Health at Gunpoint: The FDA’s Silent War Against
Health Freedom By James J. Gormley

Health at Gunpoint

Who controls the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and what are the real goals of this powerful agency?

These are the central questions explored in Health at Gunpoint, a book that brings into clear focus the silent war being waged by the FDA against American consumers. The FDA was established in 1906 to protect the U.S. public from misbranded and adulterated foods and drugs. While the original intent may have been honorable, over the years, the mission has become tainted by lobbyists and money.

In Health at Gunpoint, award winning health writer James Gormley presents a history of this Federal agency’s long-standing battle against health products and examines some of its most controversial decisions and the troubling reasons behind them.

Now, the FDA is once again poised to make decisions that would have a major impact on the public’s health, this time, by imposing restrictions that would eventually eliminate many of the nutritional supplements Americans take every day. Health at Gunpoint not only sheds light on what is happening, but also prepares you for the coming battle.




About the Author: James Gormley

Blogger, award-winning journalist, published author and reviewer, Gormley covers a wide range of topics in his blogs, from health and health justice (The Gormley Files, The Alpha Lipoic Acid Blog, Curb Those Cravings!) to reviews of books (Health Books Navigator, Vampire Books Navigator).

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Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World

Random Rationality:
A Rational Guide to an Irrational World

Seemingly random in its width and breadth, Random Rationality tackles 20 issues from 5 disciplines that when woven together, paint a picture of the world today; both negative and positive, all the while explaining the subject-matter critically, rationally and simply including Philosophy, Science, Politics, Economics and Technology. Random Rationality answers and explores the following topics, as well as several others:

– Is Free Will Free?
– The Meaning of Life
– The Drug Wars’ Inhumanity
– A Simple Explanation of God
– The Future of Work, Energy and Food

Along with thirteen more chapters exploring and answering, all the while explaining in a short, sweet, and succinct-manner, our modern world. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, and is coming soon to iBook, Barnes & Noble and other eBook stores.

And to have a bit of fun, Random Rationality is composed of 22 chapters, which are divided into 7 sections and that just happens to be an average of 3.14 chapters per section, which also just happens to crudely equal Pi (π), an irrational number, and a mathematical symbol. Mathematics is used to represent science and scientific laws. Therefore, Random Rationality is the literal word of science. The facts speak for themselves!


About the Author: Fourat Janabi

“…..While exploring twenty-five countries on five continents, speaking bad Italian, horrible Spanish, and decent Arabic, I’ve befriended Americans, Arabs, Australians, Brazilians, Chileans, Italians, and New Zealanders, all while faithfully remaining the odd one out.

Through four years of craziness, staring death in the face on four occasions, meeting hundreds of beautiful people, and exploring a myriad of new cultures, I now feel arrogant and important enough to commit my overvalued thoughts to fake paper and tell people exactly what to think. The culmination of all this randomness, is Random Rationality: A Rational Guide to an Irrational World….”

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