Join David Mahler on his philosophical and
existential journey

David Mahler - Forming WorldView
Forming a Worldview:
One Man’s Journey

By David Mahler


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Explore how one man’s worldview, through rationalism, unexpectedly changed and the consequences that ensued.

Does Bible prophecy point to divine authorship?

Are there contradictions in the Bible?

Is Hell a just punishment for unbelievers?

Does God exist?


Formerly settled questions, once again, came to the forefront of the authors mind following his brother’s sudden death.

This short book explores the author’s personal journey, from republican to libertarian and, more importantly, from evangelical Christian to agnostic. Beyond his story, he makes a case for his current worldview and, as a way of a warning, argues against the Bible’s divinity. For those resolved under no circumstance to abandon their beliefs, no book, including this one will sway. It is his hope, such individuals will come to accept and appreciate a position they do not hold.

“A compelling, irresistible book about the author’s philosophical and existential journey, ‘Forming a Worldview’ is one of those books I wish I had written myself. Mahler’s sharp wit cuts through the BS and shines on every page of this book—he will take you on a mind-blowing ride that can leave you questioning your own complacent beliefs.

Mahler writes with refreshing candor, sharing memories of his childhood and youth—the backstory, as it is, to his life-changing decision to pursue answers to questions that have been nagging him. I admire the author’s courage in “slaying the monsters of myth and fallacy”—it is no easy feat to choose a path different from those taken by your own loved ones. What’s more, he writes with a rare clarity that hits your head with truth. I could also deeply relate with the author’s own experience, having lost my own brother to heart failure four years ago—the same questions he grappled with were very similar to my own, although my decision to abandon all falsehood started many years before my brother’s death.

Overall, ‘Forming a Worldview’ is perhaps one of the most intellectually stimulating books I’ve read that is actually entertaining—there is a “seductive” quality to Mahler’s writing that will keep you turning the pages. A well-deserved five-star rating for this one.” – Megan (goodreads)

The Reluctant Tarot Reader

Raven Mardirosian - trtr

The Reluctant Tarot Reader

by Raven Mardirosian


Memoir/LGBT/New Age/Divination

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She’s a gay girl in Christian world, becoming the healer she was meant to be.

But what do you do with a gift that you really don’t want?

Raven Mardirosian once dreamed of being a missionary. A vet. An English teacher. How did she go from staunch evangelical Christian and promising academic . . . to life as a Tarot reader?

Beginnings: The Fool, The Coyote, The Real Me tells the story of Raven leaving the church with no real plan, and how a Catholic nun opened the door to the Tarot world.

Part II of The Reluctant Tarot Reader is divided into 4 sections of 78 stories that describe Raven’s journey through the suits of the Minor Arcana:

**To Birth, To Flame {Vignettes of Fire}
**To Live, To Heal {Vignettes of Earth}
**To See, To Speak {Vignettes of Air}
**To Love, To Dream {Vignettes of Water}

Read compelling works such as: “How To Be Ageless”, “Steps To Being A Powerful Woman”, “My Anger Wears A Black Hoodie”, “Reiki Love” and “Secrets from the Psychic World”. Get an unflinching view into the mysterious aura of psychics, healers and Tarot readers — straight from an insider.

If it’s time for you to come out of the metaphysical closet, The Reluctant Tarot Reader will help to light the way.

This is the story of a Tarot reader. A reluctant one.


More About Raven:

Raven Mardirosian is the author of the bestselling memoir, “The Reluctant Tarot Reader: Adventures in the Gypsy Trade”. Her essay, “Christian LGBT Kids: You’re Part of the Plan” is included in the New York Times anthology, “It Gets Better: Coming Out, Overcoming Bullying and Creating a Life Worth Living”.

She’s written 7 other works of non-fiction: “Just Another Crazy Cat Lady Story”; “365 Ways To Keep It Real, Heal Yourself and Be Free”; “Spirit, Flow: A Photographic Prayer”; “The Words Remain: The Best of Shivaya Wellness”; “We Dream Anew: The Best of Shivaya Wellness, Vol. II”; “Chrysalis: Poems of Release” and “Esprit, Vole: Prière photographique.”

Follow her adventures at Shivaya Wellness —

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