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Fairy Tales with Art to Heal the Heart
(THE FIVE MINUTE MUSE–Creativity Heals! Book-6

by Sara Deutsch and Denise Ostler
with 100 illustrations by Sara Deutsch


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Original Fairy Tales Spark Creativity and Open Hearts!

What if you could learn creative problem solving, sound healing, and personal transformation just from reading fairytale adventures? What if you could get the golden nuggets of inspiration you need from entertaining stories and art? Welcome to the healing magic in the ten stories in VIOLET MOON–Fairy Tales with Art to Heal the Heart.
VIOLET MOON is the third book by collaborating writers Sara Deutsch and Denise Ostler. Their first book, CREATIVE COLLABORATION– Magic Ways to Create Cartoons and Stories Together is an interactive book about seeing in new ways and making magical drawings out of scribbles, doodles and inkblots that create characters and tell stories. EXTENDED FAMILY–Fairy Tales with Art and Heart, their previous book, includes 13 multidimensional tales with unusual characters, vibrant art and loving and humorous solutions to characters’ issues.

VIOLET MOON–Fairy Tales with Art to Heal the Heart includes ten new stories:
ANGEL FOOL-A restless, passionate angel who doesn’t enjoy heaven gets permission to return to earth for a while to “get it out of her system.”
THE BRAVE TINKER-An aging, timid man goes on a magic journey and finds the courage to rescue a warrior woman.
FLORASAPIENS–The Flower People-A beautiful orchid girl follows an irresistible fragrance and finds out how to change the shallow culture of the Flower People.
DREAM GAP FARM-No one knows why such strange things are happening at the farm–a baby goat swims like a fish, a cat grows to the size of a lion! The barnyard animals learn to overcome their fear and embrace the unknown.
TYLA AND THE WARRIOR-A woman meets a warrior who teaches her what she really needs–how to say NO!
BARI IN QUARKLAND-A chubby girl struggles with her self image and journeys to a magical land where she learns how to create what she wants and love herself just as she is.
VIOLET MOON-Everything changes during the violet moon ceremony for Birk and her tribe. Can she release the darkness in her past and become someone new?
GREM the SPACE GREMLIN-When Grem tries to share his happiness and light, he is rebuffed and rejected. He learns how to stop taking himself so seriously and trying to change people.
THE MANY LIVES OF LADY BLUE- A woman’s head is crowded with with all the people she had been in many lifetimes.
ENID IN IMGINARIA-Her fantastic imagination is both a gift and a curse!

More than a hundred images bring the VIOLET MOON stories alive. In DREAM GAP FARM, the cartoonish animal characters are from our first book, CREATIVE COLLABORATION. But most of the images in VIOLET MOON are paintings by Sara. Each story in this edition started with a folder of images. For ANGEL FOOL, Sara gathered all her paintings of angels. For FLORASAPIENS, irises and orchids and other flowers were given faces and figures. The images in IMAGINARIA were all manipulations of photos of young Denise. She was very brave! Once the images were chosen, the story seemed to tell itself.

A second section of the book, HEALING MAGIC from BLUE MOON FAIRY TALES, offers those who are interested, ways to explore the healing magic in the fairy tales.

Most of our readers say that the fairy tales cross all generational lines. Both children and adults can enjoy the humor, art and healing magic in stories which are fantastic but also realistic and educational.