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Ben Peterson_ Wood Gas

Wood Gasifier
Builder’s Bible

by Ben Peterson

Renewable energy
The Blueprint for Total Fuel Freedom


Are you afraid of natural gas fracking polluting the water supply? Do you think fighting wars for oil is pulling our country down the path toward bankruptcy? Well Author Ben Peterson did too, so he created a low cost DIY biorefinery that uses renewable wood waste to make clean fuels. Then he put all of the information into a comprehensive construction manual that shows every day tinkerers how they can get off the grid, lower their impact and save money on their energy bills by making their own organic fuels at home.


Based on a 100+ year old technology that has been refined and upgraded. This is a solution that harnesses the stored solar energy in plants.




About the Author:

Ben Peterson is an award winning innovator and problem solver. His work has been featured in Popular Mechanics magazine, National Geographic and the Clean Tech Open. This book is the result of 7 years and 20,000 + hours of work.



Free Kindle Book – Free Electricity Forever

Free Kindle Book
Free Electricity Forever


Free Electricity Forever: How to Get Free Solar Power From Photovoltaic Cell Panels” or “Free Electricity Forever” will be free on Amazon October 1-5.

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Bill Gates is quoted as having said, “It’s really kind of cool to have solar panels on your roof.”

Perhaps this comment epitomizes the “coming of age” of solar electric power. Not long ago, the “information superhighway” was just an idea, out of reach for most of us. Likewise, cellular telephones were only for the rich.

Yet try to imagine your life without either of them.

In this short yet powerful book, author A.J. O’Brien leads us through what he believes to be the next Internet – solar electric power! O’Brien filled the book with the background, the basics, the facts, and the next steps – and left out the fluff.

If you’re thinking that “going solar” may be for you, now or in the future, “Free Electricity Forever” is the place to start!

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Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World

Random Rationality:
A Rational Guide to an Irrational World

Seemingly random in its width and breadth, Random Rationality tackles 20 issues from 5 disciplines that when woven together, paint a picture of the world today; both negative and positive, all the while explaining the subject-matter critically, rationally and simply including Philosophy, Science, Politics, Economics and Technology. Random Rationality answers and explores the following topics, as well as several others:

– Is Free Will Free?
– The Meaning of Life
– The Drug Wars’ Inhumanity
– A Simple Explanation of God
– The Future of Work, Energy and Food

Along with thirteen more chapters exploring and answering, all the while explaining in a short, sweet, and succinct-manner, our modern world. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, and is coming soon to iBook, Barnes & Noble and other eBook stores.

And to have a bit of fun, Random Rationality is composed of 22 chapters, which are divided into 7 sections and that just happens to be an average of 3.14 chapters per section, which also just happens to crudely equal Pi (π), an irrational number, and a mathematical symbol. Mathematics is used to represent science and scientific laws. Therefore, Random Rationality is the literal word of science. The facts speak for themselves!


About the Author: Fourat Janabi

“…..While exploring twenty-five countries on five continents, speaking bad Italian, horrible Spanish, and decent Arabic, I’ve befriended Americans, Arabs, Australians, Brazilians, Chileans, Italians, and New Zealanders, all while faithfully remaining the odd one out.

Through four years of craziness, staring death in the face on four occasions, meeting hundreds of beautiful people, and exploring a myriad of new cultures, I now feel arrogant and important enough to commit my overvalued thoughts to fake paper and tell people exactly what to think. The culmination of all this randomness, is Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World….”

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Film Director Gives Away Alternative Fuel eBook for Free

Luis Aponte

Obsessed by how rising gas prices and dependence on petroleum impact the economy, national security, and our overall quality of life; Air Force veteran, Luis D. Aponte shares a letter he sent to the President of the United States, expressing these fears. “Death of a Gas Guzzler” reveals surprising automobile innovations that could help reduce and eliminate the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Luis is currently producing a documentary film, Gas Prices: A Love Story. For a very limited time Luis is giving away FREE copies of his groundbreaking eBook, Death of a Gas Guzzler.


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