Meet Bobbie Asad – The Mad Hatter & Author

bobbieAsad-Mad HatterInterview with:

Bobbie Asad

Owner of the MAD HATTER

and Author of:

Tucker’s Story



Bobbie you have such an amazing personal story, in addition to your two new books, that I know will inspire our audience. Can you share with us why the “Mad Hatter” Shop came to life?

After working for 30+ years in consulting engineering firms, as an Electrical Designer, I was laid off and there weren’t any jobs in my area. I thought about the things I enjoy, which are hats and tea, and decided to open Mad Hatter with those two things, and have expanded it with gifts and specialty food items.


After such a long career in an entirely different field, did you feel as if you discovered a new passion or unleashed an ever-present one?

It was definitely a new passion! While I loved hats and teas for many years, it never occurred to me that I may one day be selling them. The writing for Mad Hatter Tea Society (a short story) was fun, then I decided I wanted to tell Tucker’s story.


Your Mad Hatter Shop is in downtown Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. What can visitors to your shop expect to discover?


Mad Hatter is a small quaint shop (only 225 square feet), it is whimsical and fun. Visitors will discover teapots, teacups, teas, tea accessories, specialty food products made in North Carolina, hand lotions, sprays, and soaps made locally. Hats are just the beginning at Mad Hatter.


You are a member of the Red Hat Society. Whenever I see a Red Hat Society group of women, I always think “one of these days I am joining for sure!” For those who aren’t familiar with the RHS can you tell us a bit about RHS?


The Red Hat Society is a group of ladies 50+ who get together to have fun. Each group decides what they enjoy doing…..our group goes to cooking classes, plays, to afternoon teas, and lunch, and so much more. Ladies wear purple clothes and red hats, so we are easily recognized anywhere we go.


bobbie asad-mad hatterIt seems as if once you were settled in to this “new calling” another passion was unleashed. You are now the author of 2 books: Mad Hatter Tea Society and Tucker’s Story. Before we talk about these 2 sweet books, can you share with us how writing, plays a role in what you do now?


Actually writing is just something fun to do, all of us have ideas that we think would make an interesting book, so I decided to start working on those ideas now that I have a little more time than I use to. Hopefully people will enjoy the books.


Tell us what inspired you to write Mad Hatter Tea Society and can you share with us what to expect in this book?


I love going to afternoon teas and wearing hats, so this one is about ladies that wonder into a hat shop, purchase some hats and decide on a whim to go to Afternoon Tea. Both of these things are new experiences for them, and who better to experience new things with than a friend? It is a short story, so it doesn’t take very long to read.


BobbieAsad-Tuckers StoryI am very interested in the story behind your newest book, Tucker’s Story. Who is Tucker and what motivated you to create this “fiction story based on truth?”


Tucker is a dog I adopted a couple of years ago. He was dropped off in a rural area by his previous owners. I will never know why they did this, but they must have cared a lot about him up to this point, as he was very well trained. He is an amazing dog, and a lot of good things have happened to him since then, as told in the story.


So what’s next for you? Is there another book in the works?


Yes, there is another book…..about a previous dog before Tucker. This one is about Truman, a Belgian Malinois that I adopted from the shelter when she was five weeks old. That’s right, Truman was a girl. Someone is working on the illustrations for this book, and once they are complete, it will be published.


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Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions


Ride a Wave of Hope with the Surf Dog Who Inspires Millions
In her new book, Ricochet: Riding a Wave of Hope with the Dog Who Inspires Millions, Judy Fridono shares the emotionally-moving story of Ricochet, the beloved golden retriever who went from puppy prodigy to service-dog dropout before becoming an inspirational phenomenon and Internet sensation. It wasn’t long before Ricochet became the world’s only SURFice dog™, participating in numerous charity events that changed the lives of a sea of very grateful people. Through her extraordinary gift of surfing, Ricochet has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charities and those in need. With every wave she rides, she heals hearts and transforms lives by teaching people to believe in themselves and follow their heart. The story of Ricochet is one of purity, synchronicity, our interconnectedness and opening ourselves to life’s ‘paw’sibilities. It will motivate your spirit to make the most of the gifts hidden within you—so you can shine your light on the world and paw it forward!



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Adorable Children’s Book – A Pug Named Doug

Yvonne Sidell - APugNamedDoug

A Pug Named Doug

by Yvonne Sidell

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Puppy is as Puppy does!

And a full day is just not enough time for A Pug Named Doug!

Seeing is believing in this wonderfully illustrated book as young readers follow Doug on his journey to witness all the funny things a puppy can get into – whether it’s indoors or outdoors, mischievous Doug delightfully takes on the world (right down to naptime cuddles).

Ohhhhh Doug!
Yvonne Sidell



Meet the Author: Yvonne Sidell

Yvonne Sidell lives in Northern California and in her spare time, joyfully tells stories about Doug to young fans in bookstores and schools. She has two other books for children forthcoming in 2014.

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Cary Richards - puppy sleep

 The Puppy Sleep Handbook:

A step by step guide for getting your new puppy to sleep through the night (Puppy Protocol)

by Cary Richards


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Howling Devil or Furry Cherub? Bringing a new puppy home is undoubtedly one of the peak experiences of your life.

You’ve done your research, looked around and chosen the perfect puppy. You’ve brought him home and things are going very well. The kids are ecstatic, your wife gives you that knowing, approving look and everybody’s happy…..until bed time.

Then harsh reality rears its howling, sleepless head. That adorable bundle of love has just turned into a screaming banshee! How can something so little and cute be so exasperating!!

Suddenly you’re in a panic and looking for books on how to train a puppy!

The Puppy Sleep Handbook is here to help.

This comprehensive puppy training guide gives you proven, specific, hands on techniques to turn that howling little devil back into the adorable cherub you thought you’d brought home in the first place.

Our animal shelters are chock full of dogs who’s new owners were unprepared and or ill equipped to handle the needs and requirements of a new puppy. It can be nothing short of tragic to have to bring your new pet back to where you got him because you just don’t know how to train a puppy to get him to quiet down and go to sleep. (I mean, staying up all night every night is just not something you bargained for right!?)

The Puppy Sleep Handbook is the latest entry in the Cary Richards “Puppy Protocol” series of dog training books.

It takes you from researching the right puppy for your temperament and environment to tips on crate training a puppy as well as the actual steps and processes that will enable your new pup to go to sleep the very first night he or she is in your home. Not even Cesar Millan has a book specifically about sleep training your puppy!

Having spent years researching and defining dog behavior and training techniques in his native Seattle Wa. Cary adheres to the Positive Reinforcement technique of dog training and dog obedience. Now he is bringing that knowledge and expertise to you through his Puppy Protocol series of manuals for dog and puppy training.


If an animal spoke to you, would you listen?


Special Run

A Paranormal Mystery
by Lena Jo McCoy

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If an animal spoke to you, would you listen? Botanist/psychokinetic Katrina Ormstead creates a super hash, a variety of marijuana she calls MAGIC. Before she can share her successful medical findings with the scientific community, she’s murdered. There is, however, one witness begging to come forward. Special is Katrina’s wolf-hybrid dog. She saw her mistress die. She wants revenge. Now she has to convince food photographer, animal psychic, and Katrina’s best friend Wheat Keigwin of the same thing. Together, dog and woman dedicate themselves to solving the mystery behind Katrina’s death.



Meet the Author: Lena Jo McCoy

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALena Jo McCoy, An agriculture journalist, Lena Jo McCoy has long admired the works of animal behaviorists Temple Grandin and Cesar Millan, as well as the cattlemen and women she’s written about. She enjoys a cutting horse or stock dog competition, finding the connection between man and beast incredible as they work together as one entity. It wasn’t until McCoy had a dream about her childhood dog, Special, that she sat down to write a novel.

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Vengeance in the North Woods

Randy_Peters - Vengeance_in_the_Northwoods
Vengeance in the North Woods

by Randy Peters

 Action, Adventure, Wolf Pack

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Come join Thor’s wolf pack as they embark on an epic exodus. Pushed from their home by human encroachment, hunger soon plagues the pack. Despite his son’s objections, Thor decides they must raid a farm in order to survive. After a vicious argument, Thor forces his decision onto his son. Tragedy strikes forcing the pack to move west in search of The Land of the Buffalo, a fabled place where man is not seen and wolves live together in peace. Shouldering an immense guilt, Thor leads his family into new territory. Along the way, they face everything Mother Nature throws at them: rain, snow, fire, tornado, flood and worst of all, humans. They follow a path riddled with triumph and tragedy, birth and death as they try to stick together and find some peace.


A Message from the Author: Randy Peters
Randy Peters-SAM

Vengeance in the North Woods started as an assignment in my creative writing class. I let my mind wander and it landed on my wolf hybrid, Thor, and his St. Bernard/German Shepherd mate, Athena. I let the story unfold in its own way, did lots of editing and turned it in. After my teacher and some friends read it, they all encouraged me to pursue it in novel form. I spent about two years putting it together and getting it published. I loved every last moment I spent writing it.

Randy is a native born Northern Vermonter who loves the outdoors and all the tales hidden within it. He loves writing wolf stories, but also enjoys slice of life and a little horror. In short, he revels in spinning a good yarn. He and his wife keep seven dogs. Thor is their wolf hybrid and the inspiration for “Vengeance in the North Woods”. The rest of his pack lives with them, some with their son, and some have gone to “The Great Hunting Grounds.”

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Chow- pomeranian

The Art of Raising a Pomeranian Puppy

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Pomeranians are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world ever since Queen Victoria got herself a Pom. But Pomeranians are one of the smartest dog breeds out there and it can be difficult for a first-time pet owner to take care of them.

Nobody likes to be outsmarted by their own pet dog.

A puppy that is taken care of poorly is more likely to get sick. And it may even have permanent negative effects on the puppy for the rest of its life. Therefore it is important to apply good pet care since the very first day you bring your puppy home.

In “The Art of Raising a Pomeranian Puppy”, you will discover:

– The important things to consider BEFORE you get a puppy (to make sure that you are ready).

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A puppy is supposed to bring joy and excitement to a home but unfortunately sometimes a puppy can also bring frustration and fatigue. This is why it is important to prepare yourself with the adequant knowledge and skills to take care of a puppy and the challenges that comes along with it.



Amy Morford’s A to Z Guide to Dog Training – Only 99¢


 Amy Morford’s A to Z Guide to Dog Training

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Amy Morford understands dogs in the same way that Bill Gates understands computers. She’s trained them for more than twenty years and can help you train yours. Morford understands that training an owner is as important as training the dog because good dog parents raise good dogs that listen, obey and live well-adjusted happy and healthy lives. Bad dogs go to heaven too, but good dogs have an especially good time living well-mannered lives here on earth!

DoggyPedia: All You Need To Know About Dogs. Dog Training For Both Trainers and Owners is an A to Z comprehensive guide covering all of the major (and minor) issues related to dog training—starting from puppyhood and extending well into the twilight years.

From puppyhood to adulthood and beyond, you’ll turn to this guide again and again to help you provide the very best training and care for every stage of your beloved dog’s life—because well-trained owners raise well-trained dogs!


About the Author Amy Morford

amymorford2Amy Morford has over twenty years of dog training experience with companion dogs, sport dogs and working breeds. Amy’s motivation to write about dogs stems from her love for them and their unbiased loyalty and devotion. Amy’s goal is to provide helpful, accurate information to assist dog lovers with raising and training a well-mannered, good-tempered, happy, healthy, well-adjusted companion, friend, partner and/or family pet.

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Childrens Book About Pet Rescue – Free Sept. 11th only!

zehavit- richard finds

Richard Finds True Love

A Story About an Abandoned Dog

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Have you ever seen an abandoned dog on the street and wondered what will happen to him? In this wonderful and heart-warming children’s book for kids aged 3 to 6 years old, a lost Boxer dog’s life changes forever when a lovely woman, Lee, finds him. She calls him Richard and takes him home. Lee only wants to help, but isn’t sure how her sad daughter, Jessie, will feel about the new visitor. Giving an abandoned dog a new home isn’t always that easy, you know.

Will he stay with Lee and Jessie or will he have to go to the shelter? Life is full of surprises, and for every lost soul there is a mate somewhere. Maybe Richard is meant to be with Jessie and Lee. Maybe he can cheer Jessie up. And maybe… just maybe… they can change each others’ lives forever.



Judy The Big Hearted Heroine – Free Sept. 8 & 9

Gwyn Charlett - Judy

Judy The Big Hearted Heroine

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In 1946 Judy arrived in Great Britain and was awarded the Dicken Medal which is the highest bravery award for animals and went on to live another 4 years with fellow POW survivor and “best friend” Frank Williams in Britain and Africa.

In this incredible true story “Judy” the heroine of the book narrates her own version of her life.

Her amazing life started precariously as a young pup living rough on the streets of Shanghai where any food and comfort was in short supply. She had the great good fortune to be rescued from the streets by a young Chinese girl called Lee Ming and a few days later a chance meeting with some British sailors visiting her dog pound changed her life for ever.

Judy tells us of her early idyllic, carefree years as a dog mascot aboard the British Gun Boat HMS Gnat, life was good for Judy until Japanese aggression in China spilled out to full blown war in Asia and the Pacific. Judy’s many adventures include:

  • Nearly drowning after falling into the river from the deck the HMS Gnat
  • Being bombed and sunk while on board HMS Grasshopper
  • Surviving a 200 forced march through jungle trying to reach the last of the rescue boats in Padang, Indonesia
  • Surviving another sinking in boat that was torpedoed in the Malacca Strait
  • On top of all that she went on to survive 3 brutal years in various Japanese POW camps

˃˃˃ Liberation and freedom


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