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Five Minutes to a Higher Salary:

Over 60 Brilliant Salary Negotiation Scripts for Getting More


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Written by bestselling author and salary negotiation expert, Lewis C. Lin, Five Minutes to a Higher Salary reveals how you can get a higher salary in five minutes or less.

Easily get higher salary outcomes by using the book’s scripted email and phone templates for over 60 negotiation scenarios. Unlike other negotiation books, you will never be left guessing how to apply a negotiation theory or principle. The book tells how to phrase your negotiation request, including the exact words to use.

Scenarios covered include negotiating:

  • Raises
  • Base salaries
  • Bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Early review
  • More vacation time
  • Flexible hours
  • Relocation assistance
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Severance package
  • Visa sponsorship

Special BONUSES include:

  • The magical ONE MINUTE salary negotiation script
  • Frequently asked questions about the negotiation process, including common mistakes and SECRET tactics
  • Six bonus email and phone scripts for RECRUITERS and HIRING MANAGERS to close candidates


Find Power in Your Thoughts!


Thoughts of a pure mind:

Find power in your thoughts

by Calvin Bland


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“Thoughts of a Pure Mind” is a down to earth metaphysical literary experience. You are invited to embark on a journey deep into your own thoughts and emotions. You will learn the tremendous power in your own thoughts.

“Thoughts of a Pure Mind” will in each chapter, help you to explore another emotion, perception or mental challenge. You will develop a stronger sense of control and clarification. You will experience a clearing of misconceptions to reveal your own pure thoughts.

Here is where you will develop a greater sense of empowerment. Your mental empowerment will strongly influence your confidence at work, in relationships, at school, during competitions, and in life. Get your copy today to start discovering your mind power – one page at a time.


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Conqueror Revolution –

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How to overcome obstacles against all odds and reach your goals.

Do you ever feel like you’re anchored down, like something is holding you back from success? Have you ever felt like your dreams were just within your reach, but then they slipped between your fingertips?

Good news – all of that is about to change, starting right now…
In this startling new book, you’ll discover how to uncover your purpose in life and start turning your dreams into a reality. You’ll find out why success has eluded you before, and what you can do – beginning right now – to live a meaningful, fulfilling and successful life.

Maybe you’ll write that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Maybe you’ll build a successful business that changes your life. Perhaps you’ll go back to college to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do.

Whatever your dreams, you’ll discover how to lead a more rewarding, happy life… and this book shows you how!

Here’s what you’re about to learn:
– How to identify your value system – and how to change it in a way that empowers you and propels you towards your goals!

– How to discover your true purpose in life. (Hint: this is the meaning of life that so many are seeking, but so few ever discover!)

– How to conquer all the obstacles that stand in your way, including limited beliefs, negative thinking and emotion, and even physical obstacles such as lack of time or money.

– How to brainstorm solutions to all the problems that stand in your way – you’ll feel absolutely empowered!

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Starting today, you’ll become the person you’ve always wanted to be.
You’ll live the life you’ve always wanted to live. And you’ll feel better than you’ve ever felt before.

This is your life – so download this book today to discover how to live it to the fullest! Order “Conqueror Revolution” today.


Showcase Author: Marrian Efua

marrian efua bk not_my_reality (1)

Not My Reality

 by Marrian Efua


Paperback Order Link

Empowerment and Enlightenment are the themes of Not My Reality Encouragement While Dancing In the Storm. Marrian Efua shares a simple yet powerful compilation of spiritual inspiration filled with intuitive insights, wisdom, and self affirmation. Offering a code of conduct for self discovery, self liberation, thought transformation and acceptance of our true personal reality. Reaffirming reader’s abilities to persevere, survive and dance through situations, conditions and circumstances by recognizing and activating their innate and internal strength and power.


Marrian Efua

marrian efua

Marrian Efua  is a native of Milwaukee, WI. She has traveled extensively . She is an Intuitive Business and Life Transformation Innovator and Management Coach, Author, Vocalist, and Radio Host. She is divorced and a proud mother.

Her Motto: Embrace, Innovate, Enlighten and Empower. Join her Tuesday & Thursday Mornings on Moments of Conversations a 30 minute talk radio program where she discusses various topics that assist listeners to ESCAPE.thought provoking and “Therapy for the Soul” by Milwaukee’s Reader’s Choice. Reader’s say ” I feel so empowered” “I couldn’t put it down.”

Connect with Marrian: * Twitter