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Self Massage of 23 Essential

Acupressure Points for Health and Wellness –

The Secret to an Optimal Mind and Body


FREE Jan 13 – 17

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Living in optimal health is a dream for all of us. Self-Massage of 23 Essential Acupressure Points for Health and Wellness reveals for the first time a refined acupressure self-massage system of the 23 most powerful acupressure points on the human body. It is a personal wellness secret that has brought the author, Selene Yangtze, amazing health over the past 20 years without falling sick, not even to a common cold or headache. Clearly illustrated and written in straightforward and easy-to-understand language, you will quickly learn how to locate and massage these 23 acupressure potent points yourself, vitalize your body’s internal organs, strengthen immune systems, and ultimately achieve optimal mental and physical health.


FREE BOOK: Beating Belly Fat


Beating Belly Fat

FREE Nov. 22-23


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Simple Lifestyle Changes that Enable Type 2 Diabetics to Get Rid of Excess Fat for Good…


Do you bemoan your belly fat? If you are in the United States, there is a 65% chance you are overweight. If you are in Australia, there is an even higher probability you are in need of losing at least a little weight.

All fat is not created equal … the fat around your midriff is both hard to lose and detrimental to your health.



FREE BOOK – Crack The Weight Loss Code

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Crack The Weight Loss Code

FREE Nov. 22 – 26


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In Crack The Weight Loss Code: Harmonize Yin & Yang to Create Your Perfect 10, Lincoln challenges you to create your own fat loss S.H.I.E.L.D so that you create a weight loss formula that is unique to you so that you can create YOUR perfect 10. By optimizing supplements, hormones, your ideas, exercise, lifestyle and diet issues you will go a long to create long lasting fat loss and body shape change.

The principles of weight loss are easy, but for many the process is not. That is why Lincoln has created simple activities to help you create your S.H.I.E.L.D. These will radically increase your chances of success, for as you complete each activity, you will notice significant change in your belief that you will succeed, which will help you lose all the weight and keep it off.

What Lincoln uncovers in this book will surprise and challenge you, as many of the traditional ways that you may have been told to lose weight are actually counterproductive and can actually lead you to put on weight. However, if you trust the process and complete the activities you will be amazed and the results that you will get physically and mentally.



Book Launch News – Health and Inspiration





If you’ve grown tired of the same old dieting tips & tricks that end up leaving you frustrated & annoyed, you’re definitely not alone. Fortunately, those days may be over forever. Get your copy of #EatQbook TODAY. Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering.











Have you ever been challenged by a traumatic experience & been faced with the choice of giving in to fear—or overcoming it by discovering inner courage, love & the capacity to embrace the life-changing power of resilience? Then this book is for you! Click here for more information about the book, bonus gifts and ordering!








FREEBIE – Salad Recipes Book

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  32 Delicious Salad Recipes
for Rapid Weight Loss:

The Way to Slim Figure (Best Recipes for Dieters)


FREE Sept 26-27

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From the Best-Selling Author Nicole Taylor:
Only for You, Here is a Selection of Delicious LOW FAT
Salad Recipes for RAPID Slimming…Who Told You That One Should Eat Disgusting Glop to Get Thinner?
With This Book You Will Become Aware That Super Tasty and
Low Calorie Salad Can Make Your Dream About Fast Weight Loss a Reality.Don’t Lose Your Chance and Join Thousands of Readers Today
Before the Price Becomes Higher!INSIDE YOU WILL LEARN:
1. Delicious low-calorie dishes for fast slimming
2. Easy navigation through the recipes and the whole book
3. Step-by-step description of each preparation method that makes
the process of cooking much easier and quicker
4. Every recipe is followed by list of nutrients contained in it
5. Useful references to other valuable sources (recommended)
6. Pleasant bonus at the end of book

A Message From the Author: Nicole Taylor

nicole taylorCooking is my favourite pastime and I’m crazy about the very process of cooking, but the best reward is happy faces of my family and friends trying my culinary creations.

Since I’m into cooking I have gathered a pile of recipes found in various sources, such as books and magazines, taken from my relatives and friends. Sometimes the recipes appeared just from nowhere (when replacing some ingredients I could get something new, but unexpectedly delicious).

All the dishes were tested and approved by me and members of my family.
The aim of writing the book is to collect the most favorite and appraised recipes and to share them with you, my dear readers. I will be happy if you find something useful for yourselves. Besides, I’ll be looking forward to your commentaries and additional remarks to my recipes. I wish you all gastronomical success and…

Bon appetite!



FREE Healthy Book – Juicing For Weight Loss

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Juicing For Weight Loss:

Detox, Cleanse, Diet Plan
& Recipes Guide


Free September 18 to 19th

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There are plenty of books on the market that claim to have the magic formula for weight loss, but Juicing For Weight Loss – Detox, Cleanse, Diet Plan & Recipes Guide gives you all of the information you need to juice your way to a no-nonsense approach to healthy, delicious weight loss.

Juicing For Weight Loss is not a fad diet plan that calls for strange foods, hunger pangs, and feeling deprived. It is a guide that debunks the myths about juicing, and explains how it can rev up your daily meal plan by making it easy to add fresh vegetable juice, with all of the associated nutrients.




Paleo Diet For Beginners – FREE Sept 14 – 15

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Paleo Diet For Beginners

101 Amazing Tips You Have To Have !
(Diet and Weight Loss)

FREE Sept 14 – 15


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Paleo Diet For Beginners – 101 Amazing Tips You Have To Have ! (Diet and Weight Loss)

You’ve heard about the paleo diet, but what’s all the fuss about? Can it really make you healthier, stronger, more vibrant, and lead to lasting weight loss?
The answer is yes! And in her new book, author Alexis Cooper presents 101 tips to make adopting the paleo diet easy and fun.
You’ll learn:
11 highly-processed foods to avoid if you want to feel energized and healthy beginning today.

The truth about vegetables, including which offer the most nutrition (and even cancer-fighting antioxidants that prevent cellular damage). Which common, everyday fruit freshens your breath and another delicious favorite that keeps joints healthy and supple (hint: it’s also a natural skin moisturizer). 10 tips for painless meal planning.

And must-have advice for naturally increasing energy and vitality through sleep, diet, and activity

Paleo Diet for Beginners: 101 Amazing Tips You Have to Have! is the perfect book for anyone looking to improve their health through a simple, more natural way of eating. And there’s plenty of meaty insight to satisfy even the most seasoned paleo dieter. Get your copy for Kindle and begin your journey to better health today!



The Big Book of Juice Fast – FREE August 8 and 9


FREE Book –  Aug. 8th and  9th

The Big Book of Juice Fast, Cleanse and Detox Recipes

by Ravi Kishore

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Juice fasting, also referred to as “juice cleansing,” is a detox diet that requires individuals to drink healthy juices to obtain nutrition and restarting your body system.

Juicing is a powerful detox that flushes toxins out of the body as a part of an all-natural, self-regulatory cleansing process. People, on average, have at least 5-10 pounds of accumulated toxins in their cells, organs, and tissues. These include pesticides, chemicals, drug residues, food additives, traces of metal, and a long list of toxins found in the environment that people consume on a daily basis. Fortunately with regular juicing, an improvement in the body’s ability to detoxify and repair itself on a cellular level is possible.

FREE Book – Emotional Eating Freedom

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Free Kindle Book
+ Bonus Book

June 10, 11, 12

Emotional Eating Freedom:  46 Effective Techniques to Help Curb the Urge and Eat Without Guilt

by Jill Brackman



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“Emotional Eating Freedom” is a compilation of effective methods based on trustworthy advice from a variety of experts, including Geneen Roth and Dr Roger Gould.

You’ll learn:

  • How to beat junk food cravings without having to rely on ‘will power’;
  • Why emotional eaters are predestined to fail at dieting — even before they start. And what you need to do, if you really want to keep the weight off;
  • How to recognize the destructive behaviour patterns and 8 actionable steps you can take immediately to stop the cycle;
  • Yes, we’re emotional eaters too: Dealing with the big taboo of emotional eating in men and 5 simple techniques to help with weight loss;
  • Effective and proven techniques to help when you’re stressed out, bored or depressed;
  • How to stop emotional eating getting the better of you when you’re a stressed out diabetic;
  • And a separate guide filled with free support tools, simple (but effective) exercises, as well as lots of audio and video resources

and more!


A special thank you gift! More details in the back of book.

So if you want to finally eat without guilt, re-establish a healthier relationship with food and start feeling great, get “Emotional Eating Freedom” today.







Loving Yourself Thin by Patricia Bacall

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Loving Yourself Thin

by Patricia Bacall


Are you sick and tired of the whole weight loss/gain cycle?

Do you feel out of control, guilty, nervous or shameful around food? Are you frustrated with losing some weight, only to gain it back, and always having to eat according to someone else’s “rules”? I get you….you have probably had it with self-denial and restriction; “cheating” on yourself, just so you can eat what you want. Perhaps your self-esteem has taken a beating because you are upset with your inability to stay on a diet. If you’ve ever looked in the mirror and said, “I hate by body,” then you know the tremendous discomfort of feeling that your body is somehow not right.

Diets don’t work — they never do!

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