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Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success:

Giving Entrepreneurs an Edge, Learned from Years in the Entrepreneurial Trenches

Feb 7th – 14th

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Lonnie L. Sciambi, “The Entrepreneur’s Yoda,” gives on the money, no catchy buzz-word, practical advice for entrepreneurs. His business mentoring isn’t about rah-rah feel good theories but rather using techniques that have been tried-and-true, straight from the business trenches.

During Sciambi’s 30+year career as an entrepreneur and CEO , he founded and sold two of his own companies, advised more than fifty companies at various stages of their growth and invested in more than a dozen. Sciambi’s experience also includes fixing “broken” companies, having completed a series of successful turnarounds for eight small companies. He has raised more than $350 million in capital as an investment banker and also been responsible for almost 50 mergers and acquisitions including a dozen or more successful entrepreneurial exits. Sciambi has also had some large company experience with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Citicorp and IBM.

Lonnie_SciambiWhether you are seeking advice for an under-performing operation, strategic exit guidance or just valuable business advice, Sciambi can help you avoid the pitfalls that you will invariably face along the way. He learned the hard way, but you don’t have to!

Sciambi resides in Port Monmouth, NJ with his wife Helen and has three children, the “start-ups” of which he is most proud – Jon who lives in New York City, Sara, who lives in Miami Beach, FL and Ben, who lives in New Jersey.

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Interview with Bestselling Author: Sheelagh Mawe


 Interview with Sheelagh Mawe

In 1989, 2 brothers and their cool mom, launched TUT (or “Totally Unique T-shirts”) selling t-shirts and souvenirs to tourists out of a pushcart in Orlando. 11 years later, in 2000, after selling 1 million of their “Totally Unique T-shirts,” the company transitioned by launching TUT’s web based Adventurer’s Club, and TUT became Totally Unique Thoughts. TUT now has about a half of a million inspired members in over 185 countries.

The Two Brothers are: Andy Dooley, a comedian and The artistic genius behind the Totally Unique T-shirts and Mike Dooley, best selling author and one of the featured visionaries in “The Secret.” Sheelagh Mawe – the best selling author of Dandelion … is — the cool mom !


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Dandelion is An uplifting tale for every age …about a lost, rebellious soul, This adventurous little horse, with a little perseverance, patience, and faith, makes a stunning success of her life. A horse with a gift, and her life’s puzzle is to uncover it.


Other Books by Sheelagh:


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You Have Permission To Succeed takes the reader on a journey through Mr. Haynes life of having dealt with being in the music industry, discovering it was not working for him, then being in business and losing it all. He dealt with foreclosure, bankruptcy and repossession and had to start
over. Having always known that he had an entrepreneur spirit and deserved to be successful, You Have Permission To Succeed reveals to readers a blueprint if you will for starting over in life and making better choices. Readers will learn how to deal with fear, set goals, prepare for change and even how to handle those around you. This quick read provides readers with principles for success for their business and personal life.


How To Build Your Online Empire the Right Way!

Entrepreneurs, Book Sellers, & Online Marketers

The author aims to bring you the nuances and intricacies of affiliate marketing. Drawing from personal experiences, he recreated a true-picture of life as an affiliate marketer. With sharp references, critical analysis along with self-help and motivational tools, the author is able to guide new divers into further recesses of affiliate marketing.

Having started out with the aim of wanting to convert his passion into a livelihood that he would love and cherish for many many years to come, the author has given us an in-depth analysis of his own journey through the depths of internet marketing. His experiences are very easily relatable and believable. A must buy for all first-timers!

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Gone are the days of thinking that earning big money in just a matter of months or perhaps even in a couple of years is a pipe-dream. Twenty years ago, huge capital was the primary requirement to start your business; and this was a requirement perhaps only the rich could fulfill. But with the coming of ‘evaluation marketing’, the last 10 years has seen hundreds of internet marketers succeeding in just a couple of years.

With the advent of internet marketing, it became possible to think of and access dozens of traffic problems, revenue models, and multitude of ways to create and promote products to the entire connected world. Now you have more tools at your disposal to face life’s challenges than any previous generation in our history!

Nothing is stopping you from adopting the same focus, intensity and drive that successful men have used to create massive fortunes.

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What I want to do through the medium of this book is to show you HOW TO BUILD YOUR ONLINE EMPIRE IN THE RIGHT WAY. The book can be used as a guiding light to set up your business or enterprise successfully. The book can also help you gain fresh perspective and re-channelize your efforts and actions; so that you can create an empire that gives you the independence you have always craved.


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Karmen Booker: Author & Attorney – Helping Entrepreneurs & Non-Profits with Spiritual Inspiration

Meet Author and Attorney: Karmen A. Booker

Karmen A. Booker is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. She attended school there, and later attended Howard University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Juris Doctor Degree.

Ms. Booker has published six books – “Life Enrichment Kit”, “Lessons in Spiritual Enrichment”, “Biblical Entrepreneurship”, “The A B C’s of Ministry”, “Seeking the Face of God”, “Who am I”, “You Are God’s Masterpiece”. She has also written “The A B C’s of Successful Living” (devotional calendar), and designed Spiritual Poetic Expressions and bookmarks. She is also a Freelance Writer for several Christian magazines.

Ms. Booker is a Business Attorney and the Chief Consultant for Compu-Perfect Professional Services – Compu-Perfect is a business consulting firm that specializes in 501(c)(3) tax exemption applications, corporate, limited liability company, and nonprofit entity formations, copyright registration, trademark search and registration, patent registration, grant research and writing services, and estate planning services.

Ms. Booker has 17 years experience writing contracts and business plans, forming business entities (Corporations, LLC’s, and Nonprofit Organizations), 501(c)(3) tax exemption, copyright/trademark registration, grant research and writing services, and estate planning. She also has 20 years editing experience.

Compu-Perfect offers you uncompromised professional business services that are designed to meet your vision and specialized goals at reasonable costs. Thereby, Moving You on the Road to Greater Business Success.

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