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Cornelia Avila

A Coming of Age Novel
about Bulimia & Depression


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You wake up one day and there he is: the great question “Why?”. He’s here, and he won’t go away. You manage to roll out of bed, drag yourself to the bathroom. Toothpaste on your toothbrush, sleep in your eyes. You look up and he’s staring right at you.

“Why does this matter? Why does any of this matter?” he asks.

You don’t have an answer. You sit on the toilet, hold your knees, squeeze your eyes shut hoping it’ll go away. The toothbrush idles in your mouth. You’re right, you think, there’s nothing.

And so the search begins, the search for love, for purpose, for hope. Only one question remains.

Are you ready to lose yourself?




Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression

Patricia Jordan - book

My Journey in Overcoming
Chronic Dysthymic Depression


by Patricia Adrian Jordan


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Patricia Jordan was molded to be a fixer. But after enduring years of listening to negative statements and mistruths about herself, Jordan soon realized that she was unable to fix herself without help. In her poignant memoir detailing her life before, during, and after her diagnosis of dysthymic depression, Jordan offers a look into a childhood devoid of nurturing and continues chronologically through her life as she attempts to carry on a normal life, despite the mental haze that continued to monopolize her.
Patricia Jordan picWithin her personal anecdotes, Jordan carefully examines relationships and events leading up to her 2008 diagnosis. She provides insight into how she eventually learned to unravel the negative myths and, with the help of counseling and the power of prayer, moved forward from the darkness of depression into a place of healing that allowed her to finally reconcile her past and liberate herself from emotional pain. As she searched for inner peace and new ways to deal with life’s stressors, Jordan reveals how she began separating truth from fiction and eventually achieved victory in her long-term battle with depression.

“My Journey in Overcoming Chronic Dysthymic Depression” shares the inspirational story of how one woman finally learned to release negative emotions and replace them with healthy emotions of forgiveness and love.



How to live as an Emotional Millionaire

Alice Wiafe - Emotional Millionaire
How to live as an Emotional Millionaire:

Uncover the hidden riches behind resolving resentments in relationships

by Alice Wiafe


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Emotional Wellness/Problem Solving in relationships for people who struggle with Anger, Addictions
An Emotional Millionaire is a person who is committed to liberating themselves from emotional pain by working out painful or difficult relationships. The premise of this book is based on the analogy that unresolved issues with others can cause a set of chain reactions including emotional disturbances such as Anger, Addictions, Compulsions and Mood Disorders. When individuals can take conscious steps to identify their anger, explore their painful emotions, and work through it by using the practical tools in this book, they can master their emotions and begin to thrive in all areas of their lives including relationally and even financially.

This book is ideal for people who suffer from Anger, Addiction, Compulsions or Mood disorders as well as those in a constant battle with fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, or even motivation to perform everyday activities? Your emotions don’t have to hijack your life.

This book is also a part of an online coaching program designed to help people take the journey to work through their emotional difficulties. The coaching component offers online and telephone support, weekly webinars, daily affirmations, text messaging, apps and other practical tools in addition to the book to get on the road to loving life and feeling great!



Meet the Author: Alice Wiafe

alice wiafeAlice Wiafe has served as a speaker, talk show host, wife, mother, author, Associate Professor, but most importantly a student of life. For the last decade, Alice has been a consultant of Anger Management, and has had the privilege of supporting hundreds of men and women through their emotional healing journey. She teaches how we can use difficult relationships to help us strive towards wholeness, purpose and a better quality of life.

Alice holds a Master’s degree in counseling psychology from Adler School of Professional Psychology and is completing her doctorate in Psychology from Ryokan College. According to Alice one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a speaker is the opportunity to connect with real people with real problems.

At some point in our lives, we will all be hurt by someone. When we have effective tools to help us heal from painful emotions, we can recover quicker and can co-create a life narrative with deep meaning and purpose. The ability to work through painful emotions is one of the gateways to the joy we want to experience.

Alice draws from a decade of working with individuals who struggle with anger and other painful emotions. Through the use of her personal stories and practical strategies, she is able to provide concrete solutions to those who suffer emotionally. In particular those who struggle with anger, addictions, compulsions and mood disorders. She invites us inside her own personal struggle with anger and resentment as she enlightens individuals step by step on how to escape the destructive emotional patterns in their lives.

TOPICS:  Eating Disorders, Gambling Addictions, Sexual Addictions, Domestic Abuse, Depression and Mood Disorders, OCD, Resentment, Substance Abuse, and Compulsions.
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Twitter: @resolveinlove




Surviving Depression

Hasmark- terezia

Experience a Transforming Journey from Deep Depression to a Life of Greater Light and Purpose

In Heart of Love Evolution, author Terezia Farkas brings to life her own incredible story with painful, stark precision so that others can journey away from their own personal pain into the brightness of love through greater self-acceptance and a deeper relationship with Spirit. This heartfelt, stirring book shows you the choices and steps you can take to put you on a path away from self-hate and agony to a place in life where you can merge with the positive energy of hope, courage and unending self love. Click here to learn more about the book, bonus gifts and ordering.





Understanding Symptoms to Cure Depression

Depression Symptoms Decoded

A Vibrant Recovery After Injury

by Stephen Paul West

Available in:
Kindle  and Paperback


The cure for depression is found in the symptoms that are displayed. Symptoms are a body’s immune response to emotional damage.

The body has a method to heal injury and this includes Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

This book was written for the most difficult of depression sufferers – for the injured. Soldiers blasted to pieces in combat. Children crushed in bicycle accidents. People taking bone shattering falls. Victims mugged and shot. Diabetes taking a limb. Lupus taking everything.

None of these things will ever “be okay”. They won’t just “work themselves out.” And the injured are not just magically, “going to be all right.”

This work is a giant leap forward using the foundation of Carl Jung’s theories. This self-help book greatly expands to cover ALL the symptoms of depression: Weeping, Sex Issues, Recurrent Dreams, Rage, Isolation, Fatigue, Confusion, Addictions, Appetite Changes and Dark Thoughts/Suicide.

Depression will not rule you. You will rule depression.

The reality is that the symptoms of depression are a normal and NECESSARY part of human behavior. We all need to weep, we all need to be isolated from time to time, we all have rage and other symptoms of depression. Fearing sorrow is not a healthy mindset, as it puts the emotion of depression over the identity of the person. A correct and healthy approach is to be in harmony with your depression.

Depression is VERY useful and not to be feared. Many good things come out of depression – the most obvious being a serious consideration of the realities of living. We are more thoughtful, analytical and cautious during depression. This is depression’s job!

However, by running away from the symptoms, we are failing to ever settle the voice of depression. Those symptoms become like ghosts forever whispering in our hearts. When a person learns the tricks found in this book to listen to the symptoms they can lay those ghosts to rest.

This work, Decoding Depression Symptoms is a pioneering solution of the overlooked obvious. You can totally harmonize your depression and rule it by using the information in this self-help book.

Available in:
Kindle and Paperback


About the Author:

Stephen Paul West is an American novelist who is active in the film, fashion and fine arts industries in Austin Texas.

He has a broad spectrum of best selling books that include such divergent areas as self-help for depression, global politics, and paranormal Victorian thrillers.

Genres/subjects include: Depression Diagnosis/self-help, Paranormal Thrillers, Science Fiction, Femme Fatales, Biographical Fiction, Alternate Histories, Political Satire and Spiritual Fantasy.

In addition to his writing, he has a wonderful, esoteric adventure in photojournalism that you can view at his website.

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YOUR HELP NEEDED – Help Create a Book
To Inspire Happiness Around the World

Introducing an Amazing Project

International author, Alicia Castillo Holley, has launched an amazing project designed to Inspire happiness around the world. Alicia is the author of: Falling In Love With Your Life. As an extension of her work, she has launched an ambitious effort to challenge widespread depression head on and to encourage and inspire other authors to contribute to the campaign.

The campaign is being coordinated/hosted by IndieGoGo.


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A New Resource to Help Men Experiencing Depression

Diary of The Depressed Moose
by Garry Williams

About the author:

Garry Williams is a 33 year old man battling with depression and anxiety. He wrote this book detailing his first 6 weeks dealing with depression in the hope that he can inspire other men out there to know that it is not a sign of weakness to suffer from depression.

“A diary of a man and his struggle with depression. Diary of The Depressed Moose chronicles the first six weeks of dealing with mental health issues by writing a blog and using my writing as a form of therapy to help myself and others. Showing the ups and downs that depression brings the book offers a personal story and insight into how depression can take a hold of someone’s life. Not written as a self help book it is really more of an invitation to come along for the adventure that depression, anxiety and mental heath illnesses can bring.
Hopefully this book will inspire other men out there to seek help and admit they have depression or any other mental health illness.”

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