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Recipes and Practices for Guaranteed Weight Loss


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Do you always fall off your weight loss regime? Do you always feel demotivated by the lack of results during your weight loss plan? Do not fret! Weight Loss Coaching will show you the meaning of the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ by revealing super foods and recipes that will guarantee significant weight and fat loss!

In this book, you will get:
– Evidence-Based efficient weight loss tips
– Step-by-step recipe cookbook designed for weight loss and increased metabolism levels
– Many different types of herbs and superfoods and how they are advantageous to the human body
– And much, much more!

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FREE TODAY! – Meal Prep: The Ultimate Guide on Prepping Quick and Healthy Meals for Weight Loss


Meal Prep:

The Ultimate Guide on Prepping
Quick and Healthy Meals for Weight Loss


FREE Oct. 3 to 4


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Is your life so busy that it’s impossible for you to stay on a diet for more than a few weeks at a time?


Then this book’s for you!

While other books are great for helping you lose weight, the majority of the time the plans they provide are unsustainable due to our busy lifestyles. This book will show you the way to plan and prepare your food in a way that you will be able to avoid falling off the wagon and to lose the weight you desire.

Meal Prep is the perfect guide for those who feel like it is impossible to find a diet that fits their busy lifestyle.

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Inside this book you will learn:

★ What size portions you should be eating.

★ The truth behind calories.

★ How meal prepping will ultimately help you lose weight, all while finally being able to stick with a diet.

★ What types of foods you should be prepping.

★ Hacks to maintain healthy eating.

★ The steps to planning your meals.

★ A full guide on preparation.

★ Eight great recipes to get you started.

★ Plus much more!
Download Meal Prep: The Ultimate Guide on Prepping Quick and Healthy Meals for Weight Loss today to get started with a plan you can commit to that will help you lose weight while still having time to do the things you love during the week!





FREE for MOTHERS – Post Pregnancy Diet Book


Post Pregnancy Diet:
The Secret Recipes For New Moms


(Lactation Recipes For Breastfeeding Mothers
& Much,Much More..)

(New Mother’s Guide Book 1) By Amy Tan




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If you are a new mom and want to restore your health, energy, mind and beauty in 30 days then this post pregnancy diet is for you ,..

Giving birth and being a new mother is the most exhausting experience for most women.

Following the trauma and pain of delivery, the immediate new responsibility of taking care of the baby leaves little time for the mother to rest and recover.

A new mother’s body is like a sponge at this time and absorbs whatever nutrients it can get. There could be many complications after giving birth if the new mother does not take care of herself. Postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum depression and fatigue are just a few common problems. .

Going on a diet too soon to lose weight could increase the chance of having complications and weaken the body’s constitution further, which could result in serious health problems for the woman in her later years. It is time that the woman’s body goes through enormous changes. The body is at its weakest and the woman can easily fall ill. Also during this vulnerable period, much care should be taken to replenish lost nutrients and repair wear.

There are many books, which emphasize what a pregnant woman should or shouldn’t do.But there are just not enough books with information about how a new mother should look after herself. In particular, little has been shared about what her nutritional needs are, what food to eat, how to prepare it, and how to strengthen her body after the child is born. .

A good post pregnancy diet and nutrition plan during this period cannot be overemphasized.

Every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the contents of this guide. Besides checking against published sources, the author took the effort to speak to or interview the gurus and experts in their respective fields and had them verify the information provided in this book.
Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn… …

  • How the diet help to restore your health, energy, mind and beauty in 30 days
  • What special ingredients to use which increase your immune system to fight against illnesses
  • What are the secret tips to make the food more nutritious and delicious
  • How to prepare the secret recipes to increase your milk production for breastfeeding moms
  • And much, much more!This is a book for all recovering new mothers and the people who care for them.



No Need To Diet – Just SWAP


Interview with:

Wissal Merkhi

Author of:

No Need To Diet – Just SWAP


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Is this your first book?

Firstly, thank you for interviewing me. It’s an honor to be featured on Book Tour Radio and yes, Just Swap is my first book, but I am working on another fiction book, which will be coming soon.

Thinswaps Author

Tell us about your book? What inspired you to write it?

Just Swap is a book that has food swaps that will save you hundreds of calories daily, which will result in a quick weight loss. So basically you will lose weight without changing your food or dieting.

As a nutritionist, I have always been asked this question: “how can I lose weight without going through a strict diet?” or “I love my home country food, but I want to lose weight.” That’s why I came up with this idea: NO NEED TO DIET. Just make some small easy swaps in the same food category.


Have you always enjoyed writing?

I love writing and reading; it’s my passion. When I travel, I always have three things in my bag: a book, a notebook, and an apple.


When did you first know that you had a passion for writing?

It was during my secondary school years. In an Arabic class I got the highest mark in writing, and my teacher told me: I have never given that mark to anyone, and I am giving it to you. I wasn’t exactly convinced about my writing skills, but from that day I started writing and never stopped.


What type of work do you do? Is it related to your writing in some way?

Yes, I am a nutritionist and health adviser. I worked with the biggest health-conscious companies in Dubai, plus I write about healthy living in magazines and make healthy food menus for bakeries and restaurants.


What do you want your audience to know about you?

I am a simple Moroccan lady. I’m extremely attached to my family; I take their opinion into consideration for every step I make. I am also into charity works, which give me an inner peace. My passion is traveling and visiting new places.


How did writing this book help you?

The journey of writing this book was extremely wonderful. I met so many people who have health problems due to their weight issues, and helping them to change their eating habits into healthy ones was a great achievement. I felt overwhelmed to get messages or phone calls thanking me for the advice or the meal plan that I gave them.


Was there someone special in your life that encouraged you to follow your passion?

It has to be Mr. James, the Chief Editor of Spafaery and Everninzs magazines In Dubai. He encouraged me and gave me great confidence in myself. Because of him I can call myself an author.


What’s next? Is there something you’re working on now?

Yes, I am working on a short story called “I Love You Shaitana.” It’s based on a real story that happened in Dubai.


What do you hope readers will “take away” from reading your book?

I can guarantee one thing: that they will lose weight without changing their food habits or following any special diet. It’s simple, practical, and easy to follow. I would never recommend something I didn’t try or that I don’t believe in.


Who do you think will benefit most from this book? Who are you speaking to?

Everyone who wants to lose weight and lead a healthy life style will benefit from my book. Just Swap contains low-calorie; healthy food swaps for any type of food that you can imagine.


What advice would you give to other Indie Writers or those who dream of writing a book?

Write about something that you are passionate about, don’t waste time, and go for it: take a pen and start writing now.


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Wheat Belly Diet: Live Healthy Life And Lose Weight Fast With Wheat Free Diet

Sandra Williams - Wheat Belly Diet
Wheat Belly Diet:

Lose The Wheat Belly And Start A Total Health Revolution, Live Healthy Life And Lose Weight Fast With Wheat Free Diet (Wheat Belly Cookbook, … Books, Natural Foods Shopping Guide Book 1)


by Sandra Williams


Inside you will find FREE PDF reports:
1. 101 Tips That Burn Belly Fat Daily!
2. The 7 (Quick & Easy) Cooking Tricks To Banish Your Boring Diet.
3. Bonus at the end of the book.


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Discover What Exactly Is Wheat Belly Diet, Learn What To Eat, Get Healthier And Feel Better Than Ever!

Wheat is one of the most modified grains used in food processing today. What was once a relatively healthy grain is now causing health problems for many consumers. Cutting wheat from your daily diet will help you lose weight and gain energy, along with alleviating symptoms you may not have known were linked to your diet.

The Wheat Belly Diet was developed by a physician, and is a sound plan to lower your blood sugar. Giving up processed foods and fast food can be difficult at first, since they are such a part of everyday life for most people. However you may discover health benefits that surprise you when you stick with the wheat free diet.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What Food Must Be Eliminated
  • What Can You Eat On Wheat Belly Diet
  • Why Is Today’s Wheat Unhealthy
  • Health Advantages Of The Wheat Belly Diet
  • Comparison To Paleo, Vegan And Gluten-Free Diets
  • Recipes For A Wheat-Free Day
  • How To Apply The Diet On A Daily Basis
  • Weight Loss Effects
  • Effects On Skin, Blood Sugar, Joints And Other Healthy Benefits!
  • Energy And Mood Effects
  • FREE BONUS At The End Of The Book
  • And much more!


Download your copy today!
Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount and pay only $2.99 $9.99! Eat healthy and feel better now!


About the Author: Sandra Williams
Sandra Williams

Sandra Williams is an author and publisher of books on healthy living, beauty advices and motivation techniques. She shares her ideas on how to get fit and what worked for her in a journey to healthier life.

Interested in self-development, she explores all available tools to improve the quality of different areas of her life. Unlike in other personal development guides, her content describes her personal experiences and thoughts. She focuses on taking action. She always prefers quick and easy solutions that can be immediately implemented.





FREE: A Complete Guide for the Struggling Dieter

David Carroll = Get Motivated
How to Get Motivated
to Lose Weight:

A Complete Guide for the Struggling Dieter

By David Carroll


FREE March 12 to 16


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Take the Hard Work out of Weight Loss with These Simple Tips

Do you struggle to lose weight? Are you on and off diets all the time, never really going the distance? Do you start out with energy and enthusiasm, only to give up after a few days?

Losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. With the right strategies and a few simple “tweaks” to your mindset, achieving your ideal size and shape can become a breeze, and even (dare I say it) fun!

In How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight you’ll get a step-by-step guide to help you master a positive attitude, set effective goals, and develop a burning desire that will carry you all the way to your goal weight and beyond. There are no diet rules or exercise plans, just highly effective psychological strategies to help keep your head in the game and get you the body you’ve always wanted.

Natural, Lasting Weight Loss Without the Struggle

When you try to lose weight and fail, your natural reaction is to assume you didn’t have the strength or will power to keep going. But this belief will just erode your confidence and send you back to square one every single time!

Fortunately, you can develop a positive mindset and discover a powerful source of motivation in just minutes. All it takes is a little bit of effort, and a proven strategy…

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight gives you an effective mental blueprint you can apply today for immediate results.

You’ll discover:

Why your beliefs about food can make or break your diet, and how to change them
How to create an effective weight loss goal and set yourself up to follow through
How to eliminate the need for will power and stay motivated for longer – with less effort
Why emotional eating is your biggest obstacle to losing weight, and how to deal with it
How to get support from your social network and overcome 4 major mental blocks
How to keep weight off and prevent relapse when you finally hit your goal



About the Author: David Carroll

david carrollDavid Carroll is a writer, entrepreneur and emphatic proponent of the Paleo lifestyle. His interest in healthy living stems from his own struggles with dieting, having spent most of his teens and twenties seriously overweight. Between 2008 and 2010, David managed to successfully drop over 100lbs and completely transform his physique. However, he found the changes unsustainable and subsequently regained most of the weight.

He has since resolved his issues with dieting, is now at a comfortable weight and has developed a healthy, balanced relationship with food and exercise. His primary goal is to share his experience and inspire others to improve their health and break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. When not working, David enjoys strength training, refining his culinary skills, shouting at hurling matches, and the company of his dogs Nelly and Lilly.



Drink Your Carbs – FREE Weight loss Book

Steven Deutsch-Andrea seebaum_DrinkYourCarbsKindleCover
Drink Your Carbs:
eat. drink. sweat. REPEAT

by Steven Deutsch & Andrea Seebaum


FREE Feb 17 to 20


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Drink Your Carbs is a guide to losing weight without giving up alcohol.

There is no magic. There are no pills to take nor proprietary shakes to blend. There is no need to embarrass yourself at weekly weigh-ins or purchase Drink Your Carbs-branded frozen dinners. The Drink Your Carbs concept is simple: the calories in alcohol can be offset through a combination of exercise and exchanging high-calorie, low-nutrition foods such as added sugars and simple carbohydrates for quality meats, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Losing weight while continuing to drink alcohol is as easy as pie—as long as you accept the fact that you can no longer eat pie.



FREE Weight Loss Success Book

The Pennington Plan
for Weight Success:

5 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss

By Andrea Pennington,
Linda Okwor, Toneka Pires

FREE Thru Jan 23rd.

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Lose weight – permanently & easily!

Dr. Andrea has teamed up with Hollywood fitness and nutrition pros, Linda Okwor & Toneka Pires, to bring you the last weight loss book you’ll ever need!

This book contains a thorough understanding of weight loss principles, food types, recipes, exercise programs and everything you need to stop yo-yo dieting, counting carbs and points and start loving life!

This book is packed with the essential information you need to embrace healthy eating habits for weight loss and age-less beauty WITHOUT DEPRIVATION!

Included is the PENNINGTON PLAN, the 5-step motivational plan that Dr. Pennington used for her own weight success mission. It’s the same plan that she shared on Oprah, taught all across the country, empowered patients with and coached participants in the Travel Channel’s Swimsuit Slimdown competition.

*’SMARTER’ methods for permanent weight loss
*Recipes ANYONE can make
*Fitness routines that are fun and portable
*Nutrition info ANYONE can follow – without deprivation!
*5-step motivational plan for SUCCESS!




The Power Of The Body Triad – FREE Nov. 2 – 4

derek-winkenweder_power of body triad
The Power Of The Body Triad:

Reprogramming Your Mind and Body to Become Stronger, Healthier, and More Rejuvenated in 90 Days!

by Derek Winkenweder


FREE Nov. 2 to 4

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Three major incidents caused Derek Winkenweder to finally take control of his health: His weight ballooned to 265 pounds after being an active high school athlete, to having a fairly sedentary career.

As a mechanical engineer he understood the technical components of the body. So he developed The Power of the Body Triad system based on mind reprogramming, and with a few modifications to his diet and moderate exercise his body began to change.

“Being committed to a healthier lifestyle means better self-esteem, more self-confidence and being in control of your life.”

Through this simple process the mind “shifts gears” to help the body overcome physical obstacles during its transition from unhealthy to healthy:

“You’ll eat better, burn fat, and lose weight just by changing your mindset, eliminating negative self-talk, and exchanging bad habits for good ones.”

Derek lost 41 pounds in 90 days, and a total of 55 pounds by age 55. Before developing the Body Triad system he could barely make it up a hill. Now he runs cross-country AND up hills with little effort!

“In 2011 I ran the Coronado Bridge Navy Run in San Diego, and my younger daughter Kimberly beat me by only14 seconds. I ran it again in 2014, and my older daughter Stephanie beat me by only 16 seconds.”

He believes anyone at any age and fitness level can have positive results from The Power of the Body Triad, as it provides the tools and techniques to achieve any fitness goal:

“Every day I see proof that my system works as I’m happier, healthier and have more energy. This is a great program for families to do together, so it works for everyone! By closely following The Power of the Body Triad — and staying with it — you can become stronger and feel more rejuvenated once you learn how to properly fuel and maintain your body.”

One goal Derek will be able to check off his bucket list… “I’ll be hiking the Grand Canyon in the fall of 2014, an achievement that wouldn’t have been possible had I not taken control of my mind, my body and my life. IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN TOO!”



FREE BOOK: The Ultimate Sugar Free Diet

Vinnie-Dr Terrance-Sugar Free Diet

The Ultimate Sugar Free Diet –

A Sugar Free Weight Loss Plan (Cookbook & Recipes)


FREE July 1 to 5

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Lose weight the sugar free way

This book will certainly provide you with some ideas for your sugar free cookbook, completing a sugar free weight loss plan does not have to be as difficult as you think, there are many great foods that can be consumed during the sugar free diet, the benefits far out weigh the negatives, the benefit of you losing weight is the main target I know but there are also significant benefits to your mental health to be gained through the sugar free diet as well as many more.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…!!!

How to follow a sugar free diet
The benefits of a sugar free diet
how to replace sugar
how to maintain a sugar free diet

1 2 3 4