business owner to manage cash flow so that they flourish financially? They are simple yet powerful actions that unleash the mojo (magical powers) of substantial, sustainable cash flow. In this book you will discover that unleashing the cash flow mojo is within the grasp of every business owner who cares to make use of it.
By reading this book, you will have a better chance than others of unleashing the mojo and using it to good effect. This book is not a motivational tool. It is a guide to a new way of thinking about and handling money. It contains the steps of a system and explains how to avoid the fatal mistakes inherent in managing the cash flow in a business. It even goes so far as to guide you through reversing mistakes you have made with money in the past.
The key is the sub-title: The Business Owner’s Guide to Predicting, Planning and Controlling Your Company’s Cash Flow. Most business owners work in reverse – using accounting to look at where the money went (often, more than what came in…), rather than PLANNING and CONTROLLING.



Meet The Author  – Sandra Simmons

Sandra Simmons, President and Founder of Money Management Solutions, Inc. has been coaching business owners on her cash flow management system since 1994. As creator of the Cash Flow Mojo® system she has helped thousands of business owners reverse their cash flow mistakes and become solvent and viable. Her books and software are in use by business owners in 25 countries around the world.

Connect with Sandra

Paperback http://amzn.to/W54TW3

Kindle http://amzn.to/YnhWCu

Website is http://cashflowmojosoftware.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CashFlowMojoSoftware

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/sandrasimmons

YouTube video channel http://www.youtube.com/user/CashFlowMojoSoftware


How to LEGALLY never pay income taxes EVER again



Charity begins on the Red Carpet:

How to LEGALLY never pay income taxes
EVER again 


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You’ve heard a whiff of a rumor that there’s other ways to go through life
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We spell it out for you here in layman’s terms. If you are old enough to hold a job and pay income tax, you are smart enough to understand the THIRD way, the way that any intelligent entrepreneur takes – one where you protect your earnings LEGALLY.

It costs you less than $300 to file the paperwork to become tax free. We have been living this lifestyle over 7 years, LEGALLY.


The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer by Leon Forte



The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer

by Leon Forte


Available on Amazon


The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer – Save $150,000 to $200,000 in a working lifetime without scrimping buying what you want on the same salary you have now.


Easy techniques for the average person to save $200,000 over a working life without scrimping or sacrificing.

Buy the same goods and services you’re using while saving large amounts of money.

Shop in many of the same stores right in your area.

Have more cash in your wallet and have more money saved. Owe less money.

Anybody with a high school education can easily learn to become An Intelligent Consumer.

Everything is covered, from food, clothes, and cars to buying or remodeling a house.

Learn to spot when you’re being played for the fool.


About the Author – Leon Forte

leon forteLeon Forte was born in Brooklyn, New York to Italian immigrant parents. He managed his father’s shoe store at the age of 16 while still in High School. Then at the age of 31 he opened a restaurant. At 35, tired of working 16 hours a day, he went into sales and soon afterwards into mortgage banking. He held various sales positions as well as opening one of the first virtual retail stores on the internet. After opening his own real estate and mortgage company, he delved into real estate investing. He worked with appraisers and appraised properties for attorneys, bought and sold real estate and originated and processed mortgage loans for many years. After a devastating illness and losing everything he worked on getting it all back. He did. He wrote the book The Secrets of An Intelligent Consumer. He created a formula so any individual can purchase anything for less which equates to a richer life on the same salary. In addition, the show all book exposes the mind tricks salespeople and advertisers apply to separate you from your money.


Connect with Leon:

Amazon Order Page:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B008BVXZ52

AuthorsDen.com: http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?authorid=164873

Author’s Website:  http://intelligentconsumersite.com/




The Secrets of Value Investing


If you want to make big money in the stock market…The Secrets of Value Investing is the guide for you to identify potential growth companies.

With the key criteria for picking winning stocks you can identify companies with untapped potential  and strong fundamentals.

Be a smart millionaire investor.

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About the Author: Tony J.

Tony J. is an internet marketer, investor and author who was born in Singapore. He has been through everything by himself with very little help from others. He wants to do his best to help as many people as possible because with very little help from others it is very tough in life. He always believes he can change people’s lives with the power of true knowledge.




The Book on Foreclosures by Bao Tran

The Ultimate Book to Understand Foresclosures
by Bao Tran

I’ve seen many foreclosure books written only for investors. I believe the homeowners themselves deserve to know the truth about their situation. This book will help you understand your situation better and give you the knowledge you need to pick the right professional to work with. Read my true story on a successful loan modification for my rental property, and how I did it and how you can too. Plus, get 4 free bonuses with the book on my website.

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Connect with  the Author on:

Facebook & Twitter.







Free Kindle Book – Save Your Marriage with Matri-Money

Free Kindle Book – Nov. 5-7

Save Your Marriage with this Important Guide
Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage

by Dr. Taffy Wagner

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Money is one of the top reasons for divorce. Engaged, newlywed and married couples beyond newlywed often struggle in silence when it comes to money. They feel as if they are alone and no one will understand. Who will encourage them to press forward even though the financial challenge is temporary, daily it is causing stress and sometimes heartache? “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” was created from Dr. Taffy’s Twitter voice “Moneyinmarriage” where she has sent out money and marriage tips since the end of 2007.

Having read and talked with couples dealing with various financial struggles, Dr. Taffy felt it was time to give couples hope and encouragement that their money and marriage could succeed. “Matri-Money, 150+ Tips about Money and Marriage” is a one-of-a-kind book focusing on providing couples with nuggets of wisdom to carry them through their day.

This is a must read for any couple desiring to live the Happily Financial Ever After and not become a divorce statistic because of money. Bonus: Money and Marriage over a Meal App included!

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Corporate Credit Unleashed: Everything you better know about building corporate credit when your personal credit sucks by Kevyn Jerome Nelson

Corporate Credit Unleashed

by Kevyn Jerome Nelson


This book describes in detail where and how to start building a strong business profile. It takes time and effort to establish business credit, and this book destroys all the myths once and for all. In this book the reader will learn insider information on obtaining corporate credit which can eventually lead to financial freedom.

The techniques and insider information that is shared with readers in this book have been used by business tycoons such as Donald Trump and Richard Branson for years. A quick read and a wealth of knowledge unmatched.







Meet The Author: Kevyn Jerome Nelson

Kevyn Jerome Nelson

As a financial consultant within the entertainment and general business arena, Kevyn has been instrumental in launching and maintaining the day to day operations of several successful business ventures. Kevyn currently serves in the position of CFO/VP of Business Affairs for The CVI Group Ltd (the parent company to Chart Vision Inc and CVI Wealth & Asset Management Group) while also continuing to oversee the firm he founded in 1994 Worldwide Credit and Financial Solutions Inc which specializes in such financial services as Trade Line Enhancements, Paydex Score Enhancements, Corporate Credit, Shelf Corporations, Will/Estate Planning, Credit Privacy Files, Media Development, Marketing/Promotion Strategies, Business Development, Tax Planning, Non Profit and Foundation Development, Offshore Banking Services, and Check Systems Removal.

Kevyn’s expertise has been recognized nationally allowing him the opportunity to serve as a guest panelist at such events as the How Can I Be Down Conference, Learning Annex Real Estate Wealth Expo, Jack The Rapper Convention, BRE Conference, Impact Convention, Mid- Atlantic Music Conference, Indiana Black Expo, Turning Point Urban Business Summit & Expo, and the Urban Network Power Summit to name a few.

Kevyn has been quoted in Hip Hop Weekly, Black Men in America and featured on radio programs including: Interview 1, Interview 2, Interview 3, Interview 4, and Interview 5.



Connect with: Kevyn Jerome Nelson

Expert Interview Availability: By telephone from Los Angeles PST Expert Interview Booking Contact: Tara Hall Nelson admin @ wwcfsinc.com 323-769-6356 More info about Kevyn Jerome Nelson and Worldwide Credit and Financial Solutions, Inc. is available at: http://www.worldwidecreditandfinancialsolutionsinc.com.

Twitter Links: @iamkevynjnelson and @imontopofmygame
Facebook Link: http://www.facebook.com/kevin.j.nelson.9#!/kevynjnelsonbrand
Myspace Link: www.myspace.com/centastage1
Linkedin Link: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevyndadreammaker
Amazon Link: http://www.amazon.com/Corporate-Credit-Unleashed-Everything-corporate/dp/0615465072#







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